Thursday, August 25, 2016


Ok, sorry in advance for the spelling errors.... 
BUT!! so it has been getting so much better here. I am having a lot of fun now. My district is absolutley amazing. They are so great. So I have some funny stories. 

Ok first, last thursday we had a real long day. We were packed with things to do. We had lessons, meetings, mmissionary stuff, and lots of eating invololved, which is a norm here at the MTC. Anyways, so we, my district and I, were so pooped by like 9. So we were all in our classroom studying and trying to speak portuguegse. Then Elder Dodart was spit firing jokes left and right. We were so tured and he was so hilarious. We could not stop laughjing. Then Elder Collins decides that it is prime time to say a prayer and go to bed. So we all kneel down in a circle to pray. Sister Adams says she´ll say the prayer so she satrs, but she only gets like a few words in when Sister Penrod starts bursting out laughjing. We all just die. 

Then.... oh my.... Elder Collins lets out this huge toot. We all die and just roll on the floor getting soaked in tears. And, just to let you know I have not gone to the bathroom all day cuz, muito busy, but yeah you can draw to conclusions... I was ablout to pee my pants. Then Sister Sadleir sits up and yells, GUYS!!! I JUST PEED MY PANTS!!!!!! We all start laughing again. I am almost letting Niagra falls flow, but I am able to hold it together. Then Elder Collins says that we really need to just get this prayer over with. So he said he could get though it without laughing. So then he starts to say it. We were all prepped for him to say this real nice prayer, and hten he starts saying it really fast, just to get through it. We all start laughjing again cuz we definitley were not expecting it. So yeah.... there was a lot of laughter and stain son the carpet after that night. 

Then when we were heading to our rooms Elder Dodart and Collins are in front of my and Sister Prince and Elder Collins says, lets just say I am glad I am wearing dark pants tonight. He pooped his pants. oh my oh my oh my.... definitely the highlkight oif hte week. It was hilarious. 

Ok, well now that that is over... There was alot more that is jsut hilarious that happened, but i aint got enough time to explain... So it is getting better here. I am having mroe fun because I am able to actyually understand people better. We did have splits yesterday. Splits is where an american missionary is paired with a brazilian missionary and they teach a lesson to another companionship. I was with a sister that did not understand or speak english what so ever. It was really hard to talk to her and understand her. I didnt even really do anything, she talked the whole time cuz I didnt know how to respond to people´s questions and how to ask them, so thats cool.:) 

Yesterday I had a stomach bug, but I´m, all good now. OOOOHHH!!!! Guess what I can do!! ´m really proud of myself. I can do 3 whole pull ups, like on the tall bars. (hair flip) Oh yeah, I can also jump and actually get on the bar, thats what I´m mainly happy about. But yeah, thats basically all that has happened. I went to the Temple today in Campinas and had a reall good time and yeah. Food is still good and I no longer wanna tear my hair out!!

Well, I know thisd church is true and I love it with all my heart :) Oh, also you guys should look up a talk by elder holland. Its called The atonement and missionary work. We watched a video of Holland and bednar talking. It was absolutley amazing!!! Loved it man. So yeah look it up. Also!!! Roy and Steven! If you guys are reading this, I learned how to do the pen flippy thingy. Im pretty cool I know... dont get too overwhelmed. Ok well, I love you all and miss you all butt loads!!! Talk to you all next week!!!!! 

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