Wednesday, August 31, 2016

1 week left in the MTC! 8/31/16

OK, well, this week has been pretty crazy, but also lots of fun. Umm... so first off, just gotta let you all know that the soup here in the mornings is the best thing ever. Pretty sure its just corn pudding that they water down, but it is absolutely amazing. 

OK!!! Well, along the topic of food, I found out that I have been eating pig's tongue for the past 3 weeks..... I've always wanted to try it, so I mean, I guess its ok.... tried it without knowing. ANYWAYS!!!! Yeah. The food here is amazing and I'm definitely gonna miss that here. 

Ok, so Angela, I showed Prince, Whitehead, and Sadleir your dance for "All your fake friends" and Mako... they thought it was hilarious... just as much as I do and then we sang HSM and we did the whole first song along with the dance moves and actions they do in the movie. Well, I did, everybody else watched me look like a weirdo acting like Troy Bolton... Thought you all wanted to know that. I have these bursts of weird cuz I have to hold it in all day, Prince is such a great companion, she puts up with me a lot. Also, have I always been such a forgetful person? Today I forgot my plaqueta, my journal, and my recommend... I am losing my mind. I never thought I was this ditzy... so yeah, kind of losing my mind. 

Moving on, We got new roommates. Sisters Borbosa e Santos. They're pretty cool. I don't remember where they are going for their missions, but somewhere close to Sao Paulo. 

Ummm.... Oh, we got baptisms for our fake pesquisadores, Samira and Karen. It was actually really exciting, even though they're fake. But yeah, got me excited for o campo :) 

Oh, so funny story, so Prince is always always always getting mail in the mailbox. Its her favorite part of the day. So, one night Bushman went to get the mail and said that there was only one for Sis. Penrod. So we all went up to the classroom and Prince and I went to the bathroom. We get back in the room and then Collins just barks in the middle of his sentence. Everyone gets up and makes a tunnel with their hands and Collins crawls through with a letter in his mouth. He stops in front of Prince, who is laugh\ crying. It was so cute. I could not stop laughing. It was really funny :) 

then oh, Carter has a secret amazing talent..... he can put a quarter up his nose, not like upwards, but filling his whole nostril. His nostrils are pretty big. I have a pic, but the CTM is stoop and we can't send pics, also the lady I'm with is super imchimichanga, so I cant even sneak it... I know I will repent for even thinking of such FOUL behavior.... 

Ok, so this is actually something I can write about. We had Proselitizmo on Saturday. We handed out 5 LdMs and talked to like 8 or 9 people. It was pretty great. There were some crazy people out, but we just smiled and said Bom Dia, which they would usually respond with something slurred, loud or creepy, like "Oh, princessas!! Muito Linda, linda, linda, Cristo Cristo!!!" So yeah, thats Sao Paulo. OH!!! Funny thing happened that day, so Whitehead was walking and felt something on her...... misinformed.... So she took off her bag and saw that a pen had poked through the plastic. She turned to me and just asks, "Is there pen on my butt?" and well, indeed there was. The pen scribbled all over her skirt, while she was walking so it was everywhere. It was hilarious, but shes a good sport so it didnt really bother her. So yeah that was pretty funny :) There is so much I wanna say, but not enough time and this letter is already super long. Well, I'll end with my testimony. 

I know that this church is true and that we are all on this earth for a reason. One of my reasons is to help someone here in Brasil. I am excited for the time I get to see God and see Him with His arms open wide to give me a hug and welcome me to be with Him... its going to be amazing, but something even more amazing, is going to be able to see my friends and family walk up to Him and hug Him. I want to be able to see ALL my friends and family greet Him with a smile and warm embrace. I want to see others partake in the joy and love that I feel in this gospel, that is why I am out here. Not to just have the cool satisfaction of saying I went to Brasil, but to say that I went on a mission and helped people follow the light to be able to embrace God when the day comes. I love this gospel so much, and I KNOW that there is no other way to true happiness. I love all of you and I want to be able to see you enjoy that warm and loving embrace when we all meet each other again. I love this gospel and I love all of you. Thank you for all that you have done for me. :) I will talk to you guys next week!!!!!! 

- Sister Ferguson

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