Monday, November 6, 2017

11/6/17 Everyone Come to Church!!!!

Hello!!!! Well.... this week was pretty AMAZING!!!! So first off it has been raining literally everyday and not just a little mist.. but literally drops the size of golfballs... so much water... it's crazy... not only is the rain crazy.. but the wind. My umbrella broke because of the wind.... it's crazy here... but Apucarana is known for the wind. I am feeling at home :P

Well, to start off, we found some more people to bring to church. This Sunday we brought more people than I have ever brought to church during my whole mission.... 15 people!!!! And guess what? They all said they will come again next week :) They said that they loved it and want us to go to their houses to teach them some more... :) So amzing right? Sad thing is, is that almost 6 of them are from another city... Maringá... where I was before Apucarana. They are part of the family of a member who is from there but is passing here in Apucarana for a while named Gabriel. It's been about 4 weeks since he got home from the mission, so he is still in that missionary mode of wanting to preach the gospel, especially to the people he loves dearly, his family :)
Also this week, we talked to Odair and invited him to be baptized!!!! He accepted and now we are gonna prepare him for this Saturday :) So excited :) We also almost had a baptism yesterday for our old friend José... but he decided that it wasnt his time... so it didn't happen... but we are gonna try to help him again and teach him a little more so then he can feel a little more prepared.
Well, that's basically all that happened this week. We still don't have a washing machine... but it's all good. I have leg muscles from walking and now I have arm muscles from washing my clothes by hand WOOHOO!!!! Sister Hulk! 

I have been thinking a lot about the mission this week..... only 2 more months..... and I am always thinking about all the things and people that I have seen and met and helped bring to the gospel and I then think about all the people at home that I already know and how much they need the gospel..... just a little more happiness in their lives. This gospel has brought me so much happiness and joy... I don't even have words to explain how grateful I am. So.... I have an invite for all my non-mormon friends....... go to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints one Sunday... just one... or more if you wanna... and focus on the feelings you feel there. Talk to the missionaries.... have them come to your house, get to know them and I know...maybe now I don't have words to describe how happy I am, but you will be able to understand and feel the words I want to say through your own personal experience. I'm serious. There is nothing more marvalous than the gospel of Jesus Christ..... it's literally the best thing ever... and if you already have a church that you go to..... just go to a meeting one day to the Church of Jesus Christ... I invited you guys right? so dont hurt my feelings by not accepting it XD XD hahaha.... but i know that you will feel something different there..... I know each Sunday, I feel something different and I have been going there for 20 years.... this is just the invite that I want to leave with all of you :) Take a leap of faith and try to understand mine :)
Well, I love you all and sorry for the missioanry moment XP But i just felt like I needed to say it :)
Well, I love you and I hope you all have a great week :) Be happy and keep smiling :) The world and Our Pai Celestial are so amazing.. there is so much to be happy about here in this world :) Love you all and until next week!!!!!
Love Sister Ferguson
I have abunch of pics this time. Sister Elias gave me her camera... so i got some of her pics... I have others on my camera... but it's not working.. so yeah :) But here ya go!!!!!!

 -Elias and i got some milkshakes for my 1 year and 3 months anniversary :) 

-last P-day we got burgers and played uno :) 
 -Our District; Elders Gudiel, our LD, J. Silva, Travassos, Magalhães, Fialho, e Carone

 -some more pics of us

    The returned missionary Gabriel and his family on Sunday :) 

10/30/17 Friends Come and They Go

Well, this week has been pretty full of stuff....... So I wasn't able to write last week.... but we had a baptism last week!!!! Saurel got baptized!!!! I still can't send pics for some reason... so sorry, but i will try to send some. I am sad cuz Sister Santos and Edler Cruz went home. They finished their missions so they left... man is it weird without them here in Apucarana. We went to Londrina last week to drop them off and then the next day we left to return to Apucarana. My new companion is Sister Elias, who is amazing :) She is great, suuper funny and really nice and just the best. :) We have started this week off well.... :) We brought 9 investigators to church yesterday :) Pretty exciting!!!! They all said that they are gonna go again next week :) So we are gonna visit all of them this week and work with them.
This week also was fuuull of rain. It has been raining sooo much. On friday, it rained literally all day... didn't stop at all, and it wasn't just a little rain, it was dumping the whole day.... so we barely did anything that day or this week, cuz it is super hard to bate porta or meet new people when no one is on the road or want to leave their house cuz of the rain, but we were able to meet a couple people and bring them to chruch :)
We have a lady that we are teaching, which we met through her son. We started teaching him, but then he wasn't interested, but she is... her name is Ilda. She is super amazing and is super nice. She said that she loved the church and that she wants to learn a bunch more, so we are gonna teach her and try to help her with her desire to follow Christ through the waters of baptsim!!!!! :)
We also have some other people that we met on the road... but they are in another area... which sadly closed for the missioanries.... so we are gonna ask our Zone leaders if we can teach them in the other area.... we´ll have to see what they will say.
Well, it is kinda weird here in Apucarana now, cuz everyone left... most of the missioanries. All the missionaries here now are all new except me and another Elder.... so it's weird. Everywhere I go I always remember what happened the last transfer and I get all trunky :P It's so weird... but I love my companion and the other Elders. We are still the only Sisters here, so it's still weird being here with only Elders, but it's cool too :) I am liking Apucarana still, just missing all my friends :P But I'll see a few of them for Conferências :) SoI 'm excited :)
Well..... November is here :) Man has time flown by........ here on the mission there is a thing called the 12 semanas or weeks. So when you train you train for 12 weeks and when you are dying or going home, you count 12 weeks till you go home.... so I'm on week 11...... it's so weird.... the mission is ending and I am still learning how to do stuff...... But I am gonna work até o pó!!!!!! Work till the end :)
Well, love you all and I hope you all have a great week. Sorry about the pics again. Don't know why it isn't working.... but I will find a way to send them :) Love you all and Have a great week :)
Com Amor, Sister Ferguson

10/23/17 TRANSFERS

I'm already in Londrina got here early this morning with Sister Santos and Elder Cruz..... it was good... but i don't have a lot of time today.... sorry, it's all weird and rushed... so I'll talk next week. I am staying in Apucarana and am gonna be with Sister Elias. She's real cool :) Well, love you ok... :) Ate proxima semana... :) 
Love, Sister Ferguson

Saturday, October 21, 2017

10/16/17 Batismo e SOL!!!!!!

Well!!!! I have finally helped another person follow Christ!!! A Raissa foi BATIZADA!!!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!! Saturday was her day :) Raissa was so excited and was so happy afterwards :) This week was pretty crazy.. lots of things happened. :) 

So first off this week we went to Londrina for a Conference with Presidente and 2 other Zones, Tiradentes, and Maringá, so I was able to see lots of other missionary friends from Maringá, my last área :) Wilson, Souza, Casciano, and I saw minha filha!!!!! Sister Menezes. :) So many friends were there. I took a bunch of pics too, so get ready for the bombardage of fotos :) 

Well, it is gettin' so hot here. It's spring here and it's getting up to 38 degrees Celcius or like literally 100 degrees Fahrenheit..... it's been death here.... but I am having fun getting tan, first red and then tan :P Also, Sister Santos is liking it too cuz she wants to be tan when she goes home to see everyone XD XD It's hilarious what she says during the day about going home and showing her great tan lines... I got some good ones too :) 

But this week, has been death, so much walking and we have been cutting pesquisadores left and right... no one wants to or is progressing... so we have been trying to find the eleitos and cut the moles..... its working, but we now have a teaching pool real small.... so this week we are just gonna encontrar, find people :) 

There also was a festa last night in the centro near the Cathedral. We live on the other side of the road right next to the Cathedral, so we heard everything last night. Man was it hard to sleep.... there was a band and lots of music lots of screaming and just noise.. but I was able to sleep eventually :) Got some videos :)

Well... that's basically all that happened this week. We marked 2 dates for batismo this week with two sisters, but they said that their brother won't let them take our lessons or go to church cuz their whole family is catholic and they are all  comfortable to go to that church.... guess how old they are? Like 50 and 55...... and their little brother is saying they can't go..... but they still want to... so they are gonna talk to their bro a little more and continue taking the lessons and hopefullly sometime they will be baptized :) 

Então, eu amo todos de vocês..... I love you all and I am so happy to be able to be here on the mission :) Thank you for everything you guys do for me and I hope to talk to more of you next week :) Sorry, I wont be sending pics cuz the computer I'm using won't read my camera... so yeah :P But love you all and hope you guys have a great week :) 

Love Sister Ferguson 

Note: A member of the church sent these pictures to me, Cherlyn, via Facebook.  Thank You!! 

10/9/17 Just another week :)

Hello Everyone!!!!!!
Again, this week was pretty normal. We were able to meet some other people to teach and we also are preparing a Raissa por BATISMO!!! She said that she would like to, just right now no.... but we are gonna prepare her for next Saturday :) So exciting :)
But we also met some cool people :) Met a guy named Alan, who is 21 and is looking for a church to go to.... it's just that he doesn't wanna go to church... it's confusing. He said that he was gonna go this Sunday, but he never showed up. He is interested, but just didn't go... so that's a little devastating.... but we are gonna try again this week :) His mom is also super cool. She sews and is also wanting to return back to church. They moved recently to Apucarana so they have no idea where anything is... so now we are here as tour guides to guide them to where true happiness is :)
We also had A LOT of rain this week. Woohoo!!! Last week was suuuuuper hot and now its getting a little colder :) So I am not dying of heat anymore... the only bad thing is going up the hills here and slipping in the rain... we've already had a lot of funny experiences with that.... XD XD So hopefully they will continue. But this week was pretty good. We just met a bunch of people and are trying to bring them to chruch, but they aren't wanting to. We had 8 people to search for on Sunday, but only 2 were ready... the others were sleeping and didn't wanna wake up. :P So almost a bunch of people came... So we are gonna try again and again so they will come next week :)
Also, this week we ate at a restaurante everyday. Only Saturday and Sunday we ate at the house of a member... it was good, we were able to see the Elders a couple times and plan for this week and get new ideas to how we can help our pesquisadores :)
Well, sorry that these past couple emails haven't been the best. A lot of crazy stuff isn't happening. But we are progredindo so that's all that matters right?
Well, I love you all and I hope you all have a great week. Hopefully it's a lot more exciting than mine :)
Love you, Sister Ferguson​

Friday, October 6, 2017

10/2/17 Conferência Geral e CHUVA!!!!!!

Well, hello everyone!!! Another week has gone by and I am ready to sleep this P-Day :)
Well, first off, I hope you all had a great General Conference weekend and heard something that was especailly for you, I know I heard things especialy for me :) This Conference was different..... Thomas S. Monson wasn't there, and also a bunch of apóstolos weren't either. Also.... hearing about Robert D. Hales...... so sad, but I know that he had done his part in his time as an Apostle.
Well... this week we had 2 baptisms scheduled... but the two guys didn't show up. We went to their house and they were sleeping and WOULD NOT WAKE UP..... man.. I got a litle flustered... but it's all good. Maybe it just wasn't their time to be baptized. We are going to try again this week and help them to make this choice to folow Christ. :)
Well, we also had a bunch of people committed to go to Conference, but literally no one came. 12 people to bring to church, but somehting had happened or was happenign when we got to their houses to walk with them...... O inimigo, Satanás, was working real hard that day so they couldn't go.... but yeah. I had a good time there :)
Also this week, we went to Londrina again and this week we will agian for a conference with the Presidente. It's gonna be fun :) I am excited :)
This week we also have to work even harder to find some people that really want to follow Christ and do what's better for them in their lives, so we are gonna be batendo portas everyday this week :)
Well, that's basically all that happened this week. We have been trying to get Jose and Jean to be baptized, but they didn't put forth any effort.... but we are gonna try again :) Lots of other things happened this week, but in this rush of pday emails, I forget everything.... so yeah :) But I love you all and I actually have pics  this time :)
Love you all and I hope you all have a great week :) Keep smiling and alwyas be happy :) Até mais :)
Com Amor, Sister Ferguson

-me with my mission swag

-Almoço pday with the elders, Sister Santos, Elder Vazques, Joaquim,
Critchlow, Cruz, and me :)

-roasted some marshmallows with Sister Santos

-Me Santos and our friend Jonas walking home from Conference yesterday. 

and Critchlow being Critchlow XD XD 

9/25/17 Apucarana Zona Sagrada!!!!

Well, this week was good :) Wasn't full of much, but it was good :) We met some cool people, marked a baptism date and also went to Londrina again :)
So we have some people that we are teaching. One is a young adult named José. He has 20 years and is wanting to change his life... what better way to change his life than through the gospel of Jesus Christ right? He stopped drinking and smoking and he broke up with his girlfriend cuz she wasn't helping him change... so yeah :) He is pretty cool and amazing, the only thing is that he doesn't want to go to church. He knows he needs to... it's just that he doesn't wanna.... so we are gonna help him with that a little more and then prepare for BATISMO!!!!!!
We also have another young adult with 20 years, Jean, that is Josés roomie. They also live with another guy who is a recent convert, Jonas. Jean... he is the opposite of José. Jean always goes to church, but drinks and has a girlfriend that doesn't want him to go to church.... but he goes anyways and also wants to stop drinking, but doesn't wanna put in any effort... so yeah. Difícil...... but we marked a interview with my district leader today to talk to him about batismo and how he feels about everything :) So hopefully he passes and tells the elder some things to help us help him... if that makes sense........
We also have a little girl with 11 years, Raissa. She is the grand daughter of a less active and wants to go to church and also accepted to be baptized, it's just that we need to talk to her mom... who is in the hospital and is about to have a baby... so it's complicated.... but she is amazing!!!!! She understands everything and truly has a desire to follow Christ and do what He did :) We are going to talk to her more this week and try to talk to her mom..... or her grandma. :)
That's basically it. We have a couple other people, but they aren't progressing... so yeah, sad, but we will see what happens this week :)
Well... that's basically it. It's gonna rain this week, so it's getting a little more cold... just a little, and also this week, or ever since I got here, our washer for the clothes is broken and we've been washing our clothes by hand. Now I feel like a true missionary :) I'm also working my arm muscles that I dont have. Maybe I'll get some more after being here... Buff legs and now buff arms HOO!!!!! :)
But yeah.. that's basically it. I love you all and I hope you all have a great week :) Keep smiling and never forget about your Loving Heavenly Father :) 

Com amor, Sister Ferguson
-Almoço with the elders, Elder Cruz, Sister Santos, Elder Vazques, and me
- me and Santos eating icecream one night :)