Monday, April 3, 2017

04/03/17 Here I Go Again....

Welppppp.... er' one, I'm finally leaving Cornélio Procópio. I'm sad... but also excited, cuz maybe now I can actually progress and find people that are really ready to make a change and willing to make a change.... Cornélio has been the same for over 40 years.. and pretty sure it's gonna stay that way until the end. Poor missionaries that are gonna be here next..... BUT!!!! I'm excited :) I am heading to Cidade Nova in Maringá. It's close to Londrina... so I won't be moving too far. My new companion is Sister Gomes. Don't know her yet... but she is newer on the mission.

Well... this week was pretty good. We still had no luck with people.... but we met some pretty crazy people while making contacts. Met a 40 year old guy without any teeth who apparently wanted a person like me in his life. He was asking me to marry him while his wife was gone in another city..... so that's exciting.. our wedding is going to be so beautiful..... during his dreams. It was pretty funny. When I left he yelled, "Ela não me quer!!" to the world! This means, she doesnt want me. Then Costa and I continued our day pretending to plan my wedding. XD 

We also met a drunk who thought I was from Argentina, so I played along and he asked Costa where she was from, she said Bolívia. When she said Bolívia he then screamed BOLÍVIA!! real loud and gave her a big side hug. My heart sunk XD XD She was cringing the whole time and was trying to get away from him. He then continued to talk about nothing and asked why ..."of latter day saints", is n the name of the church. I tried explaining to him, but he just kept talking. Then we started to leave and he started following us continuing to talk about nothing. Then he asked us where we are form again... I said Argentina!and she said Bolivia!. He then repeated and when he said Bolívia he lunged forward towards the ground and fist bumped... almost punching the ground XD XD It was so hilarious. Then we left and just laughed all day long. XD XD 

Well.... this week was fun :) Also so full of the Spirit. General Conference was literally the best. I loved the talk that Jeffery R Holland gave about how we are all in the Lord´s Choir. Each of our voices are so essential to the music that we are making and we cannot let the music die. It was so great :) 

Well... no one came to watch the conferences with us this week. We invited so many poeple.... but when we went to there houses to pick them up, they were either at the store..... sleeping.. didn't answer or just didn't want to go anymore... so that's sad.. but i am glad I was able to watch the Conferences. They were amazing :) 

Well I love you all lots and I am so happy to be here. ALMOST 9 MONTHS!!! Half way :) It has passed by sooo fast!! Gotta make the best of the time I have left. 

Well I love you all and I hope you all have a great week and if you guys didn't hear or weren't able to watch General Conference look it up :) General Conference April 2017 :) Love you all and keep singing in the choir!!!!!!!!!

Com amor, Sister Ferguson

-Well this is another pic of Gisela. Shes great :) Gonna miss her sooo much :/
-and this is a big tree we saw at a park. I thought it was pretty impressive. 
-then more pics of Me, Gisela and Sister Costa

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