Tuesday, May 9, 2017


 -our zone conference we had with Presidente. Gomes, me, Sister Souza, Leite, Alzamora, and Gonçalves

 -Gomes, Alzamora, and me

Well, yesterday was transfers, and I´m glad to say that I'm gonna be staying here with Sister Gomes for one more transfer!!! I am so happy to be staying here :)
Well, this week... a lot has happened :) First off, Ellen, Maria and Dayane were baptized :) Pretty sure that was one of the best days of my life :) They were so happy and all their parents were there :) Dayane´s mom said she wants to be a member of the church and Maria´s dad is coming to visit the church this sunday :) So we are so excited :) They were so happy and still are. They are so great and they said that they have never felt the way they did before that day. :) Cant stop smiling :) Well anyways, it was a great day :) They were baptized by Wullises and Felipe. Wullises baptized Ellen and Maria and Felipe baptized Dayane. So great :)
Well, other than that amazing day, some other things ahve happened too :) We had a picnic with the meninas yesterday at a park and we also had a conference with Presidente and he said that we are doing a great job :) CONFIDENCE BOOST!!! He also said that my portuguese is almost perfect :) ANOTHER BOOST!!!! So I am just on cloud nine this week and I am dying of excitement for Mother's Day :) So excited :)
Well, some other news is that Adelino, our pesquisador went to church Sunday, which was Stake Conference, and heloved it. He also watched hte girls' baptisms and he asked someone near him, "How do they know that they are ready and how can we be ready?" What a line... hes just askin to be a member :) So we are gonna work with him a little more this week and yeah :) I am just so happy :) 

Well.... I love you guys and I hope you guys had a great week and will have a great week and MOTHER'S DAY!!! I ,love the mission and am so happy to be here. Oh and also, Im working on Personal Progress again. I wanna finish it before I leave and get the little bee too :) Im excited and ready to work :) Its actually really fun :) 

Well, love you all and have a great week!!!! KEEP SMILING AND NEVER FORGET THAT HEAVENLY FATHER LOVES YOU!!!!!!
Com amor, Sister Ferguson

-batimsos of Ellen, Dayane and Maria :) 

                       -us again with Elder Wilson

-had a picnic yesterday with the meninas 

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