Thursday, August 25, 2016


Well, this week has been really hard, but also the best ever. So, we went proselityzing for the first time this week. It was really scary. We were walking around talking to people in the biggest city or road in Sao Paulo. It was very inchimichanga (intimedante, intimidating, sounds like chimichanga, so yeah, its a joke we have) Anyways, it was really hard. Tyler and I had 5 LdMs to give out and it was really hard. We had 3 hours to do that, but we didnt give one out till the last second. It was so hard. We talked to a lady for like 20 minutes, in which I did not understand basically anything she said, but it was good. She had already received 3 LdMs, so she didnt want another one. Triste... 

Then afterwards we had divisions, where an american missionary is put with a brazilian missionary. We teach another companionship, all in portuguese... it was also very hard and I was already mad at the language, so Tyler and I went into the bathroom and just bawled. It was so hard that day. If portuguese were a person I would punch them. So that day was not the best, but my district made me forget about it by saying funny jokes and just being amazing!! 

We sang songs and harmonized a bunch and it just sounded so nice... we got some pipes man, especially Elder Dodart. Hes crazy good. Then we just had some regular days after that, classes, food, more classes, more food, jokes, more food, and more jokes. 

Oh, our brasileria sisters left!!! They left for Recife like 2 days ago. It is so weird not to be with them, they were so amazing!!! But que sera sera.... They were great. Anyways, ummm.... I dont know of anything else to say.... It is getting so much better here, even though I cant really understand people still, but I am not as lost. Its good. 3 more weeks of the CTM and then LONDRINA!!!! I met a guy like 20 mins ago that went to Londrina. He said it is beautiful there and the weather is perfect. He said it is never too cold or never too hot, so that is just perfect. 

Oh! We got a new Sister!! Sister Smock, she's from New York. She went to Provo MTC and then came here cuz of her visa... but hse is amazing!! She has my same humor! Which is a relief cuz |I'm basically dying in here having to act like a perfect proper sister missionary, when you all know, I am the COMPLETE!! oppposite... so yeah. that is what has mainly happened this week. A lot of other stuff has happened, but I dont have enough time to write it all, only 45 mins. Ummmmm so yeah. 

I love you all and I know this church is true!!! I love it with all my heart and I know that this life is hard, but if we do our best to help others and get lost in the service of the Lord, we will be able to get through this life happier, more humble, and full of experience. I love you all and miss you guys butt loads!!!!! Talk to you next week!!! 

Sister Ferguson

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