Monday, July 10, 2017

7/10/17 Sheila and More Bênçãos

Well... this week was just amazing :) So first of all.... BATISMO!!! Sheila got baptized Saturday and then yesterday at church she received the gift of The Holy Ghost and was confirmed a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints :) So exciting :) Irmão Valdeci baptized and blessed her :) He's the teacher for the Gospel Principles class in the ward :)
Well... Sheila is now officially happy and now we are goin' to help her sobrinha, neice, to be baptized too :) She wants to soo bad... so we are gonna help her... it's just her mom is a little complicated... so we are gonna work with them :)
Also, we met a lady who is just amazing. She is always finding a way to help others and sometimes she forgets to help herself. We met her Friday and went to her house yesterday :) She was so happy to see us cuz she has been so focused on helping others that she was so grateful that there were some other people that wanted to help her :) She said she's gonna go to our party in the ward this Friday and also to church Sunday with her neighbor :) She is literally amazing :) Cristiane :) We´ll have to see where the Lord is goin' to take her :)
So... also this week we are talking to another menina whose same is Vitória. She has a friend in another she wants to get baptized.. but go to the other ward... but she lives in our area... it's kinda complicated.. but we are gonna talk to her and her mom is all for it.. she just needs to receive the lessons and then.... she will be a follower of Christ!!!! :)
Well... that's basically all that happened this week, but it was great :) Have some great people to teach.
Well.. nothing much happened.. but im happy and excited :) Cidade Nova (New City) .. is becoming more like Cidade Velho (Old City) cuz i have already talked to everyone here, knocked at every house... but just gotta #dealwithit so yeah.... but i still like it :) Rabelo is soooo amazing. She is so funny. The other night we stayed up reeeaall late... just talking in the dark and laughing our heads off XD XD I cried so much XD XD She is literally another sister :) She's great :)
Well, love you all and hope you guys have a great week :) I know that the gospel is true and that Chrst lives and loves each of us :)
Love you all and tchau!!!
Com amor, 
Sister Ferguson
our zona on our pday 
Sheilas baptism with Gleice, her neice, Felipe, Adelino and Valdeci
and me and rabelo :) ​

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