Monday, December 26, 2016

12/26/16 We Wish You A Feliz Natal And A Happy Novo Ano!!!

Bom Dia Meus Amores!!!
I hope you all had a great Christmas!!! I love you lots!!!
Well, this week was not full of la lot of work, but lots of fun things happened :)
So this week we had a Mission Christmas Celebration. We had songs, skits, FOOOOOOOD, lots of missionaries and SANTA!!! Papai Noel!! He was hilarious. He would call people up with the help of his elder elves, then give each missionary a present, which was usually soap, deoderant, shampoo and cleaning supplies for the house XD There was one sister who made him fall off his chair and roll on the floor because of her BO. I have a video of that :) Sent it to mom :) I got two bars of soap... obviously I need to shower better. :P
But it was really fun. We also had our song that I had to play the piano for. I did awful. I started out fine, and then  my nerves got hte best of me and then I forgot how to piano. I didnt even know what a piano was...... but yeah. It was bad... also each zone had to prepare a skit to show in front of everybody. Ours was awful. No one laughed..... Everyone elses were sooo hilarious, ours was terrible. No one laughed during it.... aww well. That's what we get for only taking 2 days to prepare it, not 6 like the others did :P
Well, on facebook there are some pics of that day on the Missão Brasil Londrina page. Look it up yáll :) They also post other pics form other times too :)
Well, time for pesquisador talk. So we cut Neusa, the little Senhorita.... she doesnt wanna go to church and doesnt wanna do anything to progress, so X she's cut. Maybe someone will help her in heaven or some other missionaries, no sei..... but... we are still working with Maricei. She didnt come to church Sunday, but she said she wants to get baptized :) She's also reading O Livro de Mormon. :) She likes it a lot :)
Well, for Christmas we went a members house and had Almoço, LOOOTTSS of sweets and then Bilhalva, Nunes, and Leite talked to their families. While waiting fro them I learned how to solve a rubiks cube so that's cool :P Also watched and listened to christms music.... :) Also you guys need to look up "My Little Prayer" by David Archuleta. You guys probably already have heard it before, but I love it sooo much. Im learning the words :) It gives me goosebumps everytime :)
Well, I love you all and I hope that you guys have a good week and NEW YEAR!!!!!! 2017!!!!! Wowee!!! Already..... well, have a good week and make goals for next year, ones that you will actually keep, not like "I won't eat chocolate to lose weight".... you' re gonna eat chocolate :P 

I love you guys and miss you a bunch!!!!!!!
Com Amor, Sister Emily Ferguson

Pics, the one of the 3 elders are Elder Allred, Bezerra my district leader, and B. Nascimento
My roommates, Leite, Bilhalva, and Nunes
Elder Teles and Nunes are in the other and the other has lots of people that I dont have time to name :P

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