Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Mission Picture from 12/19/17

1/8/18 Miracles Really Do Happen :)

Well.... this week was pretty great :) First off we had a bunch of little miracles that happened and :) One big miracle that happened was that finally, Dani, Duda, and Maria Lourdes came to church :) The kids loved it :) Don't know if I spoke about them before, but they are a family that we met a while back and they have been progressing well. Duda who is 12 is amazing. She is memorizing the principles of the gospel and also saying amazing prayers. She also accepted to be prepared to be baptized this Saturday!! Aslo Maria Lourdes accepted too :) We are going to visit them this week to make sure they still have a desire and also to teach a little more, but Duda´s Dad already accepted that she can get baptized!!! Woohooo!!!! Então, vamos ver o que acontece :) 

This week also we met some great people. Something real cool also happened. So a few weeks ago we met a man on the street who was drinking and he stopped us to ask about the church. We told him when the meetings were and when and he said that he already knew and that he's not gonna go cuz he has no place to go afterwards. So we continued walking and forgot about the contact. But a few days later we saw him when we were going door to door. Also that week we met a teen who's name is Junior and we talked ot him and his mom about going to church. His mom said that she already has heard about the church cuz her dad was baptized in the church a while ago and had left the church. We didn't think anything of it until one day we passed by their house again and the man was in front of their house. He was the lady's dad... it was so cool to see how God puts people in our lives for a reason. We talked to them a little about the church and invited them to church, but they didn't go, but they accepted us in their house and they liked the lessons. They are praying and everyting. We talked to the man, who's name is Osmar and he said that he has been missing the church and the things he had learned there. He stayed firm in the church for only 3 months and then left, but he has wanted to return for a while.. so we invited him and he accpeted to go again, doesn't know when but he said he'd go :) 

For me this experience happened because God knows that we needed to find that family and share the gospel with them :) I hope everything goes well this week... I'm probably not going to be here for their baptism if they get baptized, but at least I helped them start a testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ :) 

Nothing else really happened this week.... Ano Novo!!! New Years and New people to teach and weird weather. Usually it is suuuuuuper hot during Dezembro and Janeiro, but it's kinda cold and it has been raining a bunch. Each day is different. One day rain and the other Sun... it's a little annoying, but it's better than suuuuper hot everyday :P :) 

Well... sorry this letter isn't super exciting, but thank you for everything you guys do and love you all :) Have a great week and always look for Christ in everything :) Love you all :) 

Com amor, Sister Ferguson
-Some girls in the young womens here
-A pic with Alaor. A member that the elders in another ward here baptized, but we found and invited him :) 

1/2/18 Feliz Natal E 2018!!!!!!!

Hello everybody!!!!!!! Happy New Year!!!! 2018!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!! Man did this year pass by so fast.... didn't even see Christmas coming or 2018... so crazy :) 

Well... sorry about not sending a letter these last 2 weeks. just happened that each holiday was on a pday.... so everything was closed :P But yeah :) Well... Christmas was great :) Got to talk to the fam and eat LOTS!!!! Man..... we went to a members house for lunch and then we went to the Chapel to use the computers there cuz there weren't any members free to use their house, so it was cool :) We went there with 2 other Elders and talked to our families :) Loved it :) Also on Christmas Eve we went to a members house for Dinner. It was great :) I love that family so much they are hilarious. They have a son that recently returned from his mission in England to we would say funny stuff in English and everyone else would just stare at us cuz they didn't understand. We kept laughing cuz they thought we were talking bad about them kkkkk XD XD But we were just pullin' their legs :P It was great :) We also got a box of chocolate from a member, Vera, and SANTA VISITED US!!!! We had 2 presents under the tree :) We opened them up when we got home after dinner. We got stuffed animals and I got more chocolate :) it was pretty great :) Took a pic and also we took videos :) 

For New Year... it wasn't the best. We stayed inside and tried to make cookies, but it didn't really work out... they kept sticking to the pan.. I put butter on it, but that made them stick even more... then I put butter and flour... but that didnt work either... so we ate a little of the batter :P and also prepared for the next day, which our district all got together and we had a great pday :) we played lots of games and ate a lot of food :) It was fun :) Got pics nad videos too :) 

Well.... on the note of the work.. no one new went to church..... we invited so many people and passed by the houses of our invesigators... but no one was home or wouldn't pick up the phone... so that was sad... but we are gonna try again. Our investigator that is progressing the most is Dani... and she has a son with 8 years and a cousin with 12 years. We are gonna invite them for baptism this week and see what happens :) They will have to be baptized next next Sunday cuz they have to go to church first..... but yeah :) We are super excited to prepare them :) 

Also this week we had an activity with the Ward, called, "Anjos de um Ano Novo", Angels of a New Year. It was about how we can be angels in the lives of people during this new year :) So we played a game where each person gets an object... a shoe, deodorant, a bucket, a Book of Mormon, a pan, a broom... a bunch of stuff and then Sister Elias and I made a situation and they had to try and help us :) It was pretty funny :) They used lots of creativity :) then a memebr gave a spiritual thought and then, of course, we ate lots of cake and sweets :) It was pretty great :) Liked it a lot :) It was me and Elias that planned it, so of course it was great... kkkk :P jkjk 

But yeah :) Dani went to the activity with her grandma and her kids. They loved it :) 

Well, that's basically it. It has been a great year and now I am super excited for the next :) Thank you everyone for your love and support and messages :) Love you all :) Be happy and try to be an angel in the life of someone or others :) Be an example of Christ :) 

Love you lots and have a great week :) 

Com Amor, 
Sister Ferguson

-Almoço with A Family on Christmas :) 
-the activity
-our pday for the New Year

-our friend Tis the dog :) 
-Santa Claus´ Presents for us under our tree :) 

12/25/17 Pictures

Pictures from 12/25/17 Email

12/11/17 Batismo e Oh My Calor

Hello!!!!! Well, this week has been suuuuuuper hot. Literally pegando fogo..... So hot!!!!! But at least I will be able to get a tan again :) 

First off, we had a baptism!!!! The Fiancee of a member here got baptized so then they can get married and sealed in the temple!!! So exciting :) His name is Luri. He is pretty fantastic and stopped smoking, drinking and has been goin' to church for a month already. He was really prepared to be baptized and become a member of hte Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He was so happy to finally make this decision :) 

We also met some other people that have some great potential. We are going to continue teaching them. Almost all of the other people that we found these last couple weeks we have stopped visiting because they are not interested or are not wanting to progress... so we are starting over again. But the people we have now are pretty great :) There are a lot of people, so I'll just leave it at that :) 

We also had an activity last night with the Choir. It was pretty great :) It talked about the life of Chirst and the different things that he had done. It started with before He was born and then ended with the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was really cool. They sang songs about each moment or topic and showed a video :) It was really pretty :) 

Also this week Sister Elias made 1 year and 1 month!!!! So we celebrated. Also there is something pretty crazy goin' on with her and an old man that we found that the Elders baptized about 3 weeks ago. He loves her and is always giving her a bunch of little gifts, food, shirts, candy, and is wanting to buy shoes for her... but that aint' gonna happen. We have to run and hide from him everytime we see him cuz he just talks about how much he loves her and wants to give her stuff... it's kinda funny, but gotta be safe about it. He has about 70 years and he lost his wife about 3 years ago... so he is wanting to find another wife and he thought that the Sister Elias would be a good one... so yeah XD XD kkkkk it's pretty funny :) He is super small and fragile so he will not do anything severe.. but yeah :) Don't want his feelings to be hurt so we try to talk to him, but not for long, cuz that's when he starts to talk about how pretty Elias is... :) But yeah :) He's going to the other ward, which is his designated ward now, so that's good :)  

Well.. that's basically all that happened this week. We bought a Christmas tree and some little decorations to get ready for CHRISTMAS!!!! Also our neighbor gave us some pão de queijo to eat this week, so that was delicious :) 

But yeah.. that's basically it. Not that exciting, but we did have a BAPTISM!!! Woohoo!!! :) Love you all and I hope you all have a geat week :) Be happy and keep smiling :) 

Com Amor, Sister Ferguson

-Our tree
-Iuri´s batismo with his fiancee Vera
-The Christmas tree in front of the Cathedral in front of our house

Monday, December 4, 2017

12/4/17 I Am Gonna Die In Apucarana!

Well....... it's final... I have entered my last transfer and I am officially going to die, or finish my mission here in Apucarana. Hoo man!!!!! Well, this week.... not a lot happened again..... these past few weeks haven't been the most exciting ones, so sorry... but Apucarana isn't a very exciting place.... but this week will definitely be better :) I am so ready to find new people!!! WOO!!!! 

Well, this week, as I said nothing really happened. We had a couple experiences, but not much. We went to talk to some poeple, but they all turned us down. Also the people that we thought were progressing decided to cut us first cuz of excuses..... so we are little sad about that, but we are maybe gonna visit them after a while and find some new people who are really ready and have a desire to follow Christ. 

Oh, for my letter last week, I forgot to write that Odair received the Priesthood last Sunday :) He was confirmed and then received the Priesthood. He is just so great and amazing and I hope he stays firm in the church, he is gonna be a great leader some day :) 

This week, we also had Mission Tour with Elder Aidukatis form the 70. It was pretty great, but he was very serious about what he was saying. We had lots to learn that day and I can say for certain that I learned a lot :) He talked a lot about the things that we have to do to have success on the mission. He focused on how us as missionaries really don't have this time as missionaries to just travel and be on vacation for a year and a half or 2 years, but really, to change the lives of others for all eternity. I loved what he said how we are doing something like Christ. We dedicate our lives for 2 years or 1 year and a half to do only this, like Christ. He dedicated his life to only cure, help others, set an example, be perfect, die for us, give us the best, literally everything for everyone, expcept for himself. It reminded me of some other conferencias we have had here on the mission. It just shows how missionaries are totally different than other people during this time integral. I am so blessed to have this opportunity to have this time and dedicate my life to Christ and help his children come unto Him. I love this Gospel so much and I hope that I can help even more poeple to know it here on the mission and also for the rest of my life. 

Well.... the mission tour was great. Learned a lot and also saw lots of people that I hadn't seen for a looong time. Took a lot of pics :) 

Well... that's basically all that happened this week.... yesterday at church, during fast and testimony meeting the energy went out and we were giving our testimonies in the dark and without a microphone, but it turned on in the middle of the meeting... also Elias threw the keys at me on the head and now I have a bump that hurts real bad.... :P It was kinda funny, but it did hurt... kkkkkkkk

Well.. love you all and I hope you all have a great week :) Christmas is COMING!!! WOOHOO NATAL!!!! So excited. I will be spending Natal and Ano novo here in Apucarana so that's gonna be exciting :) No on one in my district left, so everyone is gonna be here together for one more transfer :) So happy :) 

Until Next week everyone!!!!!! Love you all!!! 

Com Amor, Sister Ferguson