Monday, October 10, 2016

10/10/16 They´ll Be Comin Round The Mountain To the Church!!!

Hello EVERYONE!!!!!

Well, this week was pretty dang fan-freakin fantastic!!!!! So much happened this week and, majority, of the things that happened were pretty amazing!!!
So first, we got 9 new pesquisadores!!! Mary, Caio, Juliana, Sueli, Stanley, Davi, Caroline, Elias, and Francueli :) They're all real cool. We asked all of em' if they would come to church and you know what they said.. YES! But as I have learned from past experiences... I can't keep my hopes up.... so yesterday we went to pick em' up before church and none of them came....... And Priscila, which Im pretty sure I mentioned in my last email, was gonna go with a member that lived close, but none of them came... So we waited at the church to see if any of them would show up a little later.... but they didn't.... we were about to head inside, when...... oh my..... we hear a honk and see Caio on his scooter comin' into the parking lot..... We were so happy "and there was much rejoicing... yeeeeeah" (Monty Python). CAIO CAME!!!! We were so excited. Leite and I were jumping up and down we were so happy and then when we saw him we stopped really quick and controlled ourselves and acted really calm..... It was pretty funny :) So yeah:) Caio is promising.
Our experience with Juliana was amazing. She has so much faith. She lives with her namorado and has 2 kids and is pregnant with a 3rd. Theyre not married and she just sits around all day... She was so sweet when we talked to her, cuz she mentioned that she was so excited to talk to us cuz she doesnt have any friends and doesn't talk to anybody. She knew that we were a blessing and answer to the prayers and doubts she has been having. The Spirit was so strong when we talked to her. I actually understood everything that was being said too :) It was so amazing :) So, were still gonna work on her.
Ketly and Helena are not really progressing. We talk with them everyday and they always say that they are gonna go to church, but they always make up a dumb excuse to why they can't go..... really frustrating, but were still trying and praying :)

Oh! We met this really imchimichanga (intimidating) lady. She hates the church.... We were making contatos and we met her. She said that she hates the church and the people in it cuz they didn't visit her Dad´s funeral who was a member for 6 years.... She doesn't like them because no one came and visited her.... or anything.... so she scolded us and basically told us that everyone in the church is going to inferno.... so that was cool, then we met this old man, who is literally the funniest person I have ever met. He talked very robotic and walked soooooo slow when he was coming to unlock the gate. He said really funny things too that Leite and I always quote. "Nos terminar já, nos terminar já." "oh cachorro, você voltar já?" He just kept repeating things over and over again...
The wife of Cachorro homem also did something that was hilarious. So, I didnt know this before, but the catholics here standup when they pray and say things during the prayer like "Sim, Cristo, sim Jesus, Amem, verdade, oh Jesus..." just over nad over during the prayer, so one night Leite was saying the prayer and the wife stood up and was dancing during the prayer and shouting these things. Leite could barely hold it together XD At the end of the prayer the lady came to us and like air hugged us together and looked up and said "Amem Senhor Jesus" and then looked at us really funny... we both cover our laughs with coughs and then headed out.... which Cachorro homem walked really slow to the gate.... ah man... we bust out laughing when we left.... it was awful and felt bad laughing at her spirit and ways of worship, but hoo man.... it was not reverent at all.....
So yeah... that was this week. Lots of memorable things. Umm... well I'm doing fine. I'm kind of going through puppy withdrawls... I really wanna snuggle a puppy... but this gospel is all the snugglin' I need. Leite has to wear a boot for her foot cuz its gettin' worse, we met a guy who I call Sunburn that is always really excited to see us, made french toast for Santos, Leite, and Teixeira, but they didn't like it, so I ate it all :) I did not complain. ;) So yeah :) I really am enjoying my mission more. I do always wanna go home, but I know that this is what I am meant to do :) The Lord blesses those who work for blessings. I love this gospel and my testimony of this gospel has never been stronger. Really nothing in life is more important than following the commandments of God.... really.... I know so much and life makes so much sense now.... I know what I need to do, I know why I'm here, I know where I'm going and just all the good stuff... Really hope all you guys will want to learn more and know what I know. I didn't leave my family just for funsies... I left to help people realize that life isn't just about having problems and suffering and living without a plan... we all have a purpose here and when you know your purpose and the plan that was made for you, life just seems even more of a blessing. I love all you guys and hope that you are doing all you can to stay on the path of the Lord:) love you all :)     2 Nephi 9:41 and all of chapter 9 :)

Sister Ferguson

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