Wednesday, November 9, 2016

11/7/16 Old MacLondrina Had a Farm

HOOOOOOO MAAAAANNN!!!!! I am so pumped right now. We had such a good day yesterday :) HOO HOO HOO HOO!!! 

So, first, just gotta talk about Sunday. So, this week we met some real cool peeps. Jose, who has 2 daughters, 8 and 10, a 15 year old son, and Marido Crodoaldo, they're not married, but live together. So, she is interested and her daughters are too. She Marido is a member actually, but was baptized like 20 years ago. He is definitely less active, but we've sparked his interest again. Her son was baptized 5 years ago, but is less active now too. Her whole family basically are members, but not her. So we taught them, and yesterday her 2 daughters came to church... and they wanna get baptized!! She said they could too!! So now, just gotta prepare. :) Then, we met a lady, Adriana, who was just a contact, we are not the first missionaries to teach her. She has 2 kids. They came to church too :) Also, we met this family, Gabriel, who's like 20 or 24... Fernando, Dad, and Kate, Mom. So yesterday we weren't expecting them to come, but during church while talking with Adriana, we Leite and I both saw Gabriel walk by. Leite flipped. She literally started running or waddling with her boot over to them out in the hallway. It was hilarious. She yelled Gabriel and then started "running". Hoo man. So we had 6 whole people come to church yesterday!!!! So exciting. :) Also, during sacrament meeting, Niro came and sat by me and asked when he could go to the temple. I literally almost started crying. Yesterday was testimony meeting so a bunch of people were talking about the opportunity they had to visit the temple... there was a big ward temple trip on Thursday and Friday. It was so amazing. Niro is literally the best :) 

Anyways.... so now that I got all my spiritual experiences out, I got some funnies. :) 

So, while walking over to a pesquisadores house, we met this goat. We took pics with him :) Then, a guy passed by and said that he was very brave and we need to be careful. So we left and then, the goat started following us. He was pretty big, for a goat that is. Then he started going over to this other guy and started jumping and kicking and standing up, trying to attack him!!!!! It was crazy. We needed to walk down the hill that he was on, but we didnt really wanna fulfill the plan of Salvation at that moment, if you know what I mean.... (missionary jokes.... wow) So yeah. He was crazy. Finally he left and we were able to talk to Anna, who is another person. She didn't come to church. 
Also, while walking we made a contact with this guy and he said that he wasn't worthy to talk to us and that he doesn't want our support or welcoming smiles. So.... that was weird. And when we were gonna leave he asked to pray, so he put out his hands and we prayed together. Which Leite talked about God's love and His spirit, in which the guy responded with very loud and firm "Amens!" Then when she started speaking about prophets and things about the gospel, he said Amem even louder and wouldn't stop. It was strange, but this is a normal thing here :P 
Anyways.... there are a couple of other things, like almost being attacked by 2 big birds while walking to our District meeting, some members got mission calls, Chile and Mendonca Argentina, made a poster about the Plan of Salvation, made 72 contacts in one day, and had a fly go in my mouth during a prayer with some pesquisadores. :) This week was really good. Also, met the cutest little puppies I have ever seen (and kittens, played with them too :) Got pics. So lots of animals this week, thats why the title is what it is. Also It's mating season for these huge bugs, they sound like cicadas, but I'm not sure, I got a pic of one and they literally sound like aliens. Its everywhere and everyday. Really annoying. Anyways, lots of animals, and I am not complaining :) 
Well.... mission is getting so much better. I am loving it more and more each day. I am not super homesick and am getting lost in the work :) I love you guys so much and I hope you guys have a good week. Stay positive and remember that you are a child of God and He loves you so much :) You are literally never alone... just gotta pray and you will be comforted :) I have grown to actually know this here and that there is nothing more important in this life than remembering Him. Each and everyday my love grows and I know that this gospel is the TRUE gospel of Jesus Christ. We have a prophet today and 12 ap√≥stolos, chipo when Jesus Christ established His church on the earth. It literally is the same church and has the same authority of God. I love you all and hope that you really and truly know this too, because it is... and you gotta know the truth :) I am so thankful for this time to learn more about my Savior and Heavenly Father here in Brasil. Even though it is in a different language I can still feel the Spirit like I have always been able to. I Love you all!!!!!! 

Com Amor,
Sister Ferguson

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