Monday, August 21, 2017

8/21/17 It's Raining Sugar!!!!!!

Hello everyone :) Well this week was pretty normal :) but, we did have a BATISMO!!!!! On Friday, Rauwanny was Baptized, she is a daughter of a lady who is living with a less active member, they were in the Cidade Nova Ward, my last area, but we were able to talk to them more and she was baptized!!!!!!! So that's exciting :) 

Well, batis​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​mo, cake, more people to teach, rain, thunder, lightning, dogs, "scorpions", and more rain. That basically explains this week :) 

So first,  cake... We ate so much crap food this week, cake, ice cream, chocolate, mousse, candy, literally sugar..... my stomach didn't feel the best afterwards. I actually said no one time to chocolate cake with more chocolate and strawberries..... me... I said no thanks...... now that I'm thinking about it... don't even know how I could have done such a terrible thing...... but it was soooo much sugar, but it was good :) 

And then this week we have met sooo many new people. Saturday... we had 12 people to bring to church.. Everyone said that they would go... but this week was also the end of the world here in Ala Paris, rain, thunder, lightning, wind, everything..... And it was the worst Sunday morning.... so no one wanted to go to chruch and leave the house into the storm... so yeah... that was a downer, but 3 poeple did manage to make it. :) We met a lady named Fran, who has 2 daughters. Gabriella and Nayara. They went with us and also Larissa, our eternal pesquisadora.... but she helped a whole bunch with making the 2 girls feel better and more comfortable :) We also met a family who is literally the best.. we are gonna plan a Family Home Evening with them so they can get to know some members :) They are pretty great :) 

And dogs... well... I don't know what the probelm is with the dogs here, but they are all crazy and wanna eat everyone that passes by. We pass by on the other side of the road and they still chase after us.... they are pretty annoying..... But yeah... they are crazy...... and "scorpions".... on the mission, this is a term for the guys who hit on the sisters... so there were a whole bunch this week... Rabelo, who now is Sister Menezes, changed her name, will now not say good afternoon or hi to any guy, cuz each time they respond with something vulgar or they flirt... so we just stopped XD XD But it's pretty funny XD XD XD XD So yeah :) 

Well.... that's basically all that has happened.... we did have a great experience getting the girls to chruch yesterday. So,we thought that they weren't going to come, but when we got there, they were all ready there and were excited to go too :) We also had a great lesson with them about the Restoration. They loved it and another one of our pesquisadoras told her mom about the Book of Mormon and her mom sent her Book of Mormon to get a cover. A super fancy one  with her name and birthday and a whole bunch of cool stuff on it... sooo cool :) 
I am soo happy for this opportunity to be here serving the Lord and helping people to get excited about the Gospel :) 

Love you all and sorry for my english..... it's bad I know... but yeah :) Also, sorry for not putting a lot of experiences in. Also, we still haven't moved into our new house..... so that stinks.. but maybe next week..
Well love you all and I'll talk to you next week :) 

Love Sister Ferguson 

-pics of Rauwanny´s batismo

-a boi that we saw on the street. (This type of cow is called a boi here... like boy) XD XD 

Gabriella and Nayara

-pics of some Cidade Nova members that we met again :) 

-the sky after all the rain yesterday


8/14/17 She's Got A Fever Of 39 Degrees Celcius

Hello everyone!!!! FELIZ DIA DOS PAIS!!!! HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!!!! 

Well, this week was a bummer.... we did basically nothing...... So first off Rabelo was pretty sick this week and also something was bothering her eye. She had a really high fever, so I made some soup for her and also forced her to drink a bunch of water. We tried to go to the clinic... but there isn't one within walking distance from our house.... so we just bought some medicine and she is better now :) We basically did not get much done this week, so this letter isn't gonna be that exciting :P 

So first off, we are moving houses!!!! It's not far from where we live now, but it's soooooo much nicer... there isn't a sacred grove in the front, or an abominable pit in the shower or spider man's family!!!! So we are suuper excited :) The house is green again.... i dont know what it is, but i guess everyone thinks missionaries like green houses? I dont know, but its gonna be great :) 

And also this week we were able to teach and find people who actually wanna go to church!!!!!! For the first time in FOREVER!!!!!!! They are pretty great too :) One is a guy who has a huge crush on Rabelo and is always asking things about marriage, which he's joking about it... most of the time.... but he is actually suuper interested in the church. His name is Wilson, he's Larissa's cousin, the girl we are teaching :) He promised that he was gonna go to church next week a million times and also to Deus, so that's a promising promise :) 

And also this week we went to an activity the Elders in our stake put on. They had a night of integration with the ward to excite them about missionary work (man am i strugglin with this whole English thing, sorry) It was pretty hilarious :) They did some skits and some games like "Who's Line is it Anyway". It was pretty funny :) It was Elders Wilson, Casciano, R. Santos, and Souza. There wasn't a bunch of people there, but i thoroughly enjoyed it :) 

Well, that's basically all that happened... we finished cleaning the house and the front there is no more jungle there... but now... yeaterday, after 2 months of not raining, it rained and now all the grass is growing back and man does it grow fast. but yeah..... that's basically all folks. We didn't take a lot of pícs yeah... i dont have any sorry...... but yeah :) Love you all and I hope you all have a great week :) Keep smiling and remembering your Heavenly Father loves you!!!!!! 

Com Amor, 
Sister Ferguson

Here's a selfie :) 

8/7/17 Just Whistle While You Work

Hello everyone :) Well we arrived in Paris... and Paris is a lot like Cidade Nova. :) The members are great and are always wanting to help. They are pretty great :) The Capela isnt close like in Cidade Nova... its in the Centro, which by Bus its still about 30 mins to get there.... but its all good cuz usually the members take us there by car :) 

Well, first off... we live in a haunted house, that has a cat. So our house has been a house for Elders for decades and we are the first Sisters to be living there..... just imagine how gross it is.... you  cant really imagine cuz its ridiculous...... the floor looks like it hasnt been cleaned since its been installed, no one has cleaned the leaves in the front...ever.... and there is a huge hole is the shower..... so we get some friends during the day that come into our house through the hole, pretty fun right? Also, pretty sure Spiderman was having a family reunion in our house cuz his whole family is there. HUUUUGE spiders.. literally the size of a man.... its disgusting... everywhere... one day I went to sweep the spiders away.... before I thought that the walls were dark gray... then I got all the spider webs and spiders out and it was perfectly white........ so gross. Man... this house is a disaster.. but im pretty sure we are gonna leave soon. 

We tried cleaning the outside of the house a little, which now... its so much better :) all the neighbors were whining and talking about how dirty the house is and how there is a whole bunch of leaves everywhere and a bunch of grass... so we cleaned it cuz none of the Elders that lived there did. 

Now I have blisters on my hands "I'VE GOT BLISTAS ON MA FINGAS!!!! (helter skelter, the beatles, Ringo at the end yells that) and my back and everything hurts. Also pretty sure the neighbors that were watching us clean are gonna have blisters on their eyes cuz I didnt take a shower or do anything before I began cleaning... so..... i looked hideous.... and smelled even worse... but #dealwithitpeeps

well... other than moving into the Adams Family House and cleaning até o pó.... we have met some people here... they are pretty cool. :) We met Grasi and Vitor, who are amazing :) We still need to teach them the Restoration, but they loved the Gospel of Jesus Christ....but they also didnt go to church Sunday... so sad... but we are gonna work with them a little more :) 

We also met a girl named Larissa and her sister Lorriane,  which they came to church yesterday :) Basically all their family is a member of the church already, but they all left the church..... but now the girls wanna learn a little more. :) 

well.... not much has happened this week. we are just getting used to everything. Everything here looks the same.... its kinda hard to find our way... but its all good. well, love you all and I hope you guys have a great week. Love you guys and keep strong :) And if you guys need someone to talk to... im here every monday :) around 6 in the morning :) So yeah :) Love you guys :) And talk to you next week :) 

 Com Amor, Sister Ferguson​

Monday, August 7, 2017

7/31/17 Transfers!!!! I'm Goin To PARIS!!!!

Well... its official.. im leaving Cidade Nova..... IM GOIN TO PARIS!!!!!! Im changing missions and im gonna speak portuguese in France. :)
Jkjkjkjkjkjk.... im not that cool... but i am goin to Paris. Theres a ward here thats called the Paris Ward. So thats exciting :) Its in the same Zone as Cidade Nova. Its literally right next door to Cidade Nova :) also the same Stake :)
So thats exciting :) Im happy with being transfered because we were running into a brick wall with each pesquisador and no one was progressing. So maybe the next missionários that are gonna be here will help them improve.
So this week was good :) Had lots of stuff happen :) So first yesterday at church I gave a talk about missionary work. My first talk on the mission :) It was good... i was a little nervous but what evs.. its in the past :) Also we are planning a wedding for a member. He was baptized and then started living with a lady and she wants to get baptized, so theyre gonna get married first and then she is gonna be baptized.. but this is gonna be for the next missionaries to do.....
Also this week we had A conferência with Presidente. It was good.. i learned soooo much and i dies from laughing because it was just hilarious what they were doin :) XD XD Our Zone leaders put on the baptismal suits and they started teaching about batsimo while wearing htem... XD XD I wish i got a pic.. but it was hilarious XD XD Me and Whitehead would not stop laughing XD XD XD XD
Well.. also this week we talked to a lady that we had aready teached, Cida, who we taught about hte Restoration and she liked it... she was super intersted.. but when she prayed and read the Book of Mormon.. she felt nothing.... she felt like hse was just reading a book..... so we are trying to help her..... or the other missionaries are gonna help her.
Well... i know that a whole bunch of other stuff happened thsi week.... but i am just so nervous and excited that i am forgetting everything...... but yeah.. i love you all and i am excited for these next 6 months :) maybe I'll finish my mission there? who knows :)

Well love you all and dont forget that there is someone who loves you more than you know :) Me... and also someone who loves you waaaaaaay more :) Heavenly Father :) Love you all and have a great week :) 

love, Sister Ferguson
pics from the Conferencia with presidente and with jose and maria walking to church yesterday :)