Monday, August 7, 2017

7/31/17 Transfers!!!! I'm Goin To PARIS!!!!

Well... its official.. im leaving Cidade Nova..... IM GOIN TO PARIS!!!!!! Im changing missions and im gonna speak portuguese in France. :)
Jkjkjkjkjkjk.... im not that cool... but i am goin to Paris. Theres a ward here thats called the Paris Ward. So thats exciting :) Its in the same Zone as Cidade Nova. Its literally right next door to Cidade Nova :) also the same Stake :)
So thats exciting :) Im happy with being transfered because we were running into a brick wall with each pesquisador and no one was progressing. So maybe the next missionários that are gonna be here will help them improve.
So this week was good :) Had lots of stuff happen :) So first yesterday at church I gave a talk about missionary work. My first talk on the mission :) It was good... i was a little nervous but what evs.. its in the past :) Also we are planning a wedding for a member. He was baptized and then started living with a lady and she wants to get baptized, so theyre gonna get married first and then she is gonna be baptized.. but this is gonna be for the next missionaries to do.....
Also this week we had A conferência with Presidente. It was good.. i learned soooo much and i dies from laughing because it was just hilarious what they were doin :) XD XD Our Zone leaders put on the baptismal suits and they started teaching about batsimo while wearing htem... XD XD I wish i got a pic.. but it was hilarious XD XD Me and Whitehead would not stop laughing XD XD XD XD
Well.. also this week we talked to a lady that we had aready teached, Cida, who we taught about hte Restoration and she liked it... she was super intersted.. but when she prayed and read the Book of Mormon.. she felt nothing.... she felt like hse was just reading a book..... so we are trying to help her..... or the other missionaries are gonna help her.
Well... i know that a whole bunch of other stuff happened thsi week.... but i am just so nervous and excited that i am forgetting everything...... but yeah.. i love you all and i am excited for these next 6 months :) maybe I'll finish my mission there? who knows :)

Well love you all and dont forget that there is someone who loves you more than you know :) Me... and also someone who loves you waaaaaaay more :) Heavenly Father :) Love you all and have a great week :) 

love, Sister Ferguson
pics from the Conferencia with presidente and with jose and maria walking to church yesterday :)

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