Monday, April 10, 2017

4/10/17 Cidade Nova e Pessoas Novas!!!

Hello Everyone!!! Well I am glad to say that Cidade Nova is literally the best. The poeple here are sooo nice and they are soo much more willing and open to learn about the gospel than the people in Cornélio. So that's exciting :) Also.... I looove my companion. She is absolutley amazing :) 

So first off... there wil be no pics cuz i'm on a dinasour of a computer and it won't read my camera.... so yeah.. didn't take any anyways so it doesn't matter :P 

BUT!! Man this week.... a lot happened :) There were some pretty crazy things and also exciting things too. 

So first off, we got here and literally 5 members came up and said, I have someone that wants to be baptized, so come to my house this week and we will set a date and prepare them.... so that was awesome. We weren't able to baptize anyone yet cuz no one actually was able to meet with us this week... but next week yes :) So we are gonna see where this week leads us. Pretty sure we are going to mark one for Saturday and maybe another that same day too..... Not quite sure.. but we will see...... 

Well this week we met Aginó who is 63 and lives alone. He is real interested and we asked him to pray this week about baptism. We also have some other references of members that we werent able to talk to last week, but this week we already have days marked :) 

Also, this is a little off topic, but it was pretty big to me... so this week while doin my hair in the morning... I turned on my straightener and ten literally 1,000,000,000 ants started crawling out of it. There was such an awful smell of burning ants. They were crawling all over my arms my face, my hair... it was disgusting. They are all gone now, but only after 3 days. It was a nightmare. I literally had dreams of ants crawling on me..... but yeah...real gross. I now keep my staightener in a ziploc bag :P 

Another pretty crazy that happened this week that is more spiritual... while making contacts and going from house to house, we met a lady that was really interested in our message about the Restoration. When we were about to talk about the First Vision a lady came up and started talking about how she had already received the missionaries in her home and the messages. We then continued our message and then got to the Book of Mormon. She then said that she received one of those before... she then casually says that she BURNED IT!!!! She burned a Book Of Mormon. She said that she didn't believe anything that was in it and that everything was wrong about our church and how every member thinks they are better than everyone else..... We tried to leave cuz there was nothing but thick contention in the air. We asked to say a prayer, she agreed. During the prayer that Sister Gomes gave... the lady started saying her own, saying how we cannot lie and cannot be a part of the devil.... it was awful.... after we left she continued to bash us with her words. We then left without saying a word. Man... our testimoies of the Book Of Mormon grew so much. We had so much more gratitude for it and knew and KNOW that this Book really is a Book of God. It has the Lord´s words inside of it and it really is the keystone to the Restoration. It has such an impact on people and thier testimonies that some people are afraid of it.... I think that's why she burned it.... she burned that Book of God because she was too afraid to be wrong... too afraid to see the path toward Christ. 

I know that this Church is LITERALLY the Chruch of Jesus Christ in these modern or Latter-Days today. I am so thankful for this time I have to be on a mission to help others with this gospel and to strengthen my testimony. I know that this gospel is the true gospel of Jesus Christ. There is no other way to return to Christ than through His gospel, which is here... in the Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints. 

I love you all and I hope that you all have a great week. Read the Book of Mormon. Try to understand that it is truly the words of God. Study it diligently and share it's message. I love you all so much and I will talk to you all next week :) 

Love, Sister Ferguson

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