Sunday, December 11, 2016

12/5/16 "What the Summer!"

Hello Everybody!!!!! Well, I've been hearing that i'ts getting pretty cold back in The States..... it's definitely not getting cold here. It wants to get cold here, so it's been raining for the past couple  of days, for half of each day, but then it realizes that it's Brasil and then it gets hot... HOT HOT HOT!!!!!! It's kind of annoying. Dont really like it........ BUT!!!!!!  just gotta #dealwithit
Well, I am all done with training, as of last week. I am a normal missionary now.... not much different. We weren't having a lot of luck this week with people. We have people to teach, but they are either busy, not home or have other plans when we go to visit them or invite them to church. A little frustrating, but I'll get over it.
Well, we got a date for a baptism!!! This Saturday for Celia, Niro´s girlfriend, which they are gonna get MARRIED!!!!!!!!!! So exciting!!! My little 48 year old baby gettin married!!!!!! Really exciting :) So hopefully nothing gets in her way and the misery maker MINDS HIS OWN BUSINESS!!!!
Well, we also have another guy that is interested. Don't remember if I talked about Rony yet, but he is a pesquisador and one day while teaching him, which he works all day, so we taught him in his litle store, and during the lesson these guys came in and started listening. One guy, Dejalbas, asked about why we dont drink coffee. Leite explained why and he didn't have any doubts why we don't. So he left and then later that day we got a call from a member asking about if we talked to him today. She then continued to explain that he is very interested and wants to learn more and wants to be baptized.... weird huh? We haven't been able to talk to him, cuz well you know, he's always either busy or not home.... but we are gonna keep trying.
Well, this week was mission tour, when all the missionaries on this side of the mission get together and have a conference. Pres and Sis Periera spoke and also Elder and Sister Basset spoke. They were sooooooo good. Comin' in clutch with the Spirit. Also, I saw my group I came here with from the CTM and I saw Sis Sadleir!!! Anyways,
They talked about how we need to keep the faith and how to endure to the end.
Sister Basset said something that was really interesting. She asked us "Are you trusting in the Lord or your capacity?" Are you donig all you can and more or only doing what you think you can? I really liked this, cuz with the Lord and when we trust in Him, we can LITERALLY do anything :) I needed this cuz right now, its a little hard, but that's just the misery maker working. I gotta do things with the Trust in the Lord helping me. Also, Elder Basset talked about Laman and Lemuel. So we all know them as being very disobedient and just doodies, but he brought up the fact that they were obedient. They returned to Jerusalem for the plates and for family, they traveled in the wilderness and did things that Lehi had told them to do. They were obedient with their actions, but the thing they were missing was that they werent obedient with their hearts. They followed everything, but "murmured" literally all the time, kind of annoying :P
We need to be more sincerely obedient, not just do something to get it over with, but to do it with love and sincereity. Also, Sister Basset said something too about commandments that I really liked, sorry this is so scatter brained. But she said "Commandments are not limitations, but invitations to receive blessings." So awesome right? There is a difference in obedience and joy. We need to find the reasons God says these commandments are important. Really learned a lot this week.
I am gonna try to be more obedient in my heart this week and invite you guys too. Dont just go to church cuz mom said too, go because you want to recieve blessings.
I love you guys sooooo much and I hope you are keeping the faith and staying strong!!! Love you all!!!!
Sister Ferguson

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