Thursday, October 27, 2016

10/24/16 So many missionaries!!

Hello Everybody!!!!!!
Well, this week was not very exciting, I know I say this every letter, but we havent been having a lot of luck with pesquisadores. We also didnt work a lot this week cuz of transfers, which I am in the same area and am still with Sister Leite :) Since where I live is right next to the Rodoviaria we had to pick up every sister missionary that was either being transferred or just there to pick up another sister. There were so many missionaries there. So many people that I have not met yet. Oh, and Teixeira went home early. Her back was really bad and she couldnt work, and Sister Santos is going home next week. She has a really bad back too and cant work. So sad to see them leave :(
Anyways, not much happened with people.... we made some contacts and found some poeple that were cool and interested, but they didnt wanna learn more. So, because I didnt have a lot of experiences with them, I only have little things that we did this week.
So first, I tried this suco, which was really good, Cana De Açuca com Limão, Sugar cane juice. Real good, Walked forever trying to find a road that we already knew, just forgot the name, saw a guy running after another guy saying "Thats my DOG!!!" Another guy had a dog and was running with him... and his pants kept falling down. It was really funny. Leite could not stop laughing. XD
It has been really hot lately, and I got a little sick from the sun, but Im better now. I prayed for colder weather and well, its colder. :) My little Washington body cant handle this 120 degree weather. Oh I am the mother of all the dogs that are here. Whenever I see a dog on the street I always say, "Meu Filho!!". And yeah... not much. I have some pics of this excercise thing they have here for old people we played on. We saw a football game, and we rested at a members house for a little. :)
Well, love you all, gotta go. Hope you all have a wonderful Week!!!
Love- Sister Ferguson


Tuesday, October 18, 2016

So the pics....
The gate or big yellow building is a house. The guy that lives there is a metal worker and he built everything there. His house is literally made of steel and metal. Its pretty legit. The trees are a bunch of cactus trees. It looks cool so I took a pic of it :) and the horse. Last night we were walking home and saw this random Cavalo walking around. They are everywhere here. THey just chill and walk around like dogs and cats. Just wanted to show you guys :) and yeah :) Thats Brasil and my mission :) Love you guys!!!!!!!!!

10/17/16 Rain is Falling All Around!!! Wait, Thats Just Sweat....

Well, this week has been so weird..... Pretty sure Mother Nature is bipolar cuz she keeps changing the weather here. One day it will be literally inferno and the next day will be raining all day.... still hot, but raining. It is really annoying cuz we dont know what to wear to go out and walk in... It usually ends up with me wearing clothes for the rain on hot days and clothes for hot days in the rain..... Ridícula...
So, not a lot of big things happened... only little things. Oh, Leite´s bad foot, is now bad feet. Both her feet are hurtin real bad and her knee is starting to hurt again.... she just needs new legs. She is so strong though. She´s walking with a fractured foot, in a boot, and with a real painful other foot and knee everyday and barely complains..... Im usually the one complaing ;) Oh and Leite just had her 10 month mark! Minha Mãe é vai morrer em 8 meses!!! D: so thats cool but sad.
Anyways..... so this week... Oh, we met some real cool people :) Adenita, which she came to church SUNDAY!!!! *fist pump* but she only stayed for Relief Society meeting cuz she had someone coming over. :( Here its the classes first and then Sacrament Meeting last, so she wasnt able to stay for the most important part! But she said she will come next week too :) so thats exciting :) We also had 2 kids come to church :) Alex e Najila. Theyre 10 and 9 :) They liked church. Their Mãe Yvonne was taking a shower when we came to pick them up, so she said that they can go ahead and go, she also had to take care of her friends sick baby.... so yeah. We taught them last night and they said that they all want to be baptized!!! We set a date and everything :) Next next saturday for all 3 :) Pretty amazing :)
So, yeah, not much happened. We had a feast on saturday for Almoço. Literally... wish I took a picture.... but we had 2 huge plate fulls of steak, grilled on their open fire grill, homemade lasagna, 10000 pounds of rice, which I ate pretty mush all of it, salada, suco, soda... ah man. It was so much food. So good too :) We also hadone yesterday, not as big of a feast, but man was it good :) I definitely eat enough here... good thing I walk a lot. Illprobably be really fat when I get home, but just have really buff legs... sounds like a good time :)
Oh! I have a funny! So there is this guy in one neighborhood that we have a pesquisador in. Everytime I walk by he always yells "Ay!! Estados Unidos!!!!" Over and over again. I just smile and wave, or just ignore him. Its really annoying cuz he starts when I enter the neighborhood which is pretty far from where he is and then doesnt stop until I leave the neighborhood. We heard him yelling for me while we were teaching a lesson to someone that lives literally on the other end of the Rua..... So annoying...
Well.... nothing else really.. I made browmies, but used baking soda not baking powder because I dont know what they are in português... found a new fruit I like.Pitanga. Its really good. The first time I tried it, it tasted like the smell of the soap everyone uses here, but after a couple of em I got used to it :)
The birds in the pics belong to a member. Theyre very talkative. :) And yeah. Thats my week. Not too exciting. I might have to be transferred early cuz Leite needs to rest and I need to be trained so thats sad. Teixeira and Santos are being transferred today :( So sad!!!!!! Theyre so great.... :( So yeah
Well, I love this gospel and am having a better time here.... I do have days when I just mentally and emotionally breakdown, but them I am able to get back up and PREACH THE WORD!!!! I love my mission and am so grateful for hte trials that I am having here. Theyre just preparing for me for the future if anything bad happens. I know htis church and gospel is true and the only way to be truly happy is to follow the true gospel of Christ, which is this church. It literally says in the name of our church that it is the Church of Jesus Christ... just in the Latter-Days.
Love you all and am so excited for next week!!! Tchau!!!
Com Amor- Sister Ferguson​

Pics Continued

pastels. Theyre cheese, meat and cilantro fried in a dough. Really good :)

Monday, October 10, 2016

First week in Londrina. Our Service Project Made the News

Emily is in the bright turquoise blue shirt.
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10/10/16 They´ll Be Comin Round The Mountain To the Church!!!

Hello EVERYONE!!!!!

Well, this week was pretty dang fan-freakin fantastic!!!!! So much happened this week and, majority, of the things that happened were pretty amazing!!!
So first, we got 9 new pesquisadores!!! Mary, Caio, Juliana, Sueli, Stanley, Davi, Caroline, Elias, and Francueli :) They're all real cool. We asked all of em' if they would come to church and you know what they said.. YES! But as I have learned from past experiences... I can't keep my hopes up.... so yesterday we went to pick em' up before church and none of them came....... And Priscila, which Im pretty sure I mentioned in my last email, was gonna go with a member that lived close, but none of them came... So we waited at the church to see if any of them would show up a little later.... but they didn't.... we were about to head inside, when...... oh my..... we hear a honk and see Caio on his scooter comin' into the parking lot..... We were so happy "and there was much rejoicing... yeeeeeah" (Monty Python). CAIO CAME!!!! We were so excited. Leite and I were jumping up and down we were so happy and then when we saw him we stopped really quick and controlled ourselves and acted really calm..... It was pretty funny :) So yeah:) Caio is promising.
Our experience with Juliana was amazing. She has so much faith. She lives with her namorado and has 2 kids and is pregnant with a 3rd. Theyre not married and she just sits around all day... She was so sweet when we talked to her, cuz she mentioned that she was so excited to talk to us cuz she doesnt have any friends and doesn't talk to anybody. She knew that we were a blessing and answer to the prayers and doubts she has been having. The Spirit was so strong when we talked to her. I actually understood everything that was being said too :) It was so amazing :) So, were still gonna work on her.
Ketly and Helena are not really progressing. We talk with them everyday and they always say that they are gonna go to church, but they always make up a dumb excuse to why they can't go..... really frustrating, but were still trying and praying :)

Oh! We met this really imchimichanga (intimidating) lady. She hates the church.... We were making contatos and we met her. She said that she hates the church and the people in it cuz they didn't visit her Dad´s funeral who was a member for 6 years.... She doesn't like them because no one came and visited her.... or anything.... so she scolded us and basically told us that everyone in the church is going to inferno.... so that was cool, then we met this old man, who is literally the funniest person I have ever met. He talked very robotic and walked soooooo slow when he was coming to unlock the gate. He said really funny things too that Leite and I always quote. "Nos terminar já, nos terminar já." "oh cachorro, você voltar já?" He just kept repeating things over and over again...
The wife of Cachorro homem also did something that was hilarious. So, I didnt know this before, but the catholics here standup when they pray and say things during the prayer like "Sim, Cristo, sim Jesus, Amem, verdade, oh Jesus..." just over nad over during the prayer, so one night Leite was saying the prayer and the wife stood up and was dancing during the prayer and shouting these things. Leite could barely hold it together XD At the end of the prayer the lady came to us and like air hugged us together and looked up and said "Amem Senhor Jesus" and then looked at us really funny... we both cover our laughs with coughs and then headed out.... which Cachorro homem walked really slow to the gate.... ah man... we bust out laughing when we left.... it was awful and felt bad laughing at her spirit and ways of worship, but hoo man.... it was not reverent at all.....
So yeah... that was this week. Lots of memorable things. Umm... well I'm doing fine. I'm kind of going through puppy withdrawls... I really wanna snuggle a puppy... but this gospel is all the snugglin' I need. Leite has to wear a boot for her foot cuz its gettin' worse, we met a guy who I call Sunburn that is always really excited to see us, made french toast for Santos, Leite, and Teixeira, but they didn't like it, so I ate it all :) I did not complain. ;) So yeah :) I really am enjoying my mission more. I do always wanna go home, but I know that this is what I am meant to do :) The Lord blesses those who work for blessings. I love this gospel and my testimony of this gospel has never been stronger. Really nothing in life is more important than following the commandments of God.... really.... I know so much and life makes so much sense now.... I know what I need to do, I know why I'm here, I know where I'm going and just all the good stuff... Really hope all you guys will want to learn more and know what I know. I didn't leave my family just for funsies... I left to help people realize that life isn't just about having problems and suffering and living without a plan... we all have a purpose here and when you know your purpose and the plan that was made for you, life just seems even more of a blessing. I love all you guys and hope that you are doing all you can to stay on the path of the Lord:) love you all :)     2 Nephi 9:41 and all of chapter 9 :)

Sister Ferguson

Monday, October 3, 2016

Londrina Roomies

10/03/16 Singing "Why they gotta be so rude?"

Hello Everybody!!!!!!
Well!!! Another week gone. So crazy, it goes by so quick!!! Well, not a lot happened this week, more disappointment, but whats new, GENERAL CONFERENCE (which I was able to watch in ENGLISH-AH!!!!), batismos (other missionários) and really hot weather, like really hot.
so... we have 4 new pesquisadores!!! Ketly, Luiza, Priscila and Helena. They are all older and live alone except for Priscila. She´s 18, married and has a 3 year old daughter. They all have said that they want to be baptized and continue to learn about this gospel :) So thats good!!! Only thing is, is that they all make excuses when it comes to coming to church or they´re never home. So that's sad and makes me wanna cry cuz they´re playin with my heart man... not cool... not cool....
Anyways, so yeah new peeps, oh and we had another, Carol, but her mom doesn't want her to take the discussions. Her mom said something along the lines of, "It's confusing for her, cuz in our church she is told to use her agency and choose what she wants to do, but you guys are preaching something that is not right, so I am making her choose not to follow you guys because you guys are wrong." It didn't really make sense.... so yeah... Carol... but funny thing is that we have 2 more potential peeps and they're friends with Carol. So she listened in when we taught them a lesson one time when she was over at their house... maybe something will happen... IDK, but yeah some people are not RUDE!!! and actually do want to learn more about the gospel.
Well.. this week was really hot. All Sister Leite and I wanted was some sorvete, ice cream. That's all... we went literally to every place we came across and asked if they had sorvete... no one had any!!! So we finally got to this one house and the heat was pretty unbearable, sister Leite starts singing to this dog about how she wants sorvete really bad and this guy was leaving his house and heard her singing to a dog. It was pretty funny. Then... a miracle happened... we came across this house that was selling geladinho for like .70 reais or like 15 cents... so we got that went to pay and then the guy said we didnt have to cuz it was so hot... We got Ice cream for FREEEEEEE! So good.
Umm.. oh, funny thing. So here they call people that like missionaries (Sister Missionaries) "Scorpions". SO we were making contatas and met this guy Michael. He´s about 15. So we were talking to him and he seemed really interested in the gospel. Then we were leaving and he turned to Sis. Leite and says "Ela é Bonita eh?" as he points to me.... oh my... My first scorpion. Everyone was freaking out when Leite told em, especially the elders that work with prex pereira.... They´re so funny.
Aaaannnnddddd... Dont know what else to say.... we walked up a hill 3 times just to have the person we wanted to see  not be home each time, on different days... Death take me now I´m already dead.... Fátima and Ronald havent been progressing, but we're still gonna try... made a new friend.  When he sees us he always waves at us really violently, but happily... watched The Testaments and yeah. Almost had a heart attack when one night while talking to Helena on the street at night, this guy on a motorcycle stopped right in front of us and then started pulling something out of his pocket... thought we were gonna die... but it was just a phone and he didn't see us standing there... oh, so Sis. Leite has had a really bad foot for a while and didn't know what was wrong with it, She went to the doctor and turns out she has a stress fracture and it's just getting worse... it's been really swollen, so we might have to just stay in the house next week so it can rest. So crazy.... so yeah. Not much happened this week, well exciting things.
Well, I love this gospel and I love being able to share my testimony with the people here. I know that this is the true and restored church of Jesus Christ and, like the apostles and other leaders of the church said during conference, there is no other way to true happiness than through Jesus Christ. Love you all lots and I pray that all you guys are safe and having a good time with your lives :) Love you all and thank you for all your love and support!!!
Sister Ferguson​