Monday, February 20, 2017

02/20/17 All Around Me Are Familiar Missionaries.....

Sister Alvez is heading home!
Hello Everybody!!! Man.. this week went by soooooooo fast. I feel like I was just writing last weeks email yesterday. Man.... so to be honest. I don't have much to say cuz we literally did nothing this week. Sister Alves, (also Sisters Bilhalva and Snow,) is dying or going home so she is already in her "Im not a missionary anymore" mindset and her knees have been killing her, so we just stayed inside all week. We only left for Almoço and when we wanted to get more food :P
Anyways, so yeah... not much. You guys remember the family that we were teaching? Michelle and Jerry? Well... they seemed promising, but they didn't come to church... they gave us the wrong numbers of their phones and we scheduled to meet with them again and when we got there they weren't home... 3 times we planned to talk to them again and each time they werent home.... so we are going to try to visit them again, just one more time... but yeah... they are not wanting to talk to us anymore... so yeah. That's sad. And we don't have anyone else cuz we didn't leave the apartment....
And.... well... not much more. Sorry I don't have a lot to say. Some small things happened like during church Sunday this guy came into church just cuz he wanted and we taught him about the plan of salvation and the restoration, but when I spoke he was so focused on how I was an American that he didnt listen and started talking about Trump and his wall, so that was annoying... but we continued to talk to him and teach about Christ... he seemed interested, so that's good :) He said he's gonna come back next week :)
Well... that's all that I have to say about this week. I'm sad that Sister Alves is leaving, but excited for her to start her life in the normal world :) Real exciting :) Oh and today is transfers, but Im staying in the same place, Cornelio Procopio and I have a new companheira!!! Sister Costas. She was in my group when I came here from the CTM, so I already know her :) She's awesome so I'm excited to work with her :)
Well. I love this gospel and I love my mission. My testimnoy is growin' sooo much here :) There is no doubt in my mind that this church is really the true church of Jesus Christ and that we can become more like Him through the words of the Prophets and Apostles of Christ that we have :) I love this gospel :) And if any of you have a desire to know this love and have a desire to know about this gospel... ask a member, ask me!!! Pray and ask Heavenly Father to help you :) Man... i just love this gospel :) And all you guys :)
Well, Love you all and will write to ya next week :)

Love, Sister Ferguson
1-my troy hair
2-"just the two of us"
3- us again :) 
and the video is from when I was in Quebec during a rain storm :) ​

TROY BOLTON hair from High School Musical

Just the two of us!

02/13/17 Uhhhhhh......Então

Hello everybody :) So I forgot to prepare my list for what to write about... so I can't remmeber lots of things that happened this week. I am still in Cornélio so, in the middle of nowhere and going all the way up into the sky and then into the underworld on the hills there. I'm also with Alves still, which she is finishing her mission next Wednesday, so she is a LITTLE trunky..... she's trunky....... reeeaaallll trunky, and I am starting to be too..... BUT I got one more year still :) Gotta make the best of it :)
Well..... out of what I remember from this week, we have some pesquisadores that were a reference from some members. They are sooo cool :) Michelle and Jerry. They are so curious about the church and have already started reading O Livro de Mórmon. They have asked sooo many questions and are so willing to change their lives. They also have 2 daughters. Annie, 9, and Ingrid, 3. They are so cute :) Ingrid... shes kind of wild though... she amlost squished their puppy that they have. She was holding him like a baby all cute and then set him on the ground and then put a towel over him and jumped on him!!!! She was literally sitting on top of him!!!!! Poor thing... anyways...
Well, not much has hapened. We found a baby bird and tried nurturing it, but it died the next day... it fell from its nest, which we couldnt see in the tree and it was laying on the cold wet ground, so we took it home and gave him some guava and other fruit. He lived through the night and until 6 horas the nest day... we named him WONC or Woncinho, cuz WONC are the firt letter of each elder in our district. Worsley, Oto, Neto, e Cariola.
We also have been meeting with lots of less actives this week. Pretty much all of Cornelio is a member, just less active :P or they know someone else who is a memebr... it's kind of annoying, but our job is to make converts, not members :) So yeah... we've been pretty busy doing that.
We also had some extra time one day to do whatever, so we made some videos dancing and singing to "The Start Of Something New" from High School Musical. I made my hair like Troy´s... it's pretyt hilarious. Its too long to send though... gotta wait till I get back :) So yeah... Not much.. Not very exciting, but we are still working hard. Transfers are next monday. I am most likely staying in Cornelio... D: but who knows :)
Well, love you all lots and I hope you all have a great week :) Never forget our Heavenly Father and His love for all of you individually and that you can always talk to Him :) He is always there :) Love you guys and talk to ya next week!!!!!!! 

SIster Ferguson sorry for no pics this week :P the other pic is a map of Cornelio

Monday, February 6, 2017

02/06/17 On the Road Again!

Hello Everybody :)
So this week was pretty good. We are gettin' back into the missionária groove again. We met some people who have good potential :) and we also have met with some less actives. There are QUITE a lot of less actives here in Cornélio Procópio. So that was exciting. We went on a couple splits with members to talk to them and get them excited for church :)
Other than that... that's basically all that has happened this week with mssionary work. Mission business wise... I love my new district :) They are so great. It's just us and 4 Elders, but they are all so funny XD XD They have a joke with me already. So, on the first day, I already made a fool of myself... no surprise, and now they always do it. I was really tired one day and so when I bent down to get something, I did it really slumpy, like I lost all upper body strength. Now they say, "Do the Fergie" when they do a dance move, or when they bend down to get something they always slump over. It's pretty funny :) Also we have mousse!!!!! It's one of the Elder's specialties :) It's real good :)
So yeah. :) This week we also went to see the Cristo in Cornelio... it was good, a little creepy, but fun :) We got caught in 2 reeeaaalll big rain storms this week and were soaking wet... and we don't have hot water in our shower, so we just quickly took a cold shower and literally wore every sweater we could find :) It was fun, but very cold :P was a good refresher after a hot week :)
So yeah... I am starting to like Cornelio more. The food is still terrible, but there's plenty of bakeries to stop by at after lunch with the members :P Also, we have to travel every Sunday night to Londrina so then we can make it to our meetings with the district or Zone every Tuesday, and since we don't wanna use our Pday time, we leave Sunday and have pday in Londrina :) I like it... just not really the traveling part.
So yeah. That was my week. Not very exciting, but it's getting better :) I have some pics that will maybe make this week seem more exciting :)

Well, love you all and I hope you all have a great week :) Never forget to smile :)
Love, Sister Ferguson

Our filthy apartment

My bday

           pão de queijo

01/30/17 What The Cornélio?

Welpee, this week was preeettty much the worst. We tried our best, Sister Alves and I, to make it good, but man, was it hard.
So, first off, our area is an hour and a half from everybody else. We are the only ones in this surrounding area, so there isnt a zone over here... so every monday we leave at night and take the Ônibus to Londrina. We still have to meet there for District meetings. SO thats cool... kind of annoying, but you know, whatever...
And..... our apartment..... first off, it was an Elder's apartment, then it was closed for 2 months, so when we got there monday....... it was like it hadn't been cleaned for 3 years.... It's big, but... disgusting. So we met some members who picked us up from the Bus Sation or Rodoviaria in Cornelio and helped us with our bags, then we had to sleep... it literally smelled like rotting man onions and an old closet that hasn't been opened for 100 years.... I don't even know how I fell asleep. I was too afraid that some kind of bodily juice in the mattress would soak through my sheets during the night... it was nasty, but I'm alive. It was so dusty, pretty sure part of my brain came out from sneezing so much.... so based on how the house was, we spent the next 3 days cleaning. Not just wiping up a little, but deep, deep cleaning. It is pretty much spotless now and the old man onion smell is almost gone. We have majority of everything cleaned :) SO that's exciting.
Missionary work wise... we didn't do much. We tried to get some people to come to church Sunday, but no one came. We met a couple of people, but they don't seem to have any potential to progress, but we are gonna try to help them have a desire to come to church... so we´ll see where that goes this week.
The memebrs here are kinda downers. They are really funny and cool and always wanna help, but when they talk about the city or how we are gonna work, they always say how awful and ugly and hilly it is here. That we are gonna die cuz there are so many hills, also they talk bad about the people here and how no one is gonna wanna come to chruch.... so that's reassuring, but we try our best to stay positive and look for the good in this little sad city. Presidente said he sent us here cuz we are happy missionaries, so we just gotta keep working.
So, on the topic of Cornelio Procopio... there is a staue of Christ here that is at the end of the main road here.... it doesnt really look like Christ... it looks like a gargoyle. It's black, it looks like He has wings and his back is crouching a little. Every time we see it walking sister Alves has a heart attack XD XD I have a pic... so watch out.
That's basically all that's happened. I had like a 5 hour fever saturday, but I'm all fine now, got my Tylenol to save the day :) We have been walking a lot and there are so many Costas de Satanas, or Satans Spine hills here.... whenever we see one we just name it that... so that's exciting :P Basically Cornélio is called Satans Spine cuz it's just all inferno XD

Well, I love you all and I hope you all have a great week. Try to see the positive side of things in life. Tchau!!!!  Love, Sister Ferguson