Sunday, December 18, 2016

12/12/16 Oh Where, Oh Where Have My Pesquisadores Gone?

Well, this week has not been very exciting.
So, we aren't teaching Tiago e Michelle, e Hemilly e João anymore. They aren't interested :(  Also, the people that we have been teaching aren't progressing. They are just staying in one spot, like Jose, Kauani, Gabrielly, Vitor, Rita...... and we are trying evrything to get them to progress. We are running out of time here and I dont wanna miss the chance to help them.... :/

While, trying to help them, we made some new novos. We met Nielsa, Thais, Thainá, Ana e Celia and Fransisco. Fransisco is the husband of a member, but he doesn't wanna go to church, so we are helping him, which yesterday he came!!! so did Nielsa :)
So yesterday was a special conference, broadcast, from SLC. Elder Holland, Elder Costa, and a lady, and another Elder or Brother spoke. It was a special one just for Brasil and I could actually understand basically everything :) So, yeah, they came, they said they liked it and wanna come next week to normal Sunday church :P The broadcast was really good based on what I could actually understand. It was kind of funny cuz Elder Holland tried to speak in protuguese, but I'll just say that he is VERY American :P also the sister spoke all in portuguese. It was good :) So much spirit was there :)
Sorry, this letter is so scatter-brained. I keep remebering things. :P
Anyways, so CHRISTMAS IS COMING UP!!!!!!! I'm so excited!!! We have to do a Christmas district skit for our big mission Christmas celebration, and also sing a song, and guess who was nominated to play the piano.... Yeah, the person who doesnt know how to play anymore!! ME! I need to practice, but we dont have anytime to practice!! "They want me to play for this show, but they don't give me time for fresh practice!" (It reminded me of Nacho Libre... "They tell me to make better food, but dont give me money for fresh ingredients!")
Anyways, so we´ll have to see what will happen for that, I don't even know how they knew that I played the piano.. I didn't tell anyone except Sister Leite...... oh my... Leite... you didn't..... Well, someone is gonna have a firm talkin to tonight :P jkjkjkjkjkjkjk
Well, yeah. that's basically it. Nothing much. I have been saying #dealwithit a lot lately cuz I realized how much I have been whining, so whenever I whine about something I just say "#dealwithit" and I feel better. Like, well this is life now and just gotta,... well you know the #.
Man.... this week was not very exciting mission work wise, but Brasil wise, it was pretty crasy. So, this week has been raining gatos e cachorros almost everyday. I like the rain part, just not the humidity. It's so hot. We were caught in the rain a couple times, not drinking piña coladas, but working! ppfffttt, what kind of missionaries do you think we are? :P and we were  literally soaking, but this usually happens when we are headin' home so it isn't really bad. That's basically it. This letter is kind of boring, but you know... #DEALWITHIT

Well... I love you guys and I hope you guys are staying firm in the church cuz this is all that matters in this life!!! I hope you are staying positive and always smiling. Seems like home needs a little light over there so if everyone smiles the days there can feel a little brighter :)
Love you all and have a great Christmas Season!!!!!
Sister Emily Ferguson

 pics: the sweet im eating is brigadeiro, its like fudge. I drew a pic this week cuz I wanted to. The view from a bridge that we cross to get to Nielsa´s house, and some contacts that we made one day, they talked a lot and we very photogenic.

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