Monday, February 6, 2017

01/30/17 What The Cornélio?

Welpee, this week was preeettty much the worst. We tried our best, Sister Alves and I, to make it good, but man, was it hard.
So, first off, our area is an hour and a half from everybody else. We are the only ones in this surrounding area, so there isnt a zone over here... so every monday we leave at night and take the Ônibus to Londrina. We still have to meet there for District meetings. SO thats cool... kind of annoying, but you know, whatever...
And..... our apartment..... first off, it was an Elder's apartment, then it was closed for 2 months, so when we got there monday....... it was like it hadn't been cleaned for 3 years.... It's big, but... disgusting. So we met some members who picked us up from the Bus Sation or Rodoviaria in Cornelio and helped us with our bags, then we had to sleep... it literally smelled like rotting man onions and an old closet that hasn't been opened for 100 years.... I don't even know how I fell asleep. I was too afraid that some kind of bodily juice in the mattress would soak through my sheets during the night... it was nasty, but I'm alive. It was so dusty, pretty sure part of my brain came out from sneezing so much.... so based on how the house was, we spent the next 3 days cleaning. Not just wiping up a little, but deep, deep cleaning. It is pretty much spotless now and the old man onion smell is almost gone. We have majority of everything cleaned :) SO that's exciting.
Missionary work wise... we didn't do much. We tried to get some people to come to church Sunday, but no one came. We met a couple of people, but they don't seem to have any potential to progress, but we are gonna try to help them have a desire to come to church... so we´ll see where that goes this week.
The memebrs here are kinda downers. They are really funny and cool and always wanna help, but when they talk about the city or how we are gonna work, they always say how awful and ugly and hilly it is here. That we are gonna die cuz there are so many hills, also they talk bad about the people here and how no one is gonna wanna come to chruch.... so that's reassuring, but we try our best to stay positive and look for the good in this little sad city. Presidente said he sent us here cuz we are happy missionaries, so we just gotta keep working.
So, on the topic of Cornelio Procopio... there is a staue of Christ here that is at the end of the main road here.... it doesnt really look like Christ... it looks like a gargoyle. It's black, it looks like He has wings and his back is crouching a little. Every time we see it walking sister Alves has a heart attack XD XD I have a pic... so watch out.
That's basically all that's happened. I had like a 5 hour fever saturday, but I'm all fine now, got my Tylenol to save the day :) We have been walking a lot and there are so many Costas de Satanas, or Satans Spine hills here.... whenever we see one we just name it that... so that's exciting :P Basically Cornélio is called Satans Spine cuz it's just all inferno XD

Well, I love you all and I hope you all have a great week. Try to see the positive side of things in life. Tchau!!!!  Love, Sister Ferguson

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