Tuesday, November 22, 2016

11/21/16 I'll Make a Senior Companion Out of You! (Sung in the tune of Mulan's I'll Make a Man Out of You.)

Hello Everyone!!!! Hope your Week has been amazing and full of laughs!!!! :)
Well, this week was pretty dang amazing. So, since this is my 11th week of training I get to be senior companion for 2 weeks.... woweeeeeee!!!! Get to talk to people on the phone, and then have to give it to Leite cuz I cant understand them and they can't understnad me!!!! Get to plan our week and have to start lessons that people can't understand cuz of my portuguese. So awesome I am so excited to do this for 2 weeks.................. *cough* *cough*

Well, nothing super awesome happened, just lots of little real nice things. So, sorry for this letter, its just gonna be a bunch of stories that happened... cuz there really isn't much to talk about :P  :)
So, Yesterday Gabriel was confirmed!!! And his Dad, Fernando and his girlyfriend, Kate, came :) Also, there was a Ward activity Saturday. We ate a bunch of food and took pics. It was really fun. Fernando and Kate came too with Gabriel! They are so confusing, they say they don't like the church, but come to church and all the activities that we have.... we're gonna work with them :)
Anyways, so yeah Gabriel, Fernando and Kate, Oh, we met a lady who seemed really promising and she said she would come to church, but turns out she was just drunk and didn't know what she was doing.... so almost another pesquisador, also another drunk guy started crying while I invited him to church. He was so touched that I gave him an invite... wowee.... so that was exciting.
A guy almost kissed me and the other sisters. We were at the bus stop heading to a district meeting. These 2 guys stopped, asked about our nametags, and then said that we were "Muito lindo, princesas..." Then he went to give me a hand shake first and then leaned in to kiss me on the cheek. I leaned back so far, almost felt like Keanu Reeves in the Matrix. He was literally 2 inches from my face. All the other sisters then kept repeating, "Não Pode!!" (you can't) over and over again as he tried the same thing with the other 3. XD It was funny, but my life did flash before my eyes.
Also, this week we had an activity in a closed ward, which means they don't have missionaries, to help bring in some new people to the ward. We basically had divisions for a day. I was with Sister Snow, she's from North Dakota, and she really only speaks Portuguese, but I can actually understand her. We met an old man named Joaquin. He was going for a walk, so we decided we were gonna walk with him to the church building. He liked it there and kept asking of there was gonna be food........there was. He was really nice and kept saying how excited he was to be walking with two Americanas XD Anyways, so there we helped him, ate some food and jumped on a trampoline!!! It was really exciting :)
We heard these 2 churches worshipping?????????? It was really strange and not reverent whatsoever. They were literally screaming, the preacher was screaming.... it sounded like a Slip Knot concert..... but they can worship anyways they like.... just...... yeah.
Well, that was this week. We are still trying with Gabrielly, Kauani, and Jose. They came to church yesterday, but Jose just won't allow them to get baptized. We want them to get baptized next week cuz it's transfers, and most likely Leite is getting transfered and I'm gonna stay here. So Leite wants to be here for them, so were stressing this to Jose. They are so ready to get baptized, but she doesn't think so. :/ We are still working. We have taught all the lessons, and now are just reading O Livro de Mórmon.

Anywho, thank you all for your support and love. I love you all and am so happy to be out here serving a mission. Things are hard, but man...... When you only talk about Christ and His love for you and everyone on this earth, you can't help but be happy :) OH!!! Did any of you guys change a little thing this week? Could you see a difference? I tried to smile more and laugh more with the members, and I can definitely see a difference. If you didn't keep working and find another thing to change :) I know that you will recieve such great blessings from changing such a small thing :) I love you all and hope you have a great week. :) Also, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!
Love you all!!!!!! 
Love- Sister Ferguson

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