Monday, May 22, 2017

5/22/17 The Rain Came Down And The Trunkiness Came Up

Hello everybody!!!!! This week was pretty good, and rainy!!! It was nice to have some rain again and not the death sun. It was good, Sister Gomes didn't like it though cuz she's from Recife, which it is always sunny and hot there... so she was dying of hypothermia the whole time :P Just joking... a little....
Anyways, so this week was good :) We have been getting real trunky lately cuz every lesson at church or conversation with the members is about marriage and eternal families, so we are gettin' a little trunky..... but it's all good.... DX jkjk :)

We met some GREAT people and were able to figure out Agenor´s problema and help him decide to be baptized or not. He has 4 religions stuck in his mind and 4 different beliefs... so he is getting confused on what he thinks is true or not... so we told him, say a prayer and decide which religion he wants to follow. So, he's going to. Finally. :) Love him :)
And, the people we met this week were and are amazing :) We met a family with 4 boys that are all above the age of 10, so we are gonna work with them. They said they were gonna go yesterday to church, but it was pouring down rain and they were already sick, so they didn't go... we also met a married couple that are amazing :) The husband is a chef, so he made some real fancy food one time and gave it to us :) Man was it good :) Feijoada and rice with a bunch of fancy yummy seasonings. Man it was glorious. He also gave us some brasilian peppers to try. They were real good too :) They also are super hilarious and have sooo much faith :) The only problem is that they smoke and drink everyday. The husband smokes and drinks more. The wife wants to quit so bad, but it's hard for her when her husband is always smoking and drinking in the house, he also sells cigarettes so that's just one more reason it's hard for her to stop. She's already tried, but we are gonna try to help them both :) They are so great though :) Maria and Joaquin. Pretty sure I talked about them in the last email, but whatevs :)
Also, last Pday was Pday de Zona, so we had a blast :) We first started playing volleyball and soccer, but then Sister Leite had another idea for a game. We got water balloons and broom sticks and played a game :) We had to spin with our head on the broomstick 10 times and then run and catch a water balloon that someone threw at us, then run back and the next person goes. It was fun :) The next day... we were both suuuper sore. Real sore, but that just means that we be buildin' muscles!!!!
This week was real fun though :) We taught Adelino and had a great lesson. We felt the Spirit so strong with him :) We always do :) He hasn't decided if he wants to be baptized yet or not, but we are gonna help him with the process :)
Well, this week was good, not much happened, but it was good :) Felipe, our ward missioanry leader played piano for us yesterday after our meeting, we also got the cold vaccine tuesday, man did that hurt. :) Also...... Gomes lost her Bible and didn't have one all week, but luckily yesterday she found it at the church :) She was so happy she almost started crying XD XD :) Also... Dayane is super sick. She went to the hospital 3 times this week... she has a problem in her spine.... she is getting better and she asked for a blessing, so we are gonna go over tonight with Felipe to give her one :)
Well, I love you all and I hope you all have a great week:) You guys are all amazing you know that right? :) Well now you do :)
I love you all and am so thankful for your love that you show me :) Keep smiling and be HAPPY!!!! :) Love you all and talk to you next week :)
Love, Sister Ferguson

Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Man, well this week was pretty fanstastic :)
So, first off the meninas were confirmed yesterday during church and Ellen´s mom, Tatiana, came :) She loved church :) Everyone was talking to her and she loved the messages that were shared, literally everything :) She said she would return if she was staying here... so news is.... Ellen is moving to another city this week :( She is going to be missed so much here... there is a branch over where they are gonna move, but we are gonna miss them so much. Maria and Dayane are staying here though :) So thats great :) But I am so thankful for this time that I got to know them, I´m gonna continue talking to them after the mission, but Im sad to see them leave Cidade Nova.
Anyways, so this week we worked a lot with the girls and also with Adelino. We are going to see him tomorrow night and we are gonna ask him to be baptized :) He is already super excited about the gospel so we are going to explain to him how he can embrace this excitement and learn even more :)
We also met some new poeple that love us :) And we love them :) Maria and Joaquin. They are friends with a member here, but they havent talked to her for a looong time. We are gonna see them tomorrow too and talk to them a little more. They are so great and will be great members too :)
And also Maria´s Dad and Mom talked to us about some things that they read on the internet when they searched for more info about hte church. But of course they didnt go to the church website, but to the places tha tlie and say everything wrong... so they told us about what they read and then we explained whats actually true and then they began to be interested again and wanted to learn more, they said that they will come to church next suday, so we are both very excited :) 

Mother`s Day was great by the way :) I loved seeing my family and seeing how happy they are :) Truly the gospel blesses families :) I hope you all had a great Mother´s Day too and thought about your Mommy´s and families :)
I dont have much to say other than I am just really happy and excited to make 10 MONTHS!!!!! Wow.... Time is literally flying :P :)
Well, sorry I dont have much to say, but I love you all and I hope that you all have a great week :)
I lov eyou all and I hope that you remember how many blessings you have and how much your Heavenly Fahter loves you and how much I love you too :)  andI love you all sooooo much :)
Have a great week and I will talk to you all next week. ALso, sorry, I dont have any pics this week....... I will make sure to take some this week ok :)
Love, Sister Ferguson

                     Attached Phone was received via Facebook Messenger from Ellen Oliveira

Tuesday, May 9, 2017


 -our zone conference we had with Presidente. Gomes, me, Sister Souza, Leite, Alzamora, and Gonçalves

 -Gomes, Alzamora, and me

Well, yesterday was transfers, and I´m glad to say that I'm gonna be staying here with Sister Gomes for one more transfer!!! I am so happy to be staying here :)
Well, this week... a lot has happened :) First off, Ellen, Maria and Dayane were baptized :) Pretty sure that was one of the best days of my life :) They were so happy and all their parents were there :) Dayane´s mom said she wants to be a member of the church and Maria´s dad is coming to visit the church this sunday :) So we are so excited :) They were so happy and still are. They are so great and they said that they have never felt the way they did before that day. :) Cant stop smiling :) Well anyways, it was a great day :) They were baptized by Wullises and Felipe. Wullises baptized Ellen and Maria and Felipe baptized Dayane. So great :)
Well, other than that amazing day, some other things ahve happened too :) We had a picnic with the meninas yesterday at a park and we also had a conference with Presidente and he said that we are doing a great job :) CONFIDENCE BOOST!!! He also said that my portuguese is almost perfect :) ANOTHER BOOST!!!! So I am just on cloud nine this week and I am dying of excitement for Mother's Day :) So excited :)
Well, some other news is that Adelino, our pesquisador went to church Sunday, which was Stake Conference, and heloved it. He also watched hte girls' baptisms and he asked someone near him, "How do they know that they are ready and how can we be ready?" What a line... hes just askin to be a member :) So we are gonna work with him a little more this week and yeah :) I am just so happy :) 

Well.... I love you guys and I hope you guys had a great week and will have a great week and MOTHER'S DAY!!! I ,love the mission and am so happy to be here. Oh and also, Im working on Personal Progress again. I wanna finish it before I leave and get the little bee too :) Im excited and ready to work :) Its actually really fun :) 

Well, love you all and have a great week!!!! KEEP SMILING AND NEVER FORGET THAT HEAVENLY FATHER LOVES YOU!!!!!!
Com amor, Sister Ferguson

-batimsos of Ellen, Dayane and Maria :) 

                       -us again with Elder Wilson

-had a picnic yesterday with the meninas 

Sunday, May 7, 2017

5/2/17 The Pesqisadores Are In The Building!!!!!

Hello!!!!! Well, yesterday was a holiday so I´m writing today :) Literally everything was closed :P So we went to a Really pretty park near our City :) It was so cool :) Saw Monkeys!!!! Finally!! I saw monkeys in Brasil!!! XD XD
But anyways..... this week was really good :) So first off, Ellen and Maria are all set to be baptized this Sunday :) We are so excited, and their new friend in our ward is going to baptize them :) Its going to be such a special day :) Dayane, is a little complicated. She wants to be baptized so bad, really wants to be a member, but its just hat her mom wont allow her. She said that she would have to go to church one day to see how it is, so we accepted, but she didnt go... and still says that she doesnt want her to be baptized... we are going to talk to her a little more... cuz its so sad :( Dayane really wants to and is trying so hard to show her mom that she is going to change and become a better person, but her mom is still saying no... so we are going to talk to her a little bit more and see what happens.
Also this week we met some pretty cool people. First we met Daisy, Verena, and Antonia. We found Daisy literally by only following the spirit. So we made a bunch of plans to talk to a bunch of people... but literally no one was home, so we had nothing to do...w e decided to just make contacts and bate porta. This day was a little hard to make contacts cuz it was a holiday, so no one was home, but we decided to anyways. I told Gomes that if she felt the urge to bate at a specific place just go ahead. So she felt the urge to bate at Daisy´s place. She answered and we talked to much. She lost her bro 4 years ago and that day was the anniversary, so she was really sad and had no one at home. She lives with her daughter and Granddaughter, but they werent home. So we talked to her and she said that she wants us to come back another time, so we did and we talked to her and her daughter. They need the gospel in their lives. They need some kind of foundation of friends. We invited them to church, but something came up sunday for them, but we are gonna return to talk to them :)
Also with the girls, we gave them a bunch of clothes so they can have things to wear for church. As missionaries, each house or apartment has a box FULL of clothes that people have left, so we gave those to them :) THey loved them and they wore them to Church Sunday :) So cute :) They gave us alittle fashion show and were saying how they like dressing like this more... cuz they feel more fancy XD But its true XD XD
Well, thats basically all that happened this week :) We met some cool people, had 6 pesquisadores in the church, Agenor and Adelino went too :) And we have baptisms this SUNDAY!!!!! :)
Well, I love you all and I know that everything will work out when we have Faith in Christ and really trust Him. He knows what He is doing, so trust Him :) Love you all and I hope that you guys have a great week and enjoy the warming weather over there :) Im enjoying the cooling of the weather and rain here :)
Love you all, 
Sister Ferguson
-peacock that we saw at the park and some monkeys too :) Macacos :) 
-Us sisteres, minus two more, Leite, Souza, Me and Gomes
-Some more pics from the Park Ingá
The girls at Church Sunday :) In their new clothes and also that same day at night in our dresses to go to a Stake Activity :)