Monday, February 6, 2017

02/06/17 On the Road Again!

Hello Everybody :)
So this week was pretty good. We are gettin' back into the missionária groove again. We met some people who have good potential :) and we also have met with some less actives. There are QUITE a lot of less actives here in Cornélio Procópio. So that was exciting. We went on a couple splits with members to talk to them and get them excited for church :)
Other than that... that's basically all that has happened this week with mssionary work. Mission business wise... I love my new district :) They are so great. It's just us and 4 Elders, but they are all so funny XD XD They have a joke with me already. So, on the first day, I already made a fool of myself... no surprise, and now they always do it. I was really tired one day and so when I bent down to get something, I did it really slumpy, like I lost all upper body strength. Now they say, "Do the Fergie" when they do a dance move, or when they bend down to get something they always slump over. It's pretty funny :) Also we have mousse!!!!! It's one of the Elder's specialties :) It's real good :)
So yeah. :) This week we also went to see the Cristo in Cornelio... it was good, a little creepy, but fun :) We got caught in 2 reeeaaalll big rain storms this week and were soaking wet... and we don't have hot water in our shower, so we just quickly took a cold shower and literally wore every sweater we could find :) It was fun, but very cold :P was a good refresher after a hot week :)
So yeah... I am starting to like Cornelio more. The food is still terrible, but there's plenty of bakeries to stop by at after lunch with the members :P Also, we have to travel every Sunday night to Londrina so then we can make it to our meetings with the district or Zone every Tuesday, and since we don't wanna use our Pday time, we leave Sunday and have pday in Londrina :) I like it... just not really the traveling part.
So yeah. That was my week. Not very exciting, but it's getting better :) I have some pics that will maybe make this week seem more exciting :)

Well, love you all and I hope you all have a great week :) Never forget to smile :)
Love, Sister Ferguson

Our filthy apartment

My bday

           pão de queijo

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