Wednesday, August 31, 2016

1 week left in the MTC! 8/31/16

OK, well, this week has been pretty crazy, but also lots of fun. Umm... so first off, just gotta let you all know that the soup here in the mornings is the best thing ever. Pretty sure its just corn pudding that they water down, but it is absolutely amazing. 

OK!!! Well, along the topic of food, I found out that I have been eating pig's tongue for the past 3 weeks..... I've always wanted to try it, so I mean, I guess its ok.... tried it without knowing. ANYWAYS!!!! Yeah. The food here is amazing and I'm definitely gonna miss that here. 

Ok, so Angela, I showed Prince, Whitehead, and Sadleir your dance for "All your fake friends" and Mako... they thought it was hilarious... just as much as I do and then we sang HSM and we did the whole first song along with the dance moves and actions they do in the movie. Well, I did, everybody else watched me look like a weirdo acting like Troy Bolton... Thought you all wanted to know that. I have these bursts of weird cuz I have to hold it in all day, Prince is such a great companion, she puts up with me a lot. Also, have I always been such a forgetful person? Today I forgot my plaqueta, my journal, and my recommend... I am losing my mind. I never thought I was this ditzy... so yeah, kind of losing my mind. 

Moving on, We got new roommates. Sisters Borbosa e Santos. They're pretty cool. I don't remember where they are going for their missions, but somewhere close to Sao Paulo. 

Ummm.... Oh, we got baptisms for our fake pesquisadores, Samira and Karen. It was actually really exciting, even though they're fake. But yeah, got me excited for o campo :) 

Oh, so funny story, so Prince is always always always getting mail in the mailbox. Its her favorite part of the day. So, one night Bushman went to get the mail and said that there was only one for Sis. Penrod. So we all went up to the classroom and Prince and I went to the bathroom. We get back in the room and then Collins just barks in the middle of his sentence. Everyone gets up and makes a tunnel with their hands and Collins crawls through with a letter in his mouth. He stops in front of Prince, who is laugh\ crying. It was so cute. I could not stop laughing. It was really funny :) 

then oh, Carter has a secret amazing talent..... he can put a quarter up his nose, not like upwards, but filling his whole nostril. His nostrils are pretty big. I have a pic, but the CTM is stoop and we can't send pics, also the lady I'm with is super imchimichanga, so I cant even sneak it... I know I will repent for even thinking of such FOUL behavior.... 

Ok, so this is actually something I can write about. We had Proselitizmo on Saturday. We handed out 5 LdMs and talked to like 8 or 9 people. It was pretty great. There were some crazy people out, but we just smiled and said Bom Dia, which they would usually respond with something slurred, loud or creepy, like "Oh, princessas!! Muito Linda, linda, linda, Cristo Cristo!!!" So yeah, thats Sao Paulo. OH!!! Funny thing happened that day, so Whitehead was walking and felt something on her...... misinformed.... So she took off her bag and saw that a pen had poked through the plastic. She turned to me and just asks, "Is there pen on my butt?" and well, indeed there was. The pen scribbled all over her skirt, while she was walking so it was everywhere. It was hilarious, but shes a good sport so it didnt really bother her. So yeah that was pretty funny :) There is so much I wanna say, but not enough time and this letter is already super long. Well, I'll end with my testimony. 

I know that this church is true and that we are all on this earth for a reason. One of my reasons is to help someone here in Brasil. I am excited for the time I get to see God and see Him with His arms open wide to give me a hug and welcome me to be with Him... its going to be amazing, but something even more amazing, is going to be able to see my friends and family walk up to Him and hug Him. I want to be able to see ALL my friends and family greet Him with a smile and warm embrace. I want to see others partake in the joy and love that I feel in this gospel, that is why I am out here. Not to just have the cool satisfaction of saying I went to Brasil, but to say that I went on a mission and helped people follow the light to be able to embrace God when the day comes. I love this gospel so much, and I KNOW that there is no other way to true happiness. I love all of you and I want to be able to see you enjoy that warm and loving embrace when we all meet each other again. I love this gospel and I love all of you. Thank you for all that you have done for me. :) I will talk to you guys next week!!!!!! 

- Sister Ferguson

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Brazil Sao Paulo MTC Photos

Saying Goodbye Photos 7/26/16


Well, this week was pretty much the same as all the other weeks. There were some fun times like singing and harmonizing with the district. Also Angela, I did the little thumbs up to the people of my district and now the whole MTC does it. Also the "I would, you would, Elijah Wood". They think it is absolutely hilarious. 

Anyways, well, we had a lot of classes and we also had a butt load of new missionaries come in. There´s like 50 new ones, pretty crazy. Ummm oh 2 nights ago, my district had like some free time in the classroom so we were just messing around and telling stories. Bushman and Collins started ballroom dancing. Then Collins told Bushman to do this crazy swing dancing trick. They were like doing flips all over the place. I surprised they didnt rip something.... clothes wise and bodily function wise... :P Sadleir got some videos of it. It was pretty funny.

Umm.... sorry, i had no time to prep what I wanted to write, so I´m just writing whatever pops in my head.

Oh, we were playing volleyball the other day, and me and volleyball just do not go together, very strong love hate relationship with that sport. So I was playing and getting ready to "spike" the ball over the net, which is not possible because I am 3 inches tall. So I was all ready and the ball was coming to me in the air, I swatted at it and it just hits me in the face.... Right in the nose, got a nice bruise from it. So, volleyball is at it again with making me look like an idiot in front of er´body. 

It has been raining here for a couple days and I love it. Im able to wear sweaters and feel like I´m back home in the rain and cold!! It feels so nice. Bushman really likes it cuz he is ALWAYS hot. He is a convection oven. 

Man, I am so sorry I do not have a lot to say... I forgot my journal in the classroom and wasnt able to plan what to write on the bus to the temple. There was so much funny stuff that happened, but I cant think right now. Oh Aly, people were saying thug nasty a couple days ago and all I thought of was you, just thought you wanted to know. 

So being here is really fun, but man, I am so used to saying a quote from something and everybody knowing what it is from, but here, I say something and they think I´m a crazy person. It is awful. I still say em even though nobody understands. Its a struggle. 

Well, I dont really know what else to say. I love you guys and miss all of you. ONLY 2 MORE WEEKS IN THE MTC!!!! Holy crap. I met some sisters and a couple elders going to Londrina so I´ll be able to have a couple friends when I first get there. 

Well, I know this church is true and I love this gospel so much. There is just so much joy and happiness that comes from this church, literally nothing but happiness. I am out here to share that with people so they can know of the happiness that I feel in this church.:) I love you all and I know this church is true!!!!!! Love you all!!!! 

Sister Ferguson


Well, this week has been really hard, but also the best ever. So, we went proselityzing for the first time this week. It was really scary. We were walking around talking to people in the biggest city or road in Sao Paulo. It was very inchimichanga (intimedante, intimidating, sounds like chimichanga, so yeah, its a joke we have) Anyways, it was really hard. Tyler and I had 5 LdMs to give out and it was really hard. We had 3 hours to do that, but we didnt give one out till the last second. It was so hard. We talked to a lady for like 20 minutes, in which I did not understand basically anything she said, but it was good. She had already received 3 LdMs, so she didnt want another one. Triste... 

Then afterwards we had divisions, where an american missionary is put with a brazilian missionary. We teach another companionship, all in portuguese... it was also very hard and I was already mad at the language, so Tyler and I went into the bathroom and just bawled. It was so hard that day. If portuguese were a person I would punch them. So that day was not the best, but my district made me forget about it by saying funny jokes and just being amazing!! 

We sang songs and harmonized a bunch and it just sounded so nice... we got some pipes man, especially Elder Dodart. Hes crazy good. Then we just had some regular days after that, classes, food, more classes, more food, jokes, more food, and more jokes. 

Oh, our brasileria sisters left!!! They left for Recife like 2 days ago. It is so weird not to be with them, they were so amazing!!! But que sera sera.... They were great. Anyways, ummm.... I dont know of anything else to say.... It is getting so much better here, even though I cant really understand people still, but I am not as lost. Its good. 3 more weeks of the CTM and then LONDRINA!!!! I met a guy like 20 mins ago that went to Londrina. He said it is beautiful there and the weather is perfect. He said it is never too cold or never too hot, so that is just perfect. 

Oh! We got a new Sister!! Sister Smock, she's from New York. She went to Provo MTC and then came here cuz of her visa... but hse is amazing!! She has my same humor! Which is a relief cuz |I'm basically dying in here having to act like a perfect proper sister missionary, when you all know, I am the COMPLETE!! oppposite... so yeah. that is what has mainly happened this week. A lot of other stuff has happened, but I dont have enough time to write it all, only 45 mins. Ummmmm so yeah. 

I love you all and I know this church is true!!! I love it with all my heart and I know that this life is hard, but if we do our best to help others and get lost in the service of the Lord, we will be able to get through this life happier, more humble, and full of experience. I love you all and miss you guys butt loads!!!!! Talk to you next week!!! 

Sister Ferguson


Ok, sorry in advance for the spelling errors.... 
BUT!! so it has been getting so much better here. I am having a lot of fun now. My district is absolutley amazing. They are so great. So I have some funny stories. 

Ok first, last thursday we had a real long day. We were packed with things to do. We had lessons, meetings, mmissionary stuff, and lots of eating invololved, which is a norm here at the MTC. Anyways, so we, my district and I, were so pooped by like 9. So we were all in our classroom studying and trying to speak portuguegse. Then Elder Dodart was spit firing jokes left and right. We were so tured and he was so hilarious. We could not stop laughjing. Then Elder Collins decides that it is prime time to say a prayer and go to bed. So we all kneel down in a circle to pray. Sister Adams says she´ll say the prayer so she satrs, but she only gets like a few words in when Sister Penrod starts bursting out laughjing. We all just die. 

Then.... oh my.... Elder Collins lets out this huge toot. We all die and just roll on the floor getting soaked in tears. And, just to let you know I have not gone to the bathroom all day cuz, muito busy, but yeah you can draw to conclusions... I was ablout to pee my pants. Then Sister Sadleir sits up and yells, GUYS!!! I JUST PEED MY PANTS!!!!!! We all start laughing again. I am almost letting Niagra falls flow, but I am able to hold it together. Then Elder Collins says that we really need to just get this prayer over with. So he said he could get though it without laughing. So then he starts to say it. We were all prepped for him to say this real nice prayer, and hten he starts saying it really fast, just to get through it. We all start laughjing again cuz we definitley were not expecting it. So yeah.... there was a lot of laughter and stain son the carpet after that night. 

Then when we were heading to our rooms Elder Dodart and Collins are in front of my and Sister Prince and Elder Collins says, lets just say I am glad I am wearing dark pants tonight. He pooped his pants. oh my oh my oh my.... definitely the highlkight oif hte week. It was hilarious. 

Ok, well now that that is over... There was alot more that is jsut hilarious that happened, but i aint got enough time to explain... So it is getting better here. I am having mroe fun because I am able to actyually understand people better. We did have splits yesterday. Splits is where an american missionary is paired with a brazilian missionary and they teach a lesson to another companionship. I was with a sister that did not understand or speak english what so ever. It was really hard to talk to her and understand her. I didnt even really do anything, she talked the whole time cuz I didnt know how to respond to people´s questions and how to ask them, so thats cool.:) 

Yesterday I had a stomach bug, but I´m, all good now. OOOOHHH!!!! Guess what I can do!! ´m really proud of myself. I can do 3 whole pull ups, like on the tall bars. (hair flip) Oh yeah, I can also jump and actually get on the bar, thats what I´m mainly happy about. But yeah, thats basically all that has happened. I went to the Temple today in Campinas and had a reall good time and yeah. Food is still good and I no longer wanna tear my hair out!!

Well, I know thisd church is true and I love it with all my heart :) Oh, also you guys should look up a talk by elder holland. Its called The atonement and missionary work. We watched a video of Holland and bednar talking. It was absolutley amazing!!! Loved it man. So yeah look it up. Also!!! Roy and Steven! If you guys are reading this, I learned how to do the pen flippy thingy. Im pretty cool I know... dont get too overwhelmed. Ok well, I love you all and miss you all butt loads!!! Talk to you all next week!!!!! 


Well, this first week was pretty much the worst thing I have ever experienced. When we got here the first day after flying on a plane for 15 hours, we went straight into classes. It was really hard. We started learning the language and doing lessons and doing missionary stuff muito rapido. 

Well, the langage is really hrad, but I am surpised how much I have been able to say and learn for just a week. I can say a prayer and I have taught 3 lessons already with my companion. Oh, my companion is Sister Prince. She's from Arkansas and she is the best person ever. She is just absolutley amazing. Love her. And my district is amazing. They are so hilarious. Love em to death. They are really the ones that make it worth it to go through the inferno one more day. 

Anyways, the food is amazing and there is meat everyday for every meal. I always have the rice and beans, cuz I mean, who doesnt like some authentic brazilian rice and beans. I mean, come on, dont be crazy... 

The weather here is actually the best. It is cold usually which remidns me of home and I can wear all my cardigans!!! I love it. Also, I did not know that they were requiring us to work out everyday, it is good I guess, but I mean, you guys know me and how much I LOVE to work out. 

Well, I know that this church is true and that I am supposed to be here. It is hard, but I know this church is true and I am here to share the gosepl of this church with the people of Brazil. I love all of you and miss you lots!!!! 

Sister Ferguson

I Made It!!! 7/27/16

I made it to Brazil!! The flights were really long, and especially when you can´t watch all the fancy movies on the plane....... ah well. Anyways, my companion is Sister Prince. She´s really cool. :) Also, Brazil looks like a mixture of Waikiki and West Seattle. It is actually really cool here. When we were landing in Sao Paulo it was 55 degrees. Just my weather. :) I got my nametag and now I feel so official!!! When I put it on I actually got a little dizzy like I was mighty morphing into a power missionary...I am having a lot of fun already and have been making a lot of new friends, WITH BOOYYSS!!! Whole boys, aren´t you proud of me? It´s actually easier to talk to them than the sisters. Probably cuz they´re a little more immature than the sisters..... and well, you know me. Well, that´s all that has really happened. OH, These sisters came up to me and Sister Prince and started speaking Portuguese. I had no idea what they were saying, it was so fast and kinda mumbled... 

Oh! So the rooms are 2 bunkbeds and then we are going to have, most likely, 2 Brazilian sisters join us so we can learn the language faster. The shower is real weird... it is just a plastic box with a shower head, looks kinda funny. Also, did you know that you don´t flush toilet paper? You throw it away... I did not know that. Probably gets pretty stinky after a while. 

Ok, well I love you guys and am so happy with my decision to go on a mission and serve the Lord. Thank you and love you all!!!!!!! 

Love- Sister Ferguson