Monday, March 27, 2017

03/27/17 Where's the Progress?

Hello everybody!!! :)
Well... this week was full of work. I am so tired. Im tuckered out man. So we worked so hard this week. We had a meeting this tuesday with our Zone and our Zone leaders were basiclly telling us all that we need to work harder... so we did. Sister Costa and I talked to soooo many new people.... 219 to be exact. We also taught so many lessons. We have alot of new people to teach. We also invited a bunch of people to church... sadly... no one came. We also met some less actives, but they didnt come either. Its really sad how these people can know the truth and then leave... and not want to return... but we a re gonna continue to try and help them :)
Anyways... so our teaching pool is more like a kiddie pool... we have found basically no one that is actually interested in the gospel. We have a couple people, but they just like to talk about religion and Deus, but not want to learn more about Christs´church... so thats sad... but we are still searchin :)
Anyways... so sorry, but literally basically nothing happened this week. We worked really hard and met some people.. but no one is really firm yet. We have one lady named Sandy and another named Antonia. Sandy is really the only person that seems semi interested... but only semi.. she also lives on the complete other side of the city.. so its a whole days journey to walk there. :P She is cool, she has a son and lives with her mom. I think she has like 19 years.. not quite sure though :P But she liked the lesson on the Plan of Salvação. We are gonna visit her tomorrow.
Well....... I dont have anything else to say. The mission is real hard... and is a little sad to see people rejecting Christ, but I am gonna continue and keep smiling :) Also making ugly faces cuz thats always a good time :)
Então, eu amo vocês e eu espero que vocês vão ter uma semana TOP!!!! (Have a great week)
Com Amor, Sister Ferguson
pics: our district plus elder Serrano on the far left. Elder Greer is the tall one and Elder Perez, our District leader, holding a pan that held brownies we had for his bday monday. 
 and me........ 

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