Thursday, August 25, 2016

I Made It!!! 7/27/16

I made it to Brazil!! The flights were really long, and especially when you can´t watch all the fancy movies on the plane....... ah well. Anyways, my companion is Sister Prince. She´s really cool. :) Also, Brazil looks like a mixture of Waikiki and West Seattle. It is actually really cool here. When we were landing in Sao Paulo it was 55 degrees. Just my weather. :) I got my nametag and now I feel so official!!! When I put it on I actually got a little dizzy like I was mighty morphing into a power missionary...I am having a lot of fun already and have been making a lot of new friends, WITH BOOYYSS!!! Whole boys, aren´t you proud of me? It´s actually easier to talk to them than the sisters. Probably cuz they´re a little more immature than the sisters..... and well, you know me. Well, that´s all that has really happened. OH, These sisters came up to me and Sister Prince and started speaking Portuguese. I had no idea what they were saying, it was so fast and kinda mumbled... 

Oh! So the rooms are 2 bunkbeds and then we are going to have, most likely, 2 Brazilian sisters join us so we can learn the language faster. The shower is real weird... it is just a plastic box with a shower head, looks kinda funny. Also, did you know that you don´t flush toilet paper? You throw it away... I did not know that. Probably gets pretty stinky after a while. 

Ok, well I love you guys and am so happy with my decision to go on a mission and serve the Lord. Thank you and love you all!!!!!!! 

Love- Sister Ferguson

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