Saturday, July 29, 2017

7/24/17 Batismos!!! Batsimos Are Fallin EVERYWHERE!!!!!! :(

-party of Devanir
-us walking to her house at night with bolo, cake and her tiara next to a fusca azul... which everytime we see one we hit each other.. like slug bug.. but only with the blue ones. 
the 2 girls are Alana and Amanda... they're members in the ward :)
And the pic with the Elder in the front is Casciano.. our District Leader with two guys that we met friday night.. .they were super cool :) 

Well pessoal :) This week was....ok. Lots of weird and new things happened this week. Also..... we had 2 batismos marked...and they both fell through.... :( Or in Portuguese.. they fell, caíram... :/ I'm not so happy... but they are just gonna happen some other time...It was Vitória and Gleice. They both said that they wanna wait a little longer..That it's too early for them... so we're going to wait for a little more :) But they said they are going to... just when. they don't know... so yeah.... also this week... we stopped teaching Antonio cuz he doesn't want to do anything... he doesn't even want to read or pray at night...also he is saying that God has to give him something first and then he is going to get baptized... so yeah.. he doesn't want to show the faith that I know he has... and we can't keep going anymore... real sad cuz he's suuuper great.. but he doesn't want our help anymore.
But... on a better note, we found some real good people!!! They seem really interested, but they didn't go to church.. barely anyone did.... even the members..... it was sad.. but next week is going to be better... I have faith that it's gonna be :)
Well... also this week, it was Devanir´s Birthday... so we wanted to do something special for her :) She planned a little party for us and herself on Friday and we ate there and then we went over again on Saturday and had another party... but a surprise. we made a cake, bought a crown and made a card for her :) Then we went to her place and with the help of our accomplice Felipe.. we surprised her :) That night was hilarious. Rabelo kept dropping everything. She dropped a candle in the shape of a number five and it broke 2 times..... there was no way for it to stand up on the cake.. so we layed it down and the other candle was stood up XD XD We baught candles to say 15... because her spirit is 15 years old XD XD So yeah :) Also that night we met a guy named Lucas who seemed interested in the church too :) We're going to visit him this week :) 
Well... nothing else much happened....     I'M GONNA MAKE 1 YEAR!!!!! woohoo!!! Man is time flying by....   Oh also.. I got a Book of Mormon in Spanish.. so I'm gonna try and learn Spanish :) I can understand everything when I read.. it, it's just speaking.. I don't know a thing.. so yeah :) That's exciting :) And President told me that I am staying here for one more transfer. I'll be staying till' September. I'm happy... but also not so excited.... I love this ward.. the people.... everything.. it's just I've already been here for 4 months and I'm getting kinda tired of finding people here... I feel like I have spoken to literally everybody... maybe not everybody. but you know what I mean...

Also.. sorry for any grammar mistakes.. I'm out of time and am using a super poopy keyboard... so sorry :P But yeah :) Also this week the Elders.. our district leaders came to help us with our work. It was good :) Had fun with them.. it was kinda weird though.. but they helped a lot :) and Sheila isn't in our ward anymore.. she has to go to another ward... so that's sad.. but she's gonna stay here until Gleice gets baptized :) and yeah..... that's pretty much it :)
I know I have a lot more I could say.. but I can't remember now and I am OUT OF TIME!!!!!! But, I love you all and I hope you all have a great week :)
Love Sister Ferguson

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