Monday, March 20, 2017

03/20/17 Will I stay or Will I go?

Hello everyone!!!!
Welp. this week has been pretty good. Met some new people, and also lost some too. We met a lady named Ene and she enjoyed our lesson a lot and said shes gonna come sunday :) Felt the spirit real strong during the lesson with her. :) We also met a guy named Israel. Sister Costa made a contact with him a couple weeks ago on the street and he decided to come today :) He lives real close to the chapel, but will be here for only 6 months, but he is a possibility!! :) He enjoyed church a lot yesterday and he said he'll come again and to the activity that we are goin to have on friday :) So thats exciting!!! :)
News with Rose, she said that she doesnt wanna talk to us anymore cuz she already has her church and doesnt want to trouble us. We tried explaining to her that all we do is talk to people, thats why we are here..... but she doesnt wanna talk anymore... so thats sad. We gave her a Book of Mormon so hopefully if she reads it a spark will light. We also gave her a part to read so she wont have to search for something.... hopefully she will read it and pray like we asked her. But who knows what will happen. Maybe we are only here in her life right now to introduce it and other missionaries are gonna help her progress...

But this week was a great time for us to get closer and more comfortable with the members. We had a bunch of activities and were able to talk and play some games, it was real fun :) I have a pic of some of the members. The Family in the pic is a family that is moving to Portugal. They are so fun. The 3 little girls and the one taller girl in all pink are the kids.  then the parents are Luiz and Flávia Gustavo. They´re great. Gonna miss them a bunch. But yeah I love the members here. they are so much fun and are more like friends than members.
Anyways... so we have been traveling a lot to Londrina for conferences and meetings, so we havent been able to do much work in our area... its kinda annoying, but whatevs. We have a couple people to teach, Israel, Ene, Aurora, Vicent, and I think thats it, but only really Israel is a possobility... everyone else just likes to hear messages about God... not about Christs Church or how it was Restored.... everyone here is very firm in the church they have or they dont wanna go to church.... so its very difficult here to actually find someone genuinly interested about the Church.... but we are trying still.
Well, thats basically all that happened this week. We had a conference of hte Zones, or just 2 Zones on Thursday, it was real fun, but really only this, we also met some friends while working one day. Leila and Lucas. They love us. We always see them and they always recognize us :) Theyre so cute :) So yeah :)
Nothing much. Sister Costa made 7 months on friday!!! Woohoo only 11 more!! :P and Im gonna make 8 on the 27th!! So exciting :)
Welll, muito obrigada for all of your love and support and for reading my boring emails :P Sorry, I thought the mission was gonna be filled with crazy things every week, but its basically the same thing over and over agin, especially when the work isnt goin to well :P Well Love you all and hope you all have a great week :) Keep Smiling!!!!!
Love Sister Ferguson

My district wanted to see me with straight hair so I straightened it for one day.

 The other pic of us is with Irmã Gisela, shes the wife of the presidente of the branch or ramo

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