Monday, June 5, 2017

6/5/17 Pesquisadores and FOOD. Lots of FOOD!!!

OLA TODAS AS PESSOAS!!!!!!! Tudo bem com vocês? :)
Well..... this week was pretty good :) We made some friendships with our pesquisadores and members... also brought 4 people to church yesterday :) They all loved it :) Also, Saturday there was an activity that we brought 9 poeple to. And let me tell you... they loved it. The activity was a huge Almoço and then a dessert competition. :) I made an apple pie :) It was pretty good.. I was surprised with myself cuz when it comes to baking... better have a trash can ready near you :P But it was good and everyone else thought it was good too :) SO YEAH!!!!!! I can bake!
Well, this week we met some of the girl's friends that they told us about. 3 of their friends went to the activity with us, Maria Eduarda, Eloise, and Lais. :) They're real cool and loved the Ward :) Also another Maria, that is married to Joaquin, she came with her 3 grand daughters and José, our other pesquisador with 18 years. :) He´s super cool and loved Maria and Dayane :)
We also met a guy named Fabricio. He said he was gonna come to church and the activity, but something came up both days..... finger quotations..... but he was super kind and real educated when he spoke :) He's cool :) So we are gonna work with him this week and see where the Lord takes him :)
I also bought new shoes!!! If you guys saw what my Ma put on my blog she made for me... I got new shoes and I only use these old ones during the rain... cuz they're already ruined :P So now I'm walking all fancy in my new shoes :)
Well... it's starting to get cold here and today there is gonna be a HUGE storm..... so Pday in the house!!! Finally gonna sleep :)
Well.. love you all and I hope that everything is going well with you all and I love the Mission and for this time I get to spread the true Gospel of Jesus Cristo with everyone here in Brasil :) Love you all and talk to you all next week!!!!!
-Maria and Sirlene.... Sirlene is Dayanes mom and Maria is married to Joaquin with the 3 grand daughters
-José is in the foto with everyone... the only guy in the foto :) 
-My apple pie :) 

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