Wednesday, November 30, 2016

11/28/16 It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas!

Wowee!!!! 4 months! Time is going by real fast real slowly :P
Well, lots happened yesterday and today is transfers, but both Leite and I are staying here!!! So excited!!!! We have so many people that we are working with here. Rita and Vitor, Gabriel´s Aunt and cousin. They live right next door to Fernando and Kate.
So... little back story about Sunday. So, yesterday we had church especially for Visitors. So all the lessons and talks were written especially for visitors and the members were asked to bring friends and invite a bunch of people to attend. There were 24 non members there :) So exciting!!! And 5 were our pesquisadores!! Rita, Vitor, Rony, Gabrielly, and Kauani!! So exciting!!! So Rita and Vitor said they loved it!!! Rita said "This is the church for me".... I literally almost started bawlin. :P Vitor said he liked it a lot too. Gabriel was also sharing his testimnoy with them the other day, so he helped a lot to build their testimonies :) Then we taught them A Restauração and Plano de Salvação and they loved it. Bore testimonies and now, they are wanting to get baptized :) SOOOO EXCITING!!!! :) :) :)
So yeah, that was yesterday. Also, literally everybody was soo nice. For Almoço the Irmã that we ate with gave us this huge bag of snacks to take home, a guy gave us 2 bags of this fruit to make juice with, then it started pouring rain while we were visiting less actives, so we went to a members house just to borrow an umbrella, but ended up changing shirts and getting something to drink and resting for a little and just feeling so loved :) Then we went to Fernandos and got desert and then Rita drove us home. Just felt so loved and so much of the Spirit yesterday :) Loved it :)
Anyways, so NOT TRANSFERRED!!! So happy :) We have some people to baptize :) Rita, Vitor, Gabrielly, Kauani, some new people, Maria Eduarda, which she is the sweetest person I have ever met...... she also loves the church and really wants to get baptized, Hemilly and João, and Tiago and Michelle. They all seem pretty promising and are all very nice :) So hopefully I am staying here to help get them baptized and stay firm in the church :)
Well, that was basically all the big stuff that happened this week. There were a couple other things, but I got pics of things :)
So one pic is of our apartment after our search for baratas, cockroaches. We found lots, got a pic of them too. It was a little family. DISGOOSTING-AH!!!! (disgusting in mirando voice :P) Sis Bilhalva was a champ and killed all of them. They were all hiding in the little cabinets.
Another pic is of a tree that says Arvore Harry Potter, I got my wand with me. 
Another is a place that we found near Gabriels place that looks kinda like WA, so took a pic of that, wishing that it was cold.
And the people in the pics are Rita, Vitor, Gabriel, Kate, and Fernando, which Kate got bit by their dog real bad on both of her arms. Shes ok, just got real bad gashes. 
And my shoe marks on my feet, a mean dog we saw, and a funny dog with his head in a hole,and this lady one day gave us a bag of fresh guava and abacaxi juice. So we got that :) Also, the city is ready for Christmas!!! It looks like Christmas, but definitley doesnt feel like it when its like 110 degrees everyday.  I have sooo many more pics, but dont have enough time to send them all.
Well, I love you all and hope that you guys had a great Thanksgiving!!!! I love you all and am sooooooo thankful for all of you!!! You all have helped me become who I am today and I am so thankful for you guys!!!
Have a great week you guys and keep looking up, when you are feeling sad or afraid, just look up and imagine who is up there looking down on you, wanting to help you :) I know Christ and Heavenly Father want to help you guys, just gotta look up and ask :) Love you all and keep smiling :) This gospel is so amazing and there really isn't anything more important than keeping the commandments we have from God and the prophets. I love this gospel and I love you :) Have a great week!!!! :)  Love, Sister Ferguson

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