Wednesday, November 9, 2016

10/31/16 Where In the World is Everybody?

Hello Everybody!!!!! Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!!! :)
Well, another week, with not much luck with people..... We have gotten some new pesquisadores, but they aren't really progressing. We met a guy that seemed really interested, Antonio and we asked if we could teach his family about the gospel, but he said that his wife doesn't like other churches. So We returned another day to talk to him, but his wife was there. So we talked to her about the church and she was really excited to learn more and really liked the church...... So that was weird. That day we made 58 contacts!!! We usually make like 20 or 25 everyday so it was really exciting for us :)
Então, this week we mainly rested cuz Sister Santos´ back hurt really bad and she and Leite had a lot of medical appointments. So we would work a bunch one day and then rest the next. Not much happened. It rained a lot and there was a lot of thunder and lightning. Walked a lot in the rain... and have new people in our district. Also Sister Santos is going home. She has finished a year of her mission, but her back is hurting way too much and she can't work. So that's sad :( But She is excited to go home :)
Umm..... I had my anniversary for 3 months of the mission!! Every 27th is my anniversary!!!! So exciting :) I held a bird which kept asking me "Tudo Bem?" It was really cute :) Tried to make cookies for Reunião do Distrito e Zona, but they didnt work out for some reason. Stayed up till 11 trying to make them, but... I'm a Fergsuon, dont really have the best of luck :P
OH!! Something that was funny, so while walking one day, there was this old man that just started running yelling at another guy in front of us walking with a dog. He was really old and didn't have a shirt and was yelling "Ele meu cachorro!!!!! Voltar aqui!!!!" (He´s my dog!!! Come back here!!!) He was getting closer to the other guy and when he was getting closer the other guy started running. While running his pants kept on falling down and the dog kept getting in his way. It was hilarious. So we have a running joke, literally, of "Voltar aqui!!!" Leite died when she saw this and sometimes she like has these little bursts of laughter cuz she remembers it, and at the weirdest times too :P
Well, sorry this letter isn't really exciting. Nothing really has happened. Oh we went to a Halloween party for the ward, only there for like 10 mins, but saw everybody and their cool costumes :)
Well, this week mentally was pretty hard. It was really hard to stay positive, but I made it.... Just had to think about the wonderful blessings that will come from this mission, for my family, friends, and my future family as well. It is hard, but so worth it. Especially when I know that this gospel is nothing but happiness. I love this gospel so much and I am so thankfl for it. This is why I'm here..... serving in Brasil to share this light and happiness. I know that life is hard, but when we just stop and think about all the blessings that we already have, life gets so much easier. COUNT YOUR MANY BLESSINGS!!!! Literally name them one by one :)
I love all of you and hope that you guys have a great week count your blessings, cuz you all have so many, just gotta look for them :)  and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!! 
Sister Ferguson

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