Tuesday, October 18, 2016

10/17/16 Rain is Falling All Around!!! Wait, Thats Just Sweat....

Well, this week has been so weird..... Pretty sure Mother Nature is bipolar cuz she keeps changing the weather here. One day it will be literally inferno and the next day will be raining all day.... still hot, but raining. It is really annoying cuz we dont know what to wear to go out and walk in... It usually ends up with me wearing clothes for the rain on hot days and clothes for hot days in the rain..... Ridícula...
So, not a lot of big things happened... only little things. Oh, Leite´s bad foot, is now bad feet. Both her feet are hurtin real bad and her knee is starting to hurt again.... she just needs new legs. She is so strong though. She´s walking with a fractured foot, in a boot, and with a real painful other foot and knee everyday and barely complains..... Im usually the one complaing ;) Oh and Leite just had her 10 month mark! Minha Mãe é vai morrer em 8 meses!!! D: so thats cool but sad.
Anyways..... so this week... Oh, we met some real cool people :) Adenita, which she came to church SUNDAY!!!! *fist pump* but she only stayed for Relief Society meeting cuz she had someone coming over. :( Here its the classes first and then Sacrament Meeting last, so she wasnt able to stay for the most important part! But she said she will come next week too :) so thats exciting :) We also had 2 kids come to church :) Alex e Najila. Theyre 10 and 9 :) They liked church. Their Mãe Yvonne was taking a shower when we came to pick them up, so she said that they can go ahead and go, she also had to take care of her friends sick baby.... so yeah. We taught them last night and they said that they all want to be baptized!!! We set a date and everything :) Next next saturday for all 3 :) Pretty amazing :)
So, yeah, not much happened. We had a feast on saturday for Almoço. Literally... wish I took a picture.... but we had 2 huge plate fulls of steak, grilled on their open fire grill, homemade lasagna, 10000 pounds of rice, which I ate pretty mush all of it, salada, suco, soda... ah man. It was so much food. So good too :) We also hadone yesterday, not as big of a feast, but man was it good :) I definitely eat enough here... good thing I walk a lot. Illprobably be really fat when I get home, but just have really buff legs... sounds like a good time :)
Oh! I have a funny! So there is this guy in one neighborhood that we have a pesquisador in. Everytime I walk by he always yells "Ay!! Estados Unidos!!!!" Over and over again. I just smile and wave, or just ignore him. Its really annoying cuz he starts when I enter the neighborhood which is pretty far from where he is and then doesnt stop until I leave the neighborhood. We heard him yelling for me while we were teaching a lesson to someone that lives literally on the other end of the Rua..... So annoying...
Well.... nothing else really.. I made browmies, but used baking soda not baking powder because I dont know what they are in português... found a new fruit I like.Pitanga. Its really good. The first time I tried it, it tasted like the smell of the soap everyone uses here, but after a couple of em I got used to it :)
The birds in the pics belong to a member. Theyre very talkative. :) And yeah. Thats my week. Not too exciting. I might have to be transferred early cuz Leite needs to rest and I need to be trained so thats sad. Teixeira and Santos are being transferred today :( So sad!!!!!! Theyre so great.... :( So yeah
Well, I love this gospel and am having a better time here.... I do have days when I just mentally and emotionally breakdown, but them I am able to get back up and PREACH THE WORD!!!! I love my mission and am so grateful for hte trials that I am having here. Theyre just preparing for me for the future if anything bad happens. I know htis church and gospel is true and the only way to be truly happy is to follow the true gospel of Christ, which is this church. It literally says in the name of our church that it is the Church of Jesus Christ... just in the Latter-Days.
Love you all and am so excited for next week!!! Tchau!!!
Com Amor- Sister Ferguson​

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