Monday, October 3, 2016

10/03/16 Singing "Why they gotta be so rude?"

Hello Everybody!!!!!!
Well!!! Another week gone. So crazy, it goes by so quick!!! Well, not a lot happened this week, more disappointment, but whats new, GENERAL CONFERENCE (which I was able to watch in ENGLISH-AH!!!!), batismos (other missionários) and really hot weather, like really hot.
so... we have 4 new pesquisadores!!! Ketly, Luiza, Priscila and Helena. They are all older and live alone except for Priscila. She´s 18, married and has a 3 year old daughter. They all have said that they want to be baptized and continue to learn about this gospel :) So thats good!!! Only thing is, is that they all make excuses when it comes to coming to church or they´re never home. So that's sad and makes me wanna cry cuz they´re playin with my heart man... not cool... not cool....
Anyways, so yeah new peeps, oh and we had another, Carol, but her mom doesn't want her to take the discussions. Her mom said something along the lines of, "It's confusing for her, cuz in our church she is told to use her agency and choose what she wants to do, but you guys are preaching something that is not right, so I am making her choose not to follow you guys because you guys are wrong." It didn't really make sense.... so yeah... Carol... but funny thing is that we have 2 more potential peeps and they're friends with Carol. So she listened in when we taught them a lesson one time when she was over at their house... maybe something will happen... IDK, but yeah some people are not RUDE!!! and actually do want to learn more about the gospel.
Well.. this week was really hot. All Sister Leite and I wanted was some sorvete, ice cream. That's all... we went literally to every place we came across and asked if they had sorvete... no one had any!!! So we finally got to this one house and the heat was pretty unbearable, sister Leite starts singing to this dog about how she wants sorvete really bad and this guy was leaving his house and heard her singing to a dog. It was pretty funny. Then... a miracle happened... we came across this house that was selling geladinho for like .70 reais or like 15 cents... so we got that went to pay and then the guy said we didnt have to cuz it was so hot... We got Ice cream for FREEEEEEE! So good.
Umm.. oh, funny thing. So here they call people that like missionaries (Sister Missionaries) "Scorpions". SO we were making contatas and met this guy Michael. He´s about 15. So we were talking to him and he seemed really interested in the gospel. Then we were leaving and he turned to Sis. Leite and says "Ela é Bonita eh?" as he points to me.... oh my... My first scorpion. Everyone was freaking out when Leite told em, especially the elders that work with prex pereira.... They´re so funny.
Aaaannnnddddd... Dont know what else to say.... we walked up a hill 3 times just to have the person we wanted to see  not be home each time, on different days... Death take me now I´m already dead.... Fátima and Ronald havent been progressing, but we're still gonna try... made a new friend.  When he sees us he always waves at us really violently, but happily... watched The Testaments and yeah. Almost had a heart attack when one night while talking to Helena on the street at night, this guy on a motorcycle stopped right in front of us and then started pulling something out of his pocket... thought we were gonna die... but it was just a phone and he didn't see us standing there... oh, so Sis. Leite has had a really bad foot for a while and didn't know what was wrong with it, She went to the doctor and turns out she has a stress fracture and it's just getting worse... it's been really swollen, so we might have to just stay in the house next week so it can rest. So crazy.... so yeah. Not much happened this week, well exciting things.
Well, I love this gospel and I love being able to share my testimony with the people here. I know that this is the true and restored church of Jesus Christ and, like the apostles and other leaders of the church said during conference, there is no other way to true happiness than through Jesus Christ. Love you all lots and I pray that all you guys are safe and having a good time with your lives :) Love you all and thank you for all your love and support!!!
Sister Ferguson​

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