Monday, January 2, 2017

01/02/17 HELLO 2017!!

Hello 2017!!!!!! Happy New Year Everyone!!! Hope you guys had a great New Years and Christmas :) Love you all :)
Well... I have some news... I am FINALLY GONNA GET TRANSFERRED NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!! Almost 4 months here.... we're running out of places to work!! Both Leite and I are getting transferred, so I'll have to say tchau tchau to her.... but I will be able to see her again before she heads home in 6 months!! So I am so excited but also sad... I really like the members here... also Gabriel and Niro, Fernando, Kate... ugh...., but I just gotta #dealwithit.
Então, this week was pretty gosh darn amazing. :P We met sooo many new people. We have one new pesquisador with a real cute little boy, Felipe. He kept on pouring us pop and wanting to clink our cups XD So cute... but yeah she seemed to like the message we shared and she asked lots of questions... She didn't come to church on Sunday because of the new year, but maybe next week. We met some other people too, but they didn't seem very interested. They were really nice, but they just let us talk so they could have someone to talk to....
Anyways, so something real cool happened with Gabriel. So we went to his house to talk and teach a lesson. After the lesson he asked about tithing. It's so awesome because he asked about it... not, we asked him about it...... so cool. so we explained how the little papers work more and then explained again about where the money goes and how everything works. He seemed really excited :) Also he told us that he shared a message with his friends and they really liked it... also they asked why he stopped drinking. he explained and then they said, well I wanna stop drinking too, and smoking... so cool. He's such a good member missionary ALREADY!!! Also Niro shared a message with his friends and they didn't agree a lot, but he is sharing, that's all that matters :) So awesome :)
Oh Sunday, our Presidente of the mission came to our ward.... duh duh duuuuuh!!!! He just gave a talk... but also came to tell me and Leite that it is gonna be our last week there in Tiradentes.... :/ sad day, but excited. Also Gabriel showed us something that just made my day. So he drives his motorcycle to church everyday, so he has his helmet with him. So while he was getting ready to leave he showed us the inside of his helmet. It had the first little card we gave him when we first met him and Fernando.... Nossa, I could not stop smiling :) So sweet. He keeps it with him :) Well.... I'll stop talking about my amazing convert :P
Well.... Christmas and New Years were amazing :) The others sisters and I went on our roof and watched a little fire works... not a lot because it was really foggy and raining.... but it was good. We had some food and listened to some ROCKIN music about the gospel!!! Party animals, I know right... *hair flip*

well.... not much else.... got some news about Célia, she is gonna get baptized, but she feels that if she gets baptized she is going to be doing something  wrong in the eyes of God, because she will be baptized twice.... but we have been trying to explain to her, that her first baptism wasn't complete, because a person with the Priesthood or authority of God didn't baptize her... she understnads, but she doesn't at the same time... we have explained this 600 times, but she just won't change her mind. I can imagine how hard this is for her cuz she grew up in this other church.. thinking what she was doing was right... and now were here telling her that what she did wasnt complete.... it's a little confusing, but... we are trying to work with her... it's difficult, but we are gonna keep trying :)
Well.. I love you all and I am so thankful for everything you guys have done for me. If you guys could pray for Célia it would be much appreciated. Just for her to be able to open her heart and mind and have an understanding that she will not be doing something wrong.... but that she will be doing something even better :)
Love you all and hope you have a great week :)
Sister Ferguson
the pics are a family of the ward, and some other members, my 5 month cake :) and a river that we always pass :) I forgot what the other one was... so yeah. :P

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