Wednesday, September 20, 2017

9/18/17 Transfers!!!!!!!!

Well, it's official... I have left Maringá..... man... i was there for quite some time..... i loved it but i'm happy to be in another place :) I can see other places here in Brasil :)
So, I am now in Apucarana. It's like only an hour from Maringá... so i'm not that far... but i am in a different Zone. I am now in Zona Londrina again!!!! YAHOO!!! I will travel to Londrina for Conferences or Pdays with the Zone, so that's cool :) I am a little sad cuz I am not gonna be with Menezes, Wilson or Souza.... but i like it here :) Also one of my Elder friends was here in Zona Londrina... but then he left for Maringá... just barely missed him.... just a little bummed about that... but it's cool here :) Everyone is new to me in my district other than 2 people, so now i'll make more friends :)
But this week was pretty good. Sister Santos was already here so she was leading me everywhere. She had 2 people that were preparing for baptism, but they all decided no... it was sad.... but we are gonna find some more poeple :)
There is a lady here called Ana... that we marked batismo for her for Saturday... but she disappeared.. so we marked for Sunday.. but she started making almoço and said she couldn't go to church.... We tried to get her to go.. but she was super stubborn and didn't wanna... so she wasn't baptsized that day either.. but we are gonna try one more time and also find more peeps.
Nothing much happened.. it was mostly just getting used to everything and trying to speak to everyone. But just that really :) I'm with Sister Santos who is amazing :) Shes great :) I'm learning a lot from her :)
Well... sorry, i'm running out of time and i didn't take any pics this week... so, sorry, but next week i will :) Well love you all and ill talk to you all next week :)
Com Amor, Sister Ferguson

Apucarana is a municipality in the state of Paraná in Brazil

Thursday, September 14, 2017

9/11/17 Little Miracles

Well everyone... this week was pretty crazy....but full of little miracles..... Tender mercies are real folks..... 

First off.. today is transfers. Presidente is organizing everything still and no one knows where they are going, nada........ So everyone is super nervous and our Zone Leaders are gonna call us if we are gonna leave later tonight. So yeah...... oh my oh my....... 

But also this week, we left our haunted house (miracle) and moved over to the apartment of some other sisters in the zone and we have been sleeping there this week while we are waiting for our new house, which the presidente already bought, (miracle) they just need to finish a couple things and then we are gonna move there this week... or the new sisters cuz we dont know who is gonna stay..... OH MY!!!! Im so nervous...... 

But yeah.... we were with Sister Oliveira and Sister Stone. They are amazing (miracle) :) Sister Stone is training still and Oliveira is her trainer. They are hilarious. Also this week was Oliveiras Bday, she made 20 years!!!!!!! We got a cake and surprised her in the morning and had a festa and then later that night went to a members house in their ward and had a birthday dinner with them (miracle) :) Had hot and spicy barbeque ribs (BIG miracle)... man was it good. First time in 13 months that ive eaten BBQ. So good. 

And well... also this week we baptized a little girl!!!! (The best Miracle!!!)  Dont know if you guys remember Raissa, but she was baptized yesterday and her sister came to church with her (Miracle cuz she doesnt like to leave he mom) :) Her mom said she was gonna go, but we didnt know why she didnt come, but she was happy either way. It was great :) 

We also had an experience with Rian. So he has been hiding from us this whole week. We go to his house, which by the way, he lives on the other side of the city, and hes not htere or he is and tells his mom to say that he wasnt...... so we tried calling him, but he never picked up, nada, but then we used a members phone and were able to talk to him (miracle)  :) We asked him if he wanted to be baptized still, cuz we marked his baptism for saturday. He said he does, but not now, but he didnt explain why... but yesterday at church... he didnt come, neither did his friend Alex. We went over to his house with our District leader and a member during church to talk to him. He was home.. (MIRACLE)  Then we tried talking to him and he said that he was scared because he thought that he had to change everything he is doing right now and be perfect. We explained how its not like that at all... and we asked him if he wanted to be baptized still... he said yes... but was still hesitant to go to church. But then the member who brought us talked to him and he then finally decided to go to church to see Raissa's baptism. (miracle)

 We went there, asked him if he wants to be baptized, but he still said no.... dont know why still, he wont tell us and he is a little embarrassed to talk to us... but yeah..... We are gonna work with him still.... if were gonna stay here....... OH MY!!! 

Full of miracles this week, it was frustrating, but it was all worth it. We now know what Rians needs are to progress and we have a pesquisadora progressing :) O Senhor is always there to help... just need to ask, which.... pretty sure half of the things that left my mouth this week was a prayer..... so just gotta do our part and he will do the rest :) 

But yeah. That was this week. There were some other things that happened, like Gabriella and Nayara... we arent teaching them anymore. We walked from 3 places in the area, that are suuuuuuuper far from another in an hour this week, trying to confirm if some people are gonna go to an activity that we had saturday... which only one person went (mircale) Soriah is her name..... of our pesquisadores, and i am gettin old on the mission. Im literally feeling it in my bones :P Lets just say that i walk like i just got off riding on a horse XD Its kinda funny XD XD 

But yeah... well... thats basically it, we found a place for the kittens!!!! We are soo happy, a member finally accepted to take them all :) What a miracle!

Well, i love you all and i hope you all have a great week and keep smiling :) Try to think of the little miracles that happen in your lives and if you want one to happen... do everything you can and then the Lord will do the rest. D&C 4:2 Therefore, O ye that embark in the service of God, see that ye serve him with all your heart, might, mind and strength, that ye may stand blameless before God at the last day.

Love you all and Have a great week :) 

Com amor, 
Sister Ferguson

-the family that we had a birthday dinner with
-Raissa and her baptism, whish she was baptized by the Bishop here
-Sisters Stone and Oliveira with us

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

9/4/17 I Need Some Batismo Water!

Hello Everyone!!!!!!! 

Well, this week was pretty good suuuuper hot... it's winter here, or was and it's in the 90's and one day went to 102.... it's soo hot.... I've been drinking sooooo much water and that's not the best thing to do when youre on the road for 9 hours everyday, but that just means i'm gettin' closer to home.   # trunky :) 

So first off, we had a BATISMO!!!!!! Marco was finally baptized! He got baptized yesterday in Ala Cidade Nova, he was an eternal investigator, but now he's gonna be an eternal member, with his family too :) Sooooo happy for him :) Man, there were so many people at his baptism.. everyone was super excited to see him get baptized :) I was too and the Spirit was sooo strong that day... started at church during sacrament meeting, and then it's like the Spirit followed us to the other chapel and it just got even more strong. Man it was sooo amazing :) Really was a super special batismo :) 

Well, this week we had a Zone Conference with the Presidente and also P-Day with the Zone. It was super fun. :) We also had a snack time with one of our investigators, who is Larissa´s aunt. She made huuuge bread :) It was super fun. Also I found a turtle on the ground whille walking one day :) We gave it to a lady who lived nearby and also played a prank on Alex and Rian. :) Got a video of Alex :) 

Yesterday Rian and Alex came to church again and they said that they loved it again and we also brought another little girl to church too :) She and her sister and mom were gonna go originally, but her mom had to take care of 2 other babies in the house, and her sister doesn't like to be far from her mom, so she stayed. But the girl that went is named Raisa and she is 8. She is amazing and super excited about the church. She has already asked her mom when she could be baptized!!! :) So that is super exciting :) 

Other than that.... we dont have a lot of other investigators... Carol, she is still having a problem with her husband, Larissa, she moved, but maybe she will come back.... And the family, Di, Jefferson, and Junior.. they have lost interest.. along with the 2 girls, Gabriella and Nayara... so that's sad.. but we are trying to work with them.... but they are not showing anymore interest.. sad I know... they would be such great members and an eternal family, but we tried. 

Well, that's pretty much it. Oh, about the kittens, THEY OPENED THEIR EYES!!! 2 of them did, the other, which is a lot smaller than the others, still hasn't, but they are almost opening. :) So exciting and a member in our ward said that she wants one, we just have to wait till they stop drinking milk from mommy, which is gonna take a while, but maybe she'll want all 4? dont know, but well see where they go :) 

And well, that's basically it. I am so happy to be here on the mission and am so excited to see where this week takes me. Hope you guys are all doing great and are remembering Chirst in all things :) Love you all and I have a favor to ask of you guys. If you can put some names in your prayers. Larissa, Lorraine, Cida and family. If you could pray for them that would be great :) They need as many prayers as they can get right now :) 

Love you all and talk to you all next week :) 

Com Amor, Sister Ferguson

-Marco´s batismo
-snack with Diane and her kids
-The turtle
-Our babies opening their eyes :) 
-Got some pringles and I showed Menezes how to eat pringles american style *Quack* 

8/28/17 Who Let the Cat Out of the Bag?

Hello everyone :) Well..... I am pooped after this week.... first it's suuuuuuuper hot now, and it's winter here.... in 90 degree weather.... and we have met sooo many people, which no one let us in..... we give lessons out front....... so my feet and legs are dead... :P But we have a bunch of super cool people to teach now :) 

So, first off..... let's explain the title of the email.... So... ever since we got here in Ala Paris, there has been a pregnant cat living with us. She was suuuuper pregnant.... and knowing what happens after a while being pregnant.... well, she had kittens. 8 to be exact, but only 3 lived.... They were born Tuesday, but we came home too late at night to save the others.... but we now have 4 new missionaries living in our hosue. They are soooooooo cute..... :) We are looking for a place for them..but literally... no one wants them, even the vets dont wanna take them... everyone says that we need to wait till they stop nursing, but that's gonna be in like 3 months... and we ain't got time for that... so yeah.. we are trying to find a place, but it's not working too well..... 

But anyways, we got our cats and also some new amazing people to teach. First off, we have Rian. He is literally amazing :) He's 17 and he, HE, asked if he could get baptized this Sunday... which we met him Tuesday, only 5 days before Sunday... and he is so excited about the gospel. He has given references to like 10 of his friends and we are trying to find time to teach them all :) But seriously he is just amazing :) He went to church with us yesterday and he brought his friend Alex, who the night before, we taught the Restoration to them...and they were kinda fighting over who was gonna read the Book of Mormon and who was gonna keep the one that we brought and who was going to have to wait another day to receive one..... man.. I got so excited seeing them get so excited about the gospel and learning something new :) 

We also have met Carol, who is 20, who I am pretty sure i talked about in the last letter... but she is great. She just has a little problem with her hubby, who doesn't want her to go to the Church of Jesus Christ.. but she wants to sooo bad..... but we are working with them still :) 

Well.... Also this week we are gonna baptize :) Marco, who is the step father of some members in Cidade Nova, is getting baptized Sunday :) So that is suuuper exciting :) Also, we are already planning on Rian´s baptism being the Saturday before Marco :) Man, all baptisms are suuper special, but Rian´s baptism is gonna be real special, well to me and I know also to Christ :) I'm so excited :) 

Well, that is basically all that happened this week. We met some more people, but Rian and Alex and Carol are the only ones really progressing right now. I am so excited for this week, for more experiences and also to find new people to teach about the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that this really is the Church of Jesus Christ here on the earth and that He is leading the church throught our dearest Prophet Thomas S. Monson. There is no doubt in my mind... and I want everyone to know of this happiness that I have because of this knowledge. Love you all :)

Keep smiling everyone and remember that your Heavenly Father loves you and that everything that happens in life has a purpose and that this time here on earth is the most important time we can ever have, so use it wisely :) Love you all :) Until next week :) 

Com Amor,
Sister Ferguson