Monday, June 19, 2017

6/19/17 I'M GONNA BE A MOM!!!!!!

HELLO!!!!! Well.. I am just a little excited.... JUST A LITTLE.... so today is transfers... and guess what... i kinda gave it away already, but I'M GONNA TRAIN!!! Man, i'm so nervous, but i'm so flip floppin excited too :) I'm gonna go to Londrina tonight and then tomorrow i'm gonna pick up my daughter!!!! or newbie, trainee :) I'm so excited. I hope she's a Brasilian cuz with an American i'm gonna be too tempted to speak english with her... but I can't be doin' that or she's not gonna learn the beloved blessed language of Portuguese... so yeah, but any daughter is gonna be great :) I am flippin' out and real excited :)
Also, we had a baptism this week, so i'm excited about that too :) JOSÉ WAS BAPTIZED SATURDAY!! :) Man.. and he and Adelino were confirmed yesterday too :) It was a pretty good week :)
Well.... this week was full of talking to people... teaching and also bringing people to church :) If you guys remember Rosangela, she is a pesquisadora and her family too. She didn't go to church this Sunday, but her daughter and her namorada did :) They said that they enjoyed it :) and felt something really special :) So now that i know that I am gonna stay here.. i'm gonna work with them a little more with my daughter, filha :) I'm so excited :)
Also, we had a Party for Sister Gomes Monday at Dayanes place. It was pretty amazing :) Had some cake and soda.. got fat and now i have diabetes, but it's all good :)
Also, we had a party for Willian, Adelinos friend, cuz he's going on a mission. It's called Chá Missionário, it was suuper fun. José was baptized right before his little festa :) He loved it too :)
Well... don't have much else... this week was really good and super fun :) Had a lot of experiencias and I'm sad that I am leaving Sister Gomes.... but she's great and she is gonna have a blast in her new area... which is Foz do Iguaçu :) Its suuuper far but really pretty. Theres some real pretty water falls there that she can go see on pday :) It's so cool!!! :)
Well, I am excited for this new oportunity I am gonna have here on the mission :) Thank you for your love and support :) Man..... time is flyin by sooooo fast and I am lovin' the mission more and more everyday :)
Love you all and keep smilin' :) Remember that you have a Heavenly Father that loves you and that I love you too :) Love you all and have a great week!!! :) 
Com Amor,
Sister Ferguson

"...Bees were humming sweet sweet birds singing..."

This caterpillar looks like a pokémon XD XD 

 Willian, Adelino's friend at Chá Missionário

These 4 houses, in different colors, reminded me of the Beatles Help movie :)

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