Monday, March 13, 2017

03/13/17 Well They´re Hot And They´re Cold, They´re Yes And They´re No

Hoo man..... this week was such a roller coaster. We met some people that seemed promising and then they failed, then we met some more people that seemed promising but they failed too....... and so on and so forth.
So our first fail was the Family that has people that all start with M with Ms. Monica the Mom. They said they were gonna come to church, so on Sunday we headed over there and they weren't home. The daughter was and she said that they left.... so they didn't come to church.
Also we found another family. The dad's name is Vicent and he is really interested in the church. It's his wife and their daughter Maria Tereza who are not. The wife is real catholic and she said she isn't ready to be trying out other churches, but Vicent was really interested in our message and we are going to return to talk to them on Wednesday :) So that's exciting.... hopefully this one works out.
Also, yesterday we had a real cool experience. So Saturday there was a homeless man that walked into the church building while we and some other members were there for Almoço and to clean the capela. He came in and he just asked if he could call his wife. Jaredy, one of the memebrs helped him call his wife and bought a ticket for him to leave tomorrow night or Sunday night. The man, Joel, was so thankful and on Sunday he came to church. He came here to Cornélio from São Paulo and had lost his money or he didn't receive his money from his job, so he didn't have anything. He had been living on the street for 19 days and his phone was out of credits, so he found the church and recognized it from in São Paulo and he had already talked to missionaries before. So yeah. That was pretty freakin' cool :) And Sunday he came to church and learned so much, received O Livro de Mórmon and he said that he is going to get baptized when he gets home. It was pretty amazing. He is so great and was so grateful for the opportunity he had to be in the worst possible place and then have Christ help him through His church :) I am so excited for him. And Jaredy got his number so when he returns he said he is going to call Jaredy to tell him how he is doing :)
So yesterday was pretty great :) After church not too much, cuz that's when we went to see Monica and decided to cut her from our teaching pool cuz she is just not interested. So that was sad.
So after that we didn't know what to do, so we wandered around a little and I felt like we should talk to this one lady I met in front of her house the other day. So we went there and... hoo man. We basically baptized her in the moment. :) She loves the church and understnads and believes that this church really is the Church of Jesus Christ, she is just so dedicated in her church that she is scared to leave. So we invited her to church Sunday and she said she'll have to see. We were there for so long talking to her. She asked so many questions and I know that we aren't supposed to do that, but the Spirit was so strong and she was just loving every second of it. So we are going to return to her place everyday this week to talk to her and little more and to try and help her with her fear. :) She is so amazing, her name is Rose by the way :P
So yeah. We meet people that seem very interested, but then they drop the next visit. We hope that Rose will stay interested and will want to make a visit to feel the Spirit even more :)
Well I love this gospel and I am so happy to be here in Brasil to preach it to the people here. I know that this church truly is the same Church that Jesus established when He was here on the earth. I know that this Gospel is the true gospel of Christ. I am so thankful for the opportunity I have to be a missionary and preach the truth to God's children :)
I love you all and I hope you all have a great week and are able to find ways to share the gospel too with other people around you. It is literally a gift from God :)
Love you all and wish that you have a great week!!!! 

Love, Sister Ferguson
the one pic of us is of my district. Sister Costa, Me, Elder Perez, and Elder Greer´s back. 


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