Monday, January 23, 2017

01/23/17 Here I Go Again....

Welp..... got some news... I'm getting transferred again! Cornelio Procopo... or something like that. It was a closed area in the mission, but Presidente opened it for us... so that's cool. Maybe something special will happen there? Anyways.... a little bumbed, but excited at the same time. I'm leaving today, it's only like an hour away, so that's cool :P 

Anways... so this week... was kind of crazy... Tyson almost died.. not literally, but her feet are killing her. She has literally water balloons of blisters on the bottom of her feet. I have no idea how she walks... we got some medication for her so thats good... shes so tough and just wants to work.. she makes me feel like a baby :P but she is just literally the best, really gonna miss her...

But along with this week, Presidente surprised us at our apartment with sister Pereira and their daughter with Pizza and just to talk to us.. so that was weird and cool at the same time. Also, he told me that he showed an ugly pic that I took on his ipad on christmas to... literally like 40 peeps, all leaders in the mission... don't know if I said that already.. but yeah.. what great luck I have. :P 

So moving on, so this week I was basically serving with only D. Nascimento and Tyson cuz Penni and Alves had a division in another city for 2 days. So that was cool. I basically have like 4 companions here cuz Penni and Alves are always going out doing other things cuz they're sister training leaders. So everyday is with different companions. Kind of fun XD and this week with Tyson and Nasci, we walked up this hill that I named Satans Spine cuz it's so freakin steep. We were literally bascially crawling up the hill... its crasy.. we also walk it everyday. We then taught a lady named Josanna and had a real good time with her :) 

Ok... so sorry, but I have to go and don't have time to write more, but this week was good. I had a good time. I really like it here and am gonna miss it, but more adventures right? 

Well, tchau everyone. Thank you for your love and support. Also, just an FYI, but make sure to send letters to the address Rua Belo Horizonte 1236 86020-060 Londrina, PR Brasil. The address with Higienopolis is wrong... :) them, just takes longer :P

Well I love you all and have a great week!!!! 

Love, Sister Ferguson

Monday, January 16, 2017

01/16/17 It's a New Area!!!!

Hello Everyone!!! Man... this week was pretty crazy. Lots of new things happened. 

So I got new companions!!! Sister Penni and Sister Alves. Penni is an American so that's cool :) Also we have a greenie in our apartmet. There's 5 sisters living together. Sister Tyson and Sister D. Nascimento are together and then us 3. They are all suuuuper cool :) They always are laughing and having a good time :) I love it here. So, on the lines of pesquisadores here, we had a baptism yesterday after church :) Jacó. Hes so amazing. He is always acting like he is really bashful and nervous, but man does he have a testimony. Penni Alves and another sister before transfers were working with him. He is just great :) He was really excited for his baptism. After the baptism we asked him how he felt and he said "Like a new creature" XD XD Not what we were expecting, but it was real funny. We have some other people to teach, like Vanessa and Tiago, Tereza, Ailton, who came to church yesterday, and Claudinea and Fam, her 5 kids too, which they all came to church too :) Real exciting. So this new area started out pretty good :) I do feel a little overwhelmed wth having to adjust how I teach and also brake wrong habits of speaking. Its kinda like I am starting my mission over again :P But its all good in the hood :) 

So this new area is so hilly. Its kind of ridiculous. We walk maybe about 4 miles, but it feels like 100 cuz its all, up and down, up and down.... real annoying, but man my calves.... they are looking great. :P jkjkjk, but yeah... my legs are literally dead everyday when we get back home. But its totally worth it :)

Anywho.... that's basically it. New comps, new people, new ward, which the ward is pretty cool. There are so many kids... so many. Pretty sure they have to give some of the primary kids callings cuz they don't have enough adults in the ward. But yeah everyone was very friendly and very welcoming too :) 

So saying goodbye to Sister Leite was a little hard, but I didn't bawl... just little tears :P I know I'm gonna see her again sometime, probs not during the mission, but afterwards yes :) I also saw SIster Whitehead!!! So last week I said that they are gonna be in my district, but I was wrong. We are in different groups or areas, different zones. So I won't be able to see them until a big group conference happens. I won't be able to see Leite cuz shes on the other side of the mission. Whitehead and Sadleir are in the same Zone, but not mee.... sad day, but I'm still close to them :) We meet at the head capela of the mission, so I get to receive new things every week like Livro de Mormons, Liahonas, scriptures, pamphlets, invites, everything we need :) SO thats pretty cool :) 

Well.... I'm runnign out of time, so I'm gonna end here. I am so excited to be working here. The people here are great and my companions are great too :) I love this gospel and am so excited to meet new people to bring to Christ :) I love you all and miss you all lots!!!! Almost 6 months!! Already!? Wow... well love you all and hope you have a great week!!!

Love Sister Ferguson

ps. one of the pics in the window is a window we found that morphed us. I could not stop laughing. It was hilarious. So yeah :) and one is Jacó and the baptism, sister Whitehead  and sister Leite :)  
Finally got around to making the cookies you sent. How do you like him?
Saying Goodbye to my trainer.

Got to see one of my favorites from the CTM Sister Whitehead.                        
New area new member.
Me, Alvez, Jacó and Penni 

My roomies and companion

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

01/09/17 And The Transfer Is?????????

HELLO EVERYBODY!!! Well... I received some news.... I'm getting tranferred..... tooo....... QUEBEC B!!! It's in the same Zone as I am in now, just on the other side :P Didn't move very far... but I am so happy to be staying in this area :) I also am probably gonna be in the same Zone with my Sister friends, Whitehead and Sadleir from the CTM!!!  So that's exciting!! Sister Leite is going real far away.... I probs won't see her again during the mission... so I am just a little sad... just gonna cry each night....... :P BUT that's the mission :) Also, I'm gonna be in a trio!! With Sister Alves and Sister Penni :) SO that's exciting :)
Well, now to this week.... lots of tears, not from me, mostly from Leite XP but yeah, it was a little sad... saying goodbye to everybody. I am gonna miss this Ward so much. Ala 2 é TOP de maís!!! Also, Gabriel and NIRO!! I am gonna miss them so much. I just hope they stay firm in the church... I am sad to leave them... but I know that they will be taken care of :)
Sooo.... this week... we had some real cool, funny and... real awkward things happen.
So first we have a new pesquisadora, Maria. She is so cool. When we first met her we taught her the Restauração and after the lesson we asked if she is gonna pray if what we said is true... she responded with... "Well I can, but I don't need to cuz I know thats it's true right now." We just stopped and looked at each other and were like "Oh! well ok then... you wanna get baptized? jkjkjk We didn't ask her to get baptized, we just continued talking and asked if she would come to church Sunday, which she did!!! She loved it. She said that she knows that this church is true and that it really is the Church of Jesus Christ in these latter days.... so cool, but so sad cuz we can't be here to teach her.... but yeah... that was pretty cool :) So Maria is awesome and we are so sad, but very happy for her, just hope the new missionárias will take care of her and help her prepare for baptism :)
Well, we also met a girl named Thaina, who is sooooo good. She also believes everything we say and knows that it is true. She asks soo many questions and already has a desire to be baptized!!! So that is amazing, just that we won't be here when that happens.... we just have some good peeps for the next missionárias here :) Also, Claudimir, Bruna, Solange, and Roselea. They all are real good pesquisadores and really like the church.
Well... now for the little things that happened during the week. So there are these trees here that have this real weird fruit... its huge and spikey. I have some pics. So we got one, and went to Fransisco´s place to see if he could cut it, but it wasn't ripe, so we waited until yesterday to eat it. It was real weird. Its called Jaca. It tastes a little like banana and coconut, or piña colada in the form of rubber slices. It is real werid, but preatty good :)
Also, while making contacts, we met this family. We taught Restauração and O Plano de Salvação. They were really interested and we were thinking that they are gonna progress in the church. So at the end of the lesson, we asked if one of them wanted to say the prayer. One of the sisters said she could, but one of their prayers. We said "Yeah sure you can" and while talking they all lifted their hands up and stared at us while saying one of their prayers.... We awkwardly looked at each other and then closed our eyes... it was reeeaalll awkward. After the prayer we opened our eyes and they were staring at us still..... So we got up real slow and backed off the porch and then speed walked to the gate to leave.... It was sooooo awkward...
Anyways.. moving on... so I almost got bit by a dog, but luckily his mouth was too small and couldn't fit my leg in its mouth,  and also we met another real cute bird that kept giving us kisses XD She was so cute. I really want a bird when I come back. They are pretty fantastic :)
Well... that's all that really happened this week. We said goodbye to everybody yesterday and took lots of pics. We talked to Fernando, Kate, Jose, Kauani, all the membros, the Bishop and fam... and other people that we had been talking to. It was sad saying goodbye to Niro. He is so special to me... Really gonna miss seeing him grow and progress in the chruch. Being a missionary really has made me appreciate everything people do for me.
This week... I have another invitation for you guys. :) Try to Count your blessings and say Thank You. To everyone. Do a little random act of kindness for someone to show your gratefulness... they are gonna love it, I know they are :) Whatever it is. SO just think about others more this week. Start this new year off with an attitude to serve. The more you serve the more you love :)
Well I love you all and I hope that you guys have a great week and enjoyed last week too :) I am excited to write about my new adventures in QUEBEC!!!! Gonna be good :) Love you all lots and talk to you next week!! 

Com MUITO amor,

Sister Ferguson

Monday, January 2, 2017

01/02/17 HELLO 2017!!

Hello 2017!!!!!! Happy New Year Everyone!!! Hope you guys had a great New Years and Christmas :) Love you all :)
Well... I have some news... I am FINALLY GONNA GET TRANSFERRED NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!! Almost 4 months here.... we're running out of places to work!! Both Leite and I are getting transferred, so I'll have to say tchau tchau to her.... but I will be able to see her again before she heads home in 6 months!! So I am so excited but also sad... I really like the members here... also Gabriel and Niro, Fernando, Kate... ugh...., but I just gotta #dealwithit.
Então, this week was pretty gosh darn amazing. :P We met sooo many new people. We have one new pesquisador with a real cute little boy, Felipe. He kept on pouring us pop and wanting to clink our cups XD So cute... but yeah she seemed to like the message we shared and she asked lots of questions... She didn't come to church on Sunday because of the new year, but maybe next week. We met some other people too, but they didn't seem very interested. They were really nice, but they just let us talk so they could have someone to talk to....
Anyways, so something real cool happened with Gabriel. So we went to his house to talk and teach a lesson. After the lesson he asked about tithing. It's so awesome because he asked about it... not, we asked him about it...... so cool. so we explained how the little papers work more and then explained again about where the money goes and how everything works. He seemed really excited :) Also he told us that he shared a message with his friends and they really liked it... also they asked why he stopped drinking. he explained and then they said, well I wanna stop drinking too, and smoking... so cool. He's such a good member missionary ALREADY!!! Also Niro shared a message with his friends and they didn't agree a lot, but he is sharing, that's all that matters :) So awesome :)
Oh Sunday, our Presidente of the mission came to our ward.... duh duh duuuuuh!!!! He just gave a talk... but also came to tell me and Leite that it is gonna be our last week there in Tiradentes.... :/ sad day, but excited. Also Gabriel showed us something that just made my day. So he drives his motorcycle to church everyday, so he has his helmet with him. So while he was getting ready to leave he showed us the inside of his helmet. It had the first little card we gave him when we first met him and Fernando.... Nossa, I could not stop smiling :) So sweet. He keeps it with him :) Well.... I'll stop talking about my amazing convert :P
Well.... Christmas and New Years were amazing :) The others sisters and I went on our roof and watched a little fire works... not a lot because it was really foggy and raining.... but it was good. We had some food and listened to some ROCKIN music about the gospel!!! Party animals, I know right... *hair flip*

well.... not much else.... got some news about Célia, she is gonna get baptized, but she feels that if she gets baptized she is going to be doing something  wrong in the eyes of God, because she will be baptized twice.... but we have been trying to explain to her, that her first baptism wasn't complete, because a person with the Priesthood or authority of God didn't baptize her... she understnads, but she doesn't at the same time... we have explained this 600 times, but she just won't change her mind. I can imagine how hard this is for her cuz she grew up in this other church.. thinking what she was doing was right... and now were here telling her that what she did wasnt complete.... it's a little confusing, but... we are trying to work with her... it's difficult, but we are gonna keep trying :)
Well.. I love you all and I am so thankful for everything you guys have done for me. If you guys could pray for Célia it would be much appreciated. Just for her to be able to open her heart and mind and have an understanding that she will not be doing something wrong.... but that she will be doing something even better :)
Love you all and hope you have a great week :)
Sister Ferguson
the pics are a family of the ward, and some other members, my 5 month cake :) and a river that we always pass :) I forgot what the other one was... so yeah. :P