Thursday, March 9, 2017

03/06/17 Another Day In The Mission...

Hello!!!!! Well, this week was pretty normal. So I'm with Sister Costa, who is a real great missionary. She knows how to talk to poeple how to make them feel welcome :)
Well, this week we had a couple days taken from us because of our need to go to Londrina for our district meetings, so we lost Tuesday and also Wednesday. So we only had 3 days to work and Sunday to give lessons and talk to peeps. We have found quite a lot of people to talk to this week. Yesterday we found a family that lives real close to us and their names all start with M, except the Dad, his name is Rodrigues. I dont know how to spell the other names :P Miguel, Maurice? and Manidhskhlkhle..... something like that :P So we taught them, and they said that they would come to church Sunday!!!! They are new here in Cornélio and dont know where anything is, so now they know where to find salvation so that's cool XD But man they are real cool :) Real excited to teach them :)
Also, we are talking to some pesquisadores from like 8 months ago. They have been meeting with the missionaries for forever. Their names are José and Suedi. Suedi has a brother that is the patriarch in the church and a nephew that is a bishop, so she already knows a little about the church. We invited them to make another visit to the church, but José had to work in the morning, so that was sad, but we are gonna talk to them this week :) José is a member of another church, but he doesnt really like it and has been looking for another religion. He liked his church when the other missionaries were here, so he didn't want to be baptized, but Suedi didnt like her church and wanted to be baptized, but right before they were gonna baptize her they were transferred and there werent missionaries there for 2 months, so she never was. Now she has a church she likes and doesn't want to get baptized. So they switched. Sorry if that doesn't make sense... I forgot how to grammar in english :P
Anyways, so we found them and also another family, Tatiana, André, and Mateus. They are so good :) They are really interested and are, or were willing to come to church, but they had to leave cuz Tatiana's mom had a surgery and was living alone, so they left to go help her and they won't be back till....... ugh....  April 24th. So we will be gone by then, if we leave this transfer. So that's sad... but they said when they return they are gonna kep taking lessons... so that's a bumber. We also made Mateus a cake for his 9th bday Saturday, but they weren't home and they later called us that day to tell us what happened. So that was sad, but at least we got to eat some cake :)
Also, I tried giving a lesson in english... man was it hard. There is a member here that is learning to speak english, her name is Gisela. She's great :) We had Almoço at her house Saturday and I gave the message, first in portuguese, then she and Costa gave one in English to me, cuz they both can speak english, and then I tried, but couldn't do it. It's so weird now to talk about the gospel in english. I can write, but to talk..... it's real weird :P It's like only a portuguese thing.... so yeah.

And yeah... that's basically all that has hapened this week. I straightened my hair this week cuz some Elders randomly called me and asked what my hair looks like straight..... so I took a pic and showed them.... cuz I was not gonna leave the house lookin' like Dora.... mmmMmmm not today. OH while making some contacts the other day and bate-ing some portas, we met this dog that kept following us. I named him Spot. Real original right? But when you say it with a Brasilian accent its like Spotchy, so its cooler :P Got some pics with him. Also met some teen girls who freaked cuz I speak english. They were literally screaming cuz I am an American. They kept saying, Man I can't believe that there is an American in my house!! AAAHHHH... it was pretty crazy, and annoying, but that is the life of Sister Ferguson.
Sooooo... yeah :) I have some other pics of some stuff, like Costa, Spot(chy), a big grasshopper that I saw at the Rodoviária in Cornélio, a sign I saw that said Washington while it was pouring rain, so clearly I needed to take a pic and I forgot what else I attached.. but yeah :) This week was good. Got lots of work done and I am excited to work still :)
Well, thank you all for your love and support and for reading my letters, even though they are not the most interesting :P Love you all and hope you all have a great week :) I am definitley learning how to be patient this ransfer so that could be something that we can learn together.... patience with everything... literally everything. So just have a good patient week and I will talk to you all next week!!!! 

Com Muito Amor, 
Sister Ferguson


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