Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Hello Everybody!!!!! Ya´ll wanna baptism? I do too :P
Well.... good news you guys are gonna get one!!!!! Gabriel got baptized yesterday!!! It was crazy. So, saturday we asked him if he wanted to baptized Sundayand he said maybe. Also his family doesn't want him to get baptized so soon,( his dad and his dad's girlfriend) But, he said "maybe tomorrow, I have to think about it." So yesterday morning Leite and I went to the church to get baptism clothes just in case he changed his mind. So when we were there, he was there too and also Kauani, Gabrielly and their mom. Jose was there too!!! So conference was "fire" man. So good. I'm pretty sure the talks are what changed Gabriel's mind. They were so good!!!! So after Leite asked if he wanted to get baptized, he said yes. She asked "today? "He said "Can we?" and then yeah. It was pretty exciting!!! So wow Gabriel!!!! So excited for him :)
Anyways, so something about Fernando, Gabriel's Dad. So a couple days ago we taught Gabriel the Word of Wisdom. Fernando and Kate stay and listen to the lessons everytime. So we taught that and They asked a lot of questions about coffee and why we don't drink it.... it was a weird conversation... anyways, so the next day we went over to talk to Gabriel and there is a pot of tea on the table XD Fernando went and got tea XD Also, when he came in, he acted like he didnt buy it cuz of what we said yesterday, but only that coffee was givng him a headache XD Oh Fernando. He wants to join the church so bad, but Kate doesnt want him to. She is very firm in the Church Universal. So that was kinda funny.
Well, not a lot happened this week. Nelson left for his Mission. He was the one that baptized Niro He went to Paraguay. It's been really stormy here and rainy, I love it, and my shampoo fell out the window in the bathroom cuz of the wind... 3 stories... it didn't brake so that's good :P Well... I am definitely enjoying my mission more and am more excited to go out and preach. I had some real bad allergies this week and I had to stay in one day to get better. During that time I was able to really think about why Im here and why I traveled all the way over to Brasil for a year and a 1/2. I know that this is what I need to do. And each day I am making a difference.

Every little thing we do changes someone in this world... we may not know who, but it does. I have something for you guys to think about htis week. Think of all the little things you do on a daily basis. Think about the influence that they can have on someone. Is it a good influence or a not so good one? If a not so good, change it. Find another thing that could make a person just the tiniest bit happier. Like being positive or smiling, or looking up and not at the ground, a hug, a compliment, a joke, anything. Just think about it :) I know that once you start doing this small thing everyday, you will see such a big difference in people and in yourself :)
I love you all and hope you all have a great week. It's the little things that count!!!
Love-Sister Ferguson
these are some pics from halloween, and my shampoo that fell out the window and the baptism :)

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