Friday, April 28, 2017

4/24/17 OH Girls Just Wanna Get Baptized!!!

Hello!!!! Well this week was pretty frick frackin' fantastic :)
So first off.... Yesterday was real good :) We had 5 pesquisadores go to church :) First the 3 girls went!!! Dayane, Maria and Ellen, also another named Marco, and AGENOR!!! (I spelled it Aginó the last email, cuz I didn't know how to spell it, but this is how its actually spelled :P)  He finally came!!! Couldn't tell if he enjoyed it or not, but it was so awesome to see him there :) 
Well, the girls said that they loved it and are definitley going next week along with their friend that they invited :) Laira. So thats exciting :) We also this week talked to Maria´s Dad, who was a little hesitant with us, but after we started talking about Personal Progress and what the goal is to do it, he loved it and saw that this is something amazing. He loved it and fully supported Maria to do it!!! :) YES!!!! Also Ellen was talking to her mom about this too and how she really wants to do it too. She asked if she could be baptized and her mom said yes!!!!! BAPTISM FOR ELLEN!!! Ellen is going to be so blessed. She needs this great experience in her life. It is going to be so special to see her grow and do personal progress :) I am so excited :) This Saturday :)
The Dayane is all on board with getting baptized and doing personal progress and being a member... she just hasn't talked to her mom yet... so we are going to visit her mom Cirlei this week or tonight actually :P I am so excited for them :) They are gonna be such great members and also better people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ in their lives :) 

We have mostly been working with them this week, but we also met a couple other people... no one was suuuper interested, but we are gonna visit them this week and hopefully they will want to learn more :)

Well, thank you all for the birthday emails :) I had a great 20th birthday :) We had a little party with the girls and also the next day some members threw a surprise party for me. :) It was amazing :) Loved it :)
I am so thankful for all you guys and for the love and support I feel from you :) Thank you so much :) Almost 1/2 way done.... pretty crazy to think about that :P Time has flown by sooo fast.
Well I love you all and am so happy to be here serving in Brasil :) It really is a Blessed Country :) I love this gospel and am so happy to be sharing it with the people here :)
Love you all and talk to you guys next week :)
Love, Sister Ferguson
-The girls Dayane, Maria, and Ellen... in that order left to right at church sunda. Also with Devanir. She is literally the heart and soul of the Ward here, shes Felipe´s mom too :) 
-Agenor :) 
-And the party we had at Dayane´s place :)

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