Monday, December 4, 2017

12/4/17 I Am Gonna Die In Apucarana!

Well....... it's final... I have entered my last transfer and I am officially going to die, or finish my mission here in Apucarana. Hoo man!!!!! Well, this week.... not a lot happened again..... these past few weeks haven't been the most exciting ones, so sorry... but Apucarana isn't a very exciting place.... but this week will definitely be better :) I am so ready to find new people!!! WOO!!!! 

Well, this week, as I said nothing really happened. We had a couple experiences, but not much. We went to talk to some poeple, but they all turned us down. Also the people that we thought were progressing decided to cut us first cuz of excuses..... so we are little sad about that, but we are maybe gonna visit them after a while and find some new people who are really ready and have a desire to follow Christ. 

Oh, for my letter last week, I forgot to write that Odair received the Priesthood last Sunday :) He was confirmed and then received the Priesthood. He is just so great and amazing and I hope he stays firm in the church, he is gonna be a great leader some day :) 

This week, we also had Mission Tour with Elder Aidukatis form the 70. It was pretty great, but he was very serious about what he was saying. We had lots to learn that day and I can say for certain that I learned a lot :) He talked a lot about the things that we have to do to have success on the mission. He focused on how us as missionaries really don't have this time as missionaries to just travel and be on vacation for a year and a half or 2 years, but really, to change the lives of others for all eternity. I loved what he said how we are doing something like Christ. We dedicate our lives for 2 years or 1 year and a half to do only this, like Christ. He dedicated his life to only cure, help others, set an example, be perfect, die for us, give us the best, literally everything for everyone, expcept for himself. It reminded me of some other conferencias we have had here on the mission. It just shows how missionaries are totally different than other people during this time integral. I am so blessed to have this opportunity to have this time and dedicate my life to Christ and help his children come unto Him. I love this Gospel so much and I hope that I can help even more poeple to know it here on the mission and also for the rest of my life. 

Well.... the mission tour was great. Learned a lot and also saw lots of people that I hadn't seen for a looong time. Took a lot of pics :) 

Well... that's basically all that happened this week.... yesterday at church, during fast and testimony meeting the energy went out and we were giving our testimonies in the dark and without a microphone, but it turned on in the middle of the meeting... also Elias threw the keys at me on the head and now I have a bump that hurts real bad.... :P It was kinda funny, but it did hurt... kkkkkkkk

Well.. love you all and I hope you all have a great week :) Christmas is COMING!!! WOOHOO NATAL!!!! So excited. I will be spending Natal and Ano novo here in Apucarana so that's gonna be exciting :) No on one in my district left, so everyone is gonna be here together for one more transfer :) So happy :) 

Until Next week everyone!!!!!! Love you all!!! 

Com Amor, Sister Ferguson

Thursday, November 30, 2017

11/27/17 Well, Just Another Week

Hello people!!!!! Well, this week, was..... just read the title of the email. It was full of rain and not a lot of success and not a lot happened, but it was good :) We had Almoço at home almost everyday and also on Sunday we got  R$120 for Almoço for the rest of the week!!! Woohoo!! Christmas came earlier this year!!! So we are all set for this week, which we are gonna have Mission Tour. So on Wednesday we are gonna go to Londrina. A member of the Seventy is going to speak to us and we are gonna have a great time :) It's so fun :) So we are preparing for that and also we made some district shirts, so hopefully those are ready before I leave :) They're gonna be amazing :) 

Well.... this week, as I already said 3 other times, was normal. Just lots of rain, Sister Elias got sick so we stayed inside for a little each day, and also our water stopped today when we woke up... but right when we left to head out the lady said that it came back, so at least it's back right? Also, Today is my anniversary of the mission!!! 1 Year and 4 Months!!!!! Woohoo!!!! Vem Janeiro!!!! kkkkk.... but yeah I am excited :) Gabriel, the member who is always helping us, bought some Pão de Queijo and juice for us in the morming today and also gave me a bracelet yesterday to celebrate :) It was pretty great :) THANKS GABRIEL!! 

We almost had a baptism this week, Gabriels cousin... we were teaching him and went with Gabriel and the Elders to their place, but when we returned he said hat he didn't wanna get baptized anymore, so that's sad. But at least we tried right? Also that day Gabriel took us to see a park that is here in Apucarana. It has statues that show things that happened in Jesus´ Life. It was pretty cool, but it was shutting down to go under construction for 3 years, so at least we got to see it a little :) Took some pics of that, which we went with Elder Gudiel, our LD, and Elder Travassos. 

Well, that's basically all that happened this week. I love you all and I hope you are all happy :) One thing I wanna share is something that I studied during study time this week. I was reading in John chapter 15: 5 Eu sou a videira, vós as varas; quem está em mim, e eu nele, esse dá muito fruto; porque sem mim nada podeis fazer. “I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing. I love this scripture, because it is true. We can do nothing without Him. Without the vine, what will support the branches? He is our support and with him we can do all things :) I love you all and remember, if you take Christ out of your lives.... what will you do? Read and study this scripture and also all the scriptures so then you can understand Christ and His love. I love you all and I hope you all have a great Christ filled week :) Christmas is nearing, but that does not mean that only now we need to think about Him, we need to think about Him always. 

Love you all and Until Next Week!!!! 

Com Amor, 
Sister Ferguson

-Gabriel with us last pday

 -at the park Gabriel took us to with Gudiel and Travassos

 -Took a pic with Gabriel yesterday after Choir 


11/20/17 Batismo and Stake Conference

Hello everyone!!!!! Well, I hope this week was amzing for you all :) This week was pretty great :) We first had Stake Conference and right after the Conference we had a BATISMO!!!!!!! Odair was baptized yesterday :) It was literally the best thing ever. He entered the Conference thinking about being baptized and then after the conference he desired to be baptized :) He had his interview with the LD, or District Leader and then he said he's gonna get baptized. We asked him if we could do it at 4, but he wanted to do it at that moment... so we did. It was only the missionaries of my district that were there :)But it was amazing :)
Well, this week, other than the batismo we met some other people. We also brought 14 people to church and one of them is gonna get baptized next week :) But he will not be our baptism cuz he is from the area of the other elders... so that's sad, but it's all good, at least he is gonna get baptized :)
We also met a man who's name is Pedro that already talked to some sisters about a year ago... and he said that he was being prepared to be baptized, but he had a problem with smoking... so he didn't, but we started again and he is gonna try to stop again.. so hopefully everything works out with him :)
We also have a couple more people to teach.. but we are gonna have to visit them a little bit more to see if they will progress.
We also got our Washing Machine!!! Now I don't have to wash my clothes by hand anymore :) It is heaven now :) So great :) Never thought a washing machine would make me so happy XD XDkkkkk but now I won't have buff arms.... or even more buff arms.. but yeah.. I'm just gonna stop talking and making a fool of myself XD XD XD
Well, love you all and I am so thankful for you all. I am so happy to be here on the mission still :) Man.... it's great here :) Love you and hope you all have a great week :)Keep being happy and remember that Your Heavenly Father Loves You ALL!!!
Com Amor, Sister Ferguson

-Our record of the week for the mission of 14 people in the church that is on the mission's site... under the part that says destaques. 

-some vultures near our house, cuz they know that im dying on the mission in a little while.

Batismo com Odair and Elder Fialho that baptized him. 

11/13/17 Rain, Sun, Rain, Sun, Aaaaaaand More Sun. :)

Well, wowee, this week was pretty crazy. It wasn't the most productive... but I have changed a lot spiritually :) This week was not very productive but man did I have some good study sessions in the morning with the companion :) There is a lot to say.... cuz I learned a bunch, I'm practically an apostle now cuz I learned so much, :P kkkkkkk but yeah. Let's just say that my mind is more open and I am even more ready to go and preach the gospel to the people here in Apucarana :) 
Well, this week the weather was very confusing.... one day it was freezing and raining a bunch and then the next day it was suuuper hot.. then the next day rain again... real annoying. But it was good :) We are working with our pesquisadores still, Odair, who didn't go to church this week cuz he went to another church in Maringá.... so that was a bummer, but we are gonna help him. We marked a baptismal date for this Saturday, so, lets hope that he is still wanting to :)
We also tried to bring a dad and daughter to church this week, but when we got to their house they weren't there, so we started walking to the capela and saw him walking. He said that he went to go do something, but didn't say what it was... and that no one was home. We knew where he went and why... he just left the house to not be in the house when we pass by to get them.... he still didn't go... but he pinky promised to me and promised to God, so he better go right? :) But yeah...... that was a little disappointing, but that was basically the only thing that happned this week.
We had Pday together with the district and played card games. Each time someone lost they had to get foam in the face... which I lost..... so I got foam in the face... got some pics. We ate some ice cream this week too and had a good time trying to be happy with all the disappointing things goin on...... but I am happy still :)
Well, I love you all and am so happy to be here on the mission :) Thank you for all your love and support :) Hope you guys like the pics this week :) They'e not too exciting... but yeah :) Love you all and until next week!!!!!!

Com amor, Sister Ferguson


-ice cream with Elders Magalhães and J. Silva. 
 -Our district after the district meeting on Tuesday :)

-some masks mom sent for a halloween package