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6/26/17 Where The Even Heck Did She Come From?

Hello everybody!!!! Man... well this week was good :) We met some real cool people and one of them...s he isnt real... she is literally the perfect investigator.. also a miracle happened. It was just amazing.
First off, I love Sister Rabelo, shes great :) Shes from Sergipe :) MY DAUGHTER! MINHA FILHA!!!! Shes amazing and its only been her first week, but she is already a pro missionária :) She knows how to teach and talk to people, so well. :) Shes a blessing :) 
Well..... to explain the subject of the email.... Sheila. She is literally a dream of an investigator. So She came to church last sunday and said that she wants her neice to have part in the church and also her son. I have never met her before, but she was so excited. So we met with her this last week and talked to her about how they can have part in the church... aka baptism.... and she said that she is all for it.. she also wants to, but she was living with her boyfriend, who is a less active and served a mission. He has a testimony so strong... so he knew that them living together was holding he, Sheila, from doing what she wants to do, wich is to follow Christ. Sooo.... she came to church this sunday and said that she needed to talk to me about something. She came to me and said that her and her boyfriend split up and that she is living with her grandma now...... OOOOHHHH   MMYYYYYYY!!!!! She said that he wanted to so then she can do this important step in her life. He really does love her and broke up with her so then she can do this thing that she desired so much to do :) He wants to marry her, but is going through a divorce, which takes a while.. so while he was doing all that business they were living together.. but now... he is really showing his love for her and I know that they are gonna get married. :) 

She literally knows everything cuz he's been teaching her for so many years about the church and she said that she has been to every church in the world... but never felt the Spirit like how she felt when she went there.. or just even listening to her boyfriend talk about the gospel. She knows that the church is true and is so excited to be baptized :) Shes gonna be baptized saturday and maybe along with her neice :) They are literally angels. They kept talking about how they love the gospel and are so happy to be able to have found the True church of Jesus Chrsot her eon the earth. Sometimes when we were there to give a lesson for them... they taught us. Things that we knew... but never taught people cuz it was a lot of doctrine. Man, they are just amazing.  We are so excited for this saturday :) And they are too :) Rabelo and I had been praying so hard this past week for them.. not that they would split up, but that her bpyfriend would have a change of heart or that maybe she would say something to him. I love them so much already and Ive only known them for a week :)
Well.... they are literally the highlight of the week and pretty much for the rest of my mission. Sheila and Glace. :)
Other than that miracle, we haven't met some new people. I'm here in Londrina with Sister Whitehead again to do our vistos so we don't get deported and we won't be going home until tomorrow... my companion is with another sister, companion of Sister Whitehead's in Maringá still... but yeah they are doing alright there :)
I am just super happy with the mission and I am exited and not excited to make 11 months tomorrow..... already... so fast... but it's goin' to be a great rest of the mission :)
Well, I love you all and I hope that you all have a great week :) Look for the blessings in your life and you will be so much happier :) Literally Count and Repeat your MANY blessings :)
Love you all :)
Sister Ferguson
Well... I have a lot of pics again.. its cuz the computers in Cidade Nova are super old and they cant read my sd card... so i upload and send all of my pics when I am using a computer that is newer :) So sorry :) pics overload.
-I have pics of Josés baptism, which Willian baptized him.
-pics with some other members
-the man and lady that I took a pic with are some ex pesquisadores that are suuuper sweet and always make us food. Maria and Joaquim. 
-Gomes made 6 months on the mission
-the billboard board that im standing next to is a board that we always pass and the guy thats on it is our friend. his name is Wegg, which in portuguese, you pronounce it is Wedgie XD XD XD So its hilarious :)
I forgot all the other pics I put.. but they are all great :) I love them all and yes, I miss Gomes and also Sister Leite went home last wednesday :) I cried yes :)

Rabelo and Presidente e Sister Pereira

 Leite and Rabelo

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